I have spent the past 20 years of my life developing my ability to be guided from within instead of being influenced from without.  It has not always been easy, nor have my choices always been understood by others, but living this way has brought me great rewards in the form of spiritual growth and wisdom.  Living your life in this way is a spiritual path in and of itself.

     For many years I had a website, but for the past few years I have felt as if the time had come for some changes to  be made.  I was not sure what exactly those changes were, only that change was needed.  The website was not who I was anymore, but I was not clear about the direction my guidance was leading me. So the site has been dormant for over a year because I had no idea what things looked like on the other side of this transition.

       I have wanted to write about my experiences and insights, and someone suggested I try this thing called a blog. Now things are beginning to coalesce around the seed at the center of what I am to do next. I shall move in the direction I’m being guided even though I am as yet unclear about the destination.  That’s one of the most difficult things about living this way, actually. You must surrender to the process without focusing on the 3D goal; while maintaining an awareness of the promptings of Spirit and being willing to follow those promptings even when it defies logic to do so.

     This blog is part of that shift from a mostly static website to a more mutable, fluid presence.  My excuse for not doing the writing has always been that it’s all already been said. The people – and there have been so many of you over the years from Montana to Missouri – who have been telling me I should write it down have uniformly insisted that it’s the way things are said that will make a difference to the reader.  May this blog make a difference to you on your journey.  It’s already made a difference in mine.