What’s Happening Now – Energy Report Part II

What’s Happening Now – Energy Report Part II

     I promised a Part II, so here it is.  I waited because I was trying to speak with someone who had visited a physician with certain physical symptoms, and the doctor had commented that he was the 7th or 8th person he’d seen that day with those self-same symptoms. Of course, they could not find anything that was causing the problems.  Have been unable to confirm or clarify, even second hand, and therefore only have a little more to cover with this topic.

     First, let me describe what the infusion looked like to my spiritual vision once I became aware of it:

    Deep space.  Stars and galaxies.  I saw a door open in the stars, kind of like when the door in the sky opens up in the movie “The Truman Show”.  A part of the scenery simply cracks open.  Same here, except I could see blinding white light streaming in through the barely cracked open door.

     Out of the white light came a mass (spherical, with a tail almost like a comet) of what I call clear Light.  It’s light of a frequency so refined that you can see right through it.  I’ve seen it in a vision once before, long ago.  That story I’ll wait to share another time.

     The consistency of this clear Light was thick, almost like honey.  It traveled from the cracked open door to Earth and enfolded the planet until Earth was totally inside this bubble of ultra high frequency Light.  I believe it is this Light that is affecting people in many different ways, likely depending upon where they are on their evolutionary enlightenment path.

     Many of us have been experiencing some really intense clearing of deeply buried issues related to the 1st, 2nd and 4th chakras, seems to be primarily the 1st and 2nd , though.

     Some are experiencing spurts of wild, juiced up energy. This seems to be alternating with periods of being extremely tired.  I have not experienced this tiredness phenomenon this time around, but when I did go through an uplevel that included these periods of just needing to take a nap, I found that if I just lay down and went out, it was easier than if I tried to fight it until my regular bedtime.

     When I asked my guides why, I was told that sometimes adjustments need to be made to the physical body, and the consciousness needs to be “out to lunch” when these adjustments are being made.  The naps seem to last anywhere from about 20 minutes to as much as an hour.  If this happens to you, and you can just lay down for awhile, you will get more done in the long run if you don’t fight it.

     One of the more specific physical symptoms many have been experiencing has been some form of sinus inflammation, and it appears to be mostly related to a less than balanced emotional state.

     And there has been an increasing incidence of problems with the technological side of life. Cell phone batteries drained, even when they had plenty of charge.  Laptops are acting up.  Early on in my process, I kept having my car die on me. The battery would just be dead.  Cost me a lot of money before I figured out that I needed to consciously modulate my frequency before I put my hands on tech stuff, or got into my car. So try that if you’re having these kinds of problems.  Try putting up energy shields if the frequencies of the internet are causing you discomfort.

     The primary reason I wanted to share this information with you is because if any or all of these things are happening in your life, it can be helpful to know that 1.) You are not crazy, and 2.) You are not going through this alone.

     Just knowing that can be a comfort.

Who looks outside only dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens. C.G. Jung

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