The Planet is Ascending, and So Are You – A Four Part Series

    I know I’m getting ready to (maybe) bite off more than I can chew, but I’m feeling optimistic.  This subject has been the focus of much of my path over the past decade or so.  The series I am going to write is actually the distillation of insights and awarenesses I’ve had and the putting together of disparate puzzle pieces that I’ve gathered along the way.  I have an ability to see connections that maybe aren’t so obvious, or of applying an idea or concept in a different way.  Both of those things went on a lot with this particular subject.  I will tell you as I write where my insights arose, and how I applied these concepts in non-traditional ways.

      I also want to say up front that these are my meanderings.  I share them in the hope they can help someone else.  I am not here to convince or convert, but only to converse.  A little reminder about my frame of reference again: I was raised Catholic, and that frame of reference shapes my interaction with Spirit.  I ask that you look past the parts that maybe don’t fit with your worldview and just look for the stuff that does resonate for you.

     About nine years ago, just before the start of the current Venus Transit cycle we’re in, I compiled all these pieces into one place and began to offer it as a four-hour lecture.  Later, I also just threw these concepts out there in a one-hour Reader’s Digest format.  I know it was overwhelming for many who listened to that version, and to those of you who did, and are now reading this, here’s your opportunity to really digest it all properly. And none too soon, I would say. This current Venus Transit ends this coming June, just six months before the December 2012 date everyone’s talking about this year.

     So sit back and relax.  Get a cup of tea (or coffee) and join me on what just may prove to be a bit of a trip down the rabbit hole, or maybe into the wormhole, depending upon your point of view.

The Roadmap 

     There is so much to cover here, I’m going to take the time to give a brief outline, hopefully so I don’t lose some along the way here.  In this first installment, I’ll define some terms and explain some concepts that will be discussed during this series.  I will share my view of what is generally called “Ascension”, and will talk about the concurrent ending of several cycles of measured time.  I’m going to share some of the things I observed during the last decade of the 20th century and give a list of some things I feel were the signposts indicating the road ahead.

     The second installment is going to focus on the Venus Transits.  I will define a Venus transit, and will share my perception of what this series of transits is all about.

     Installment three will cover one of my favorite subjects: Caterpillars and Consciousness, and Fibonacci.

     The fourth and final installment will take a look at some of the more general effects the shifting frequencies may be having on your physical body, as well as offer you some suggestions as to what you can do to help yourself through this change.

Let’s Begin

      We find ourselves in the middle of the turning of the ages.  The Fifth World ended in 1987 (The Harmonic Convergence).  (As a side note, I was busy living my 3D life then, and so this event passed unnoticed by me.)  I did not have my awakening experience (topic for another day) until 1989.   The Sixth World begins in 2012.  Therefore, we are currently actually between worlds.  We are, literally, in transition.

     In 2012, the plane of our Solar system will line up EXACTLY with the plane of our Milky Way galaxy, thus completing a 26,000 year cycle.  Earth and our solar system is coming into galactic synchronicity with the rest of the Universe. This 26,000 year cycle is but one of many such cycles that are completing themselves at this time, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

     Some of the things that are happening now are:  the planet’s resonance is increasing, and so is ours.  (There will be an article about resonance and frequency later).  What is important to understand now is that this “galactic entrainment” is what will allow humans to continue to evolve and not perish.  Our DNA is being upgraded by the energies streaming in from the center of the galaxy, and soon, from the center of creation itself.

     Time is becoming more fluid.  Some are perceiving this phenomenon as acceleration, but I would submit that its more like a distortion of linear time.  Many are going through intense personal changes in their relationships, their residences, their job or work.  Some are also experiencing radical shifts in their attitudes, their worldview, their consciousness.

     If any of this sounds familiar, congratulations.  You’re awake.

 Concepts You Need to Be Familiar With & Definition of Terms

     First and most importantly, I need to be clear that I perceive this thing called “ascension” as a process, and not an event.  Are we going somewhere? I can’t speak to that, because I’m not clear about this part of it all.  I do believe that this doorway we find ourselves in is actually an unprecedented opportunity for those of us who are incarnated at this time to take a quantum leap forward on our Soul-path of evolution.

     This is not a one-way process, either.  There is the spiral of evolution, which includes the realms of matter; and the involutionary spiral of the realms of Spirit.  The world of form is increasing in vibration, literally rising up to meet the world of Spirit which is reaching down to meet us.  As humans, we are spirit-animated form and therefore we (and all other sentient beings) are the meeting place of these two spirals.  We are the bridge between these two worlds.

     There are two levels of this ascension process:  personal and planetary.  The planet is shifting into a higher vibration (evidence of this can be found  in the raising of the Schumann resonance of the Earth).  You live on this planet, therefore you are influenced by this process and are also increasing in frequency.  As the Earth goes through her 12-strand activation process, you are also being activated according to your own personal blueprint and timetable.

     What is all this 12-strand stuff?  Well, this is a base 12 universe.  There are (or were) 12 planets in our solar system.  There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and  12 primary energy meridians in the human body.  We also have a 12 chakra energy system, but up until recently – at least in galactic timing – we were only able to use seven of the twelve.  We now have the opportunity to actively use all twelve strands of our spiritual DNA.  As a microcosm of the macrocosm, we have the ability to embody the universal potential that is being beamed to us now.

     This is accomplished by our being able to align ourselves with the energy of our Soul through the process of sympathetic resonance.  Remember the phenomenon of clock pendulums in a store all beginning to swing in unison no matter their relative length?  That is an example of sympathetic resonance (entrainment).

     Here comes a little of that frame of reference I mentioned earlier.  When I was awakened in late 1989, one of the things I was told was that Jesus and the twelve disciples were a 3-dimensional model for my enlightenment.  He did not gather the disciples  all at once.  They came to him as he walked the Path.  And may I add here that I believe that Christ Consciousness means a fully ensouled being.  We are living in the time of the 12th disciple.  We, as incarnated souls, have the opportunity to achieve the state of full awareness in this lifetime. How we attain this state will be according to our own unique blueprint we established before we chose this incarnation.

      Each of us has a part to play in this grand design.  I do not know how the critical mass that will catapult us as a species into our next round of evolution will be accomplished, or when that point will be reached.  I encourage all of you to do whatever you can to become more conscious, to live a more aware life, to strive to improve your ability to connect with all the unseen guidance that is available to you.  The higher our individual frequency becomes, and the greater our ability to maintain it despite external circumstances, the higher the frequency the mass consciousness can resonate at.  This will eventually impact all who are a part of that field, conscious or unconscious.

     Are you still with me?

Observations and Signposts

           Once every several billion years, celestial and galactic cycles come to their endpoints (relatively speaking) at the same time.  This causes a grand cosmic wave of energy to ripple throughout all of Creation.  Kind of like throwing a pebble into a pond, a really BIG pond.  This pulse will bring everything into sympathetic resonance with the pulse of All That Is, with the Source Itself (however you choose to name this Great Beginning).  And this great pulse breathes all of Creation into a higher octave of evolution.  As I stated earlier, we are now, right now, in the middle of one of these Great Shifts.  Although most of the attention is on the 26,000 year cycle that is coming to an end, I want to offer the possibility that there are some other, even grander, cycles that are ALSO ending around this same period.  And because these cycles are so much larger than just the Precession of the Equinoxes (the 26,000 year cycle), it will likely take more than just a decade, or maybe even a century, of linear time to complete this Transition.

     The Millennial shift is the ending of a 2,000 year cycle.  The next largest cycle is the Precession of the Equinoxes, moving us from Pisces to Aquarius and is a 26,000 year cycle.  The last time the Earth was in this position relative to the constellations was 26,000 years ago.  There is also a 438, 000 year cycle known as a Kali Yuga, a 1.8 million year cycle known as a Satya Yuga, a 4.4 million year cycle known as a Maha Yuga, and a 4.1 billion year cycle known as a Kalpa, or one day of Brahma.  Put in terms I could understand, it is as if God has breathed out, and is starting to breathe in.  What the ending of all these cycles does is allow a doorway to open, and energy to come in from the Source itself to assist with this shift.  The ripples from that pebble will indeed reach even the edges of the pond, which means this little backwater place called Earth is now getting a lot of attention.

     During the decade of the 90’s, I was just starting to do personalized visionary artwork for people.  One thing I began to notice was the appearance of certain higher frequency colors, especially in the Soul Prints ™ of younger children.  This was before all the talk about Indigoes and Crystals started, so I didn’t know what it was I was perceiving.   What I observed was that over the period of that last decade of the 20th century, about every two years, a new color ray was beamed in, or maybe was activated because the Earth was raising in frequency.  I believe these frequencies provided humanity the opportunity to reactivate the five higher chakras that have been dormant for aeons.

     On August 11, 1999, there was a Grand Cross and an eclipse.  The Grand Square was in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  Is it coincidence that these could represent the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle, and Man?  Fixed signs are about being focused, established, inflexible, but are also about building and sustaining.  As above, so below.  In the heavens was drawn a mighty square, a foundation.  This image or energy was projected on the Earth.  This Grand Cross stimulated interaction with the polar opposites, expanding perspectives.  So take a moment here to ask yourself a few questions.  Where were you at this time?  What were you doing? Were things shifting in your life?

     On May 3, 2000, 7 planets were in a line in the same sign (TAURUS), and all were within 26 degrees of each other.  Taurus is about material needs, security, comfort, pleasure. It’s likely that during this time you began to question what you valued and why.

     There was a Grand Sextile on November 8, 2003 that formed in earth and water signs.  Six planets synchronize to form this Star of David around the Earth, and it was during a Full Moon lunar eclipse.  These are quite rare, and are either masculine or feminine in expression depending upon the signs the planets fall in.  This was a feminine Grand Sextile.  What was the potential pattern this configuration projected on the face of the planet?  Significant creative potential.  Communal orientation of consciousness.  An impetus to return to a balance point, a place of equilibrium between the planets that make up the Sextile. My insight is that this Grand Sextile set the pattern for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine energy.  After millennia of waiting quietly in the background, allowing the Masculine energy to learn and grow, it is time for the feminine to step forward again so the  two energies can begin to co-create the future in equal partnership. Together. Each with respect for the qualities and gifts the other brings to the table.  But I digress here.

     This article is already so long, I would encourage you to do your own research on this celestial configuration.  Astrology is not my area of expertise, and I am reluctant to say much more than I already have.   For me, these two triangles represent the involution of Spirit and the evolution of matter.  (One was in earth signs, which represents matter, one was in water signs, which represents spirit).  As an aside, the next Grand Sextile will be July 29, 2013.  Also a feminine Grand Sextile, and feels like it closes a 10-year cycle of influence.

     See all the levels and layers, the wheels within the wheels?  I am certain that our small minds cannot begin to comprehend the true complexity of what is unfolding here.  I have long since given up trying to figure it all out.  I can only share the little part I do think I understand.

     I believe the purpose of the  Grand Cross and the Grand Sextile were to help stabilize the Earth as we began to move into the energies of Change that were to come, that we are now in the middle of.

    There have been other significant celestial events since these, but I am only going to speak about the ones that, in my view, set things in motion.  December 2012 will bring a Grand Alignment of all the planets in our solar system, and it is this event that has garnered all the attention.

     This concludes Part I.  I told you to get yourself a cup of coffee or tea before you started.  I will bring you Part II in a few days.

Who looks outside, only dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.  C. Jung

All original writing on this site is copyright 2012 by Julie Marie.  All rights reserved.


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