The Planet is Ascending and so are You-Part II

VENUS TRANSITS-What Exactly are they, and Why Should I Care?

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      A Venus Transit occurs when the planet Venus crosses the face of the sun.  This happens approximately every 121.5 years, and at this point in the larger Venusian cycle, they are coming in pairs.  In other words, Venus crosses the face of the sun once at the beginning of the transit period, then eight years later, crosses the face of the sun again.  If you are curious to know more about this stellar phenomenon, there is a plethora of good information out there.  A thorough examination of the true complexity of the relationship of Venus and our planet, and the intricate cosmic dance they do together is beyond the scope of this article.   I just want to share my view of what the greater (unseen) purpose of these transits is about, especially how this one in particular relates to December 2012.

     During the eight years of the transit,  Venus will draw five 5-pointed stars in the heavens. It takes about 1.618 years for Venus to complete one of these stars, and five-pointed stars themselves incorporate the Universal ratio of 1.618, or Phi also known as the Golden Mean.  Phi is the fundamental harmonic relationship in evolution throughout the cosmos and on all levels of creation.  I’ll come back around to this in the next section when I talk about consciousness and Fibonacci.

     This Venus transit began June of 2004, and will end June of this year, six months before December 21st.  There are physical and metaphysical aspects to this subject, and I will do my best to weave them into a cohesive whole.

     I believe that this series of Venus Transits has to do with the building of a cohesive global brain, a unified consciousness.  I believe that the progress of communication between humans is connected to these transit periods.

     A brief history of some of the past Venus Transits will illustrate this:

1518-1526:  During this transit, Magellan circumnavigated the globe.  This was the first time it had been accomplished.  This changed humanity’s view of the structure of their world. It’s not flat.

1631-1639:  Johannes Kepler, inventor of the telescope, predicted the 1631 and 1761 Venus transits, but missed the 1639 transit that was the ‘bookend’ for the 1631 transit.  the December 1639 transit was the first one that was observed through a telescope.  Jeremiah Horrock (England) set up a telescope and was able to witness Venus silhouetted against the sun. Here was the beginning of the first regular mail service in the United States.  Richard Fairbanks of Boston became Postmaster of Massachusetts’s Bay colony. Communication between people, although still slow, was made more accessible.

1761-1769:  The American Revolution had its origins during this time period, and the Venus transit sparked great interest in the British colonies of North America.  Benjamin Franklin corresponded with the French about the 1769 transit.   Scientists from different countries began to work together to gather data during this Venus transit. We can see the beginning of cooperation between nations for a common objective: greater understanding of our place in the universe, or at least the solar system.

1874-1882:  The world postal union was founded during this time, the transatlantic telegraph was completed, and with Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, global telecommunication becomes a reality.  There was also some of the first truly global science efforts to record data from the transit. This transit brought faster communication between people, and the building of what could be seen symbolically as the global corpus callosum, the connection between the two hemispheres of the human brain, with the laying of the transAtlantic telegraph cable.

2004-2012:  This Venus transit appears to be about broader access to the nonlinear field.  We have almost simultaneous communication via the internet and other mobile devices.  This connectivity allows an individual to be anywhere, anytime, in an instant.  The global brain now functions in a cohesive way.  Signals (messages) are passed instantaneously around the world. The midpoint of this transit was 2008, and at the time of this writing, Venus is almost done drawing the fifth and final five-pointed star in the heavens.  She will then cross the face of the sun in June of this year, thus completing this transit.  What could conceivably be faster than the level of connectivity we have now?  I propose the next step lies with the ability of the human brain itself to send and receive across time/space/dimensions.  I am proposing that it is indicative of this transit that there is an increase in stories about telepathy or other forms of ‘unusual’ communication. This  also applies to the increasing number of people who are waking up from their slumbers and beginning to search for greater meaning in their lives, in whatever form that takes.

     As if the beginning of this transit in June of 2004 weren’t enough, October of 2004 was a Grand Quintile month.  Five planets formed a five-pointed star in the heavens on October 1st, and again on October 28th.  There was a third Grand Quintile on November 24/25 of 2004.  I am not an expert in astrology, so I cannot speak to what the significance of that would be astrologically.  It just feels like the Universe was saying:  Look up.  Pay attention. Something important is happening here.

Well, that was informative, but so what?

      Because this planet is so easily visible in the sky, Venus has long been the focus of many civilizations. Among these are the Maya, Norse, Babylonians, ancient Greece and Rome. Venus has been called the dawn star, the light bringer.

     The Maya place great significance on the Venus cycles.  Venus is sister to Earth.  The Maya say that a renewed world of new consciousness will be born on the occasion of Venus’ passage across the sun on June 6, 2012.  This is just six months before the end of this cycle of the Mayan calendar.  In 2012, the plane of our solar system will line up exactly with  the plane of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and a 26,000 year cycle will be completed.

     The Earth and Venus have a very harmonious relationship, cosmically speaking.  The ratio of their respective orbits around the sun is actually 2/3 or  the equivalent of a perfect musical fifth. Just looking at this from the perspective of frequency, of vibration, you can see that the respective planetary sonic signatures actually resonate in a positive way to each other.  Earth’s frequency signature includes the resonating field created by the mass consciousness, so you are actually part of that relational dance, too.  A musical fifth is the strongest of the intervals, by the way.

     And I cannot leave this subject without a short comment on the number 5.  The number 5 is the number that represents humanity, and in certain ways, is the number of communication as well.  As I stated above, Venus draws five 5-pointed stars in the heavens during each transit.

     Combine this with the resonance piece, and my conclusion is this:  when enough of us individually begin to resonate in harmonious relationship with each other and with our planet, we will move into our next level of evolution as the newest member of the larger galactic community from which we have been separated but of which we have always been a part.  We will move from Homo sapiens to Homo galacticus ™.

     One last piece about the actual transit:  it started in Scorpio, and ends in Scorpio, which is all about transformation, the death of one thing to make way for the birth of something else.

And Now It’s Time for a Story

     Once upon a time (isn’t that how all good stories begin?), in a  world before this one, the women were the decision-makers and the men were the helpers, the implementors of these decisions.  How a thing was decided had more to do with the wise woman going within to listen carefully to the whispers of the Silence, the Void.  She would travel to the place where all was known and understood in order to bring the wisdom to the people for the benefit of all.  She would consult with other wise women to ensure the correctness of the messages she received.  And all was good and peaceful in the world.

     One day, as the woman went to the place where all was known and understood, she returned with a message that caused great sadness in her heart.  She struggled with the understanding of what this message meant, and took it to the others for clarity, for understanding.  And actually, in her heart of hearts, she hoped she would be told that there was some mistake, that this message was not to be heeded.  That was not to be, for communion between the wise women all over the world revealed that this selfsame message had been heard by others.  It was a simple message, yet it meant that the world would change, and that this change would last for a very, very long time.

     The message was:  It is time for the men to lead, so that they too can learn and grow.

     The wise woman knew it was her responsibility to hand over the leadership to a man and then step back into the shadows and assume the supportive role, but she worried that this would lead to disaster for the people she was charged to protect.  She spent a lot of time in prayer and contemplation about how to accomplish this task.   She went to the leader of the hunting party and told him of the message.  She tried to get him to agree to be leader in name only, and told him she would continue to bring information from the place where all was known and understood, that she would only speak to him about them, so that he could be the one to speak to the people about them.  Eventually, the people would turn to him first and the wise woman would be forgotten and yet the people would still be safe.

     The man agreed, excited with the prospect of such an opportunity.  The wise woman went to the people and told them of the change, and gave to the man a symbol of his newfound power and authority.   She became the person who would gather the healing herbs, and bring the babies into the world, and who would prepare the ones who were dying to journey to the other side.

     Over time, her connection to the place where all was known and understood began to fade.  She noticed that her powers were beginning to wane, and she became afraid.  One day, while walking on the shore gathering seaweed, she spied a cave.  She went into the cave, and found there a staff.  This was a gift for her from the place where all was known and understood.  The end of the staff was curved, as if the tree had been wind-blown and uprooted.  The roots opened on the end, and when she got quiet, she could see the universe in the center of this staff and she was comforted.

     As the weather turned colder one year, the wise woman received a very clear message from the place where all was known and understood.  She had tried in the beginning to pass these messages to the new leader, but he would have nothing to do with them.  He was in charge now, and he would be making the decisions without her counsel.  She quit journeying to the place where all was known and understood because it was painful to know and now be powerless to do anything to change things.  But she could not escape this one, and so she went to the man and told him what she had heard:  it is time to move from this place before winter comes full on, for if you do not, many will starve.

     The young man, full of the  power and prestige of his position, scoffed at the wise woman and told her to get out of his presence at once.  Filled with sorrow brought on by knowledge of what would surely come, she retreated to her new place where she was comforted by the young woman who had come to study with and learn from the wise woman.

     And so it came to pass in the fullness of time that the winter came down upon the people with a fury not seen in many years.  There was no food to be had. The game had vanished before the winter set in, and there were not enough stores of berries and other plants to sustain the people until the weather warmed once again.

     Even the leader began to be concerned, and decided that the people would have to move or all would perish.  He ordered the people to pack up their belongings, and despite the warnings from the wise woman that bad weather was coming, the people set out in search of another living place.  The young man told the wise woman that this was what she wanted, and so now he was giving her her wish.  The wise woman reminded him that she had told him the time to move had been before the winter came upon them, not in the middle of it, but he would not listen.

     As the wise woman traveled among the people, she found herself filled with anger at the impetuous decision to set out at this time.  She was so focused on the foolishness of the young leader and his cohorts that she did not sense when the scouts that were out ahead of the main group were killed by a pack of hungry wolves.  These wolves,  the size of a small pony, were feared by the people.  They were cunning and strong, and now they, like the people and all other creatures, were starving.

     The wise woman did not even sense their presence until the wolves set upon the lead group that was out in front of the main group.  In an instant, she had only one thought:  save as many of the people as you can.  So she raised the staff she had been given, and called forth the power she knew lay within.  With one motion, she surrounded the people near her with a force field the ravening wolves could not penetrate.  She held that field with her intention until the danger had passed.  As the field collapsed, the wise woman collapsed as well.  This act left her without the use of her legs, and she knew she would be left to die here, for that was the way of the people.

     The young woman who was studying with her built a framework and placed the wise woman on it and dragged the wise woman until the people reached their next home.  Many were lost in the journey, but the young man and his hunters had been able to run the wolves off and the wise woman had protected many of the people with her staff.  After this event, she could no longer see the universe in the end of the staff, and understood that this power had been given to her to use just this one time, and she was grateful to the place where all was known and understood.

     And so this is how it began, the cycle of change that we now find ourselves at the end of.  In the beginning, the women made the decisions and there was peace in the world.  The time came for the men to make the decisions so that they, too, could learn and grow.  And now the time has come for the wise women to step out of the shadows and take their place once again.  But that place is not above man, but rather by his side, so that as equal partners, each with their strengths and weaknesses, together we can make this world once again a place of peace and goodness.

   Why the story?  I think it’s a good story, and it is relevant to the topic, so I told it.  In the world before this one, things were different.  In the world that is coming into being as we live through these times, things will be different.

     The influence of Venus, especially at this time, is intensifying the energies of the feminine:  intuitive knowing, harmony, co-operation, heightened awareness, compassion, beauty, courage of a gentler kind.  These energies are infusing themselves into the mass consciousness of humanity, and will assist in the re-awakening and re-integration of the Divine Feminine principle in our world.  This principle is within each and every one of us, male or female.  How we, individually, will express this principle will be interesting to watch.

     Yes, change is coming.  But change can be good.  And exciting.  Hope you enjoyed this installment.  Stay tuned.  Fibonacci and consciousness is next.

      Travel off the beaten path.  It is there you will find your pieces, and your peace.

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  1. Very interesting and challenging. I think you are very right about the rising new consciousness and global brain and a dramatic expansion of telepathic and Psychic abilities and the transit of
    Venus signalling a great increase in empathic ability which has usually been considered a feminine quality.
    I also found your analysis of vibrational information in the first installment very enlightening.

    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It is no small task, this writing project. But if the information is helpful, or at least makes the reader think, then my goal has been accomplished.

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