The Planet is Ascending and So are You-Part III

English: Caterpillar Papilio machaon taken in ...My model of conscious was – and still is – pretty basic.  I’ve always said there are three major levels of consciousness on this planet. (There are degrees within these levels, but three main divisions).  The first level is what I call Asleep.  These people are all about the business of consuming. They are very focused on their acquisition of things, and their relative place in the pecking order.  Status is important, and the drive to succeed rules their decision-making process.  As I said, there are degrees within these levels.  When we sleep, we go through stages, and our brain wave patterns change.  Basically, we’re a little asleep or very deeply asleep.  Same thing with consciousness.  A person can be really unconscious or be in the process of waking from that slumber.

     The next level in my model of consciousness is Awake.  These people often have a sense of restlessness about them, almost as if they know something is different, but they are unable to pinpoint what that ‘something’ is.  I can look back at the time in my life when I was about to be awakened, and can identify that feeling of restlessness I had.  I knew that the path I had chosen for myself wasn’t working, but did not know the path that would.  There was an undercurrent of unhappiness inside of me, and didn’t know what to do to correct that.  In retrospect, I can see that this period actually lasted almost five years.  How I responded to the energy at the time was I went back to school, feeling that more higher education was what I needed to soothe my restless soul.  My soul was indeed trying to communicate with me, but I was not yet awake enough to even recognize that was what was happening to me.  My Little Self, not my Greater Self, was still very much in charge of driving the bus.

     At some point in the waking process, I actually broke the surface of my long sleep of unconsciousness and opened my eyes.  All kinds of ‘weird’ things began to happen to me (I will write about all that at another time), and my life was permanently changed.  I reoriented my focus, and began to live from a place where I followed my inner promptings to the best of my ability every day.  At this point in the process, a couple of major signposts can be noted here:  your life will usually rearrange itself drastically.  There could be a change in, or maybe even a loss of, your job.  (Check) Your friends will often change as well. (Check) And even your family members or loved ones can be affected.  (Check) Some will be able to shift with you, and some will not.  Those that can’t will literally just fall away.   If this is happening to you, congratulations.  You are officially awake.

220px-Buddhaintuition   The third level of consciousness is Aware.  This is where the true journey begins.  I suspect that the work here continues for the balance of our lives, and perhaps beyond.  The goal of awareness is, in my opinion, the achievement of enlightenment.  Here is the place where life is lived from a totally different perspective, and the experience of life situations is tempered by an expanded viewpoint.  Does that mean you have now transcended your human-ness?  No. But you are on your way to being free of some of the misperceptions you may have had about what it means to be human.  All of this is by way of introduction to the reading exercise  my unseen teachers gave me, and how that related to my (what I thought at the time was a unique) model of consciousness.

     I finally surrendered to the promptings, and looked up information on the life cycle of the caterpillar.  I immediately made the connection between the three stages of development and my three levels of consciousness model.  What does a caterpillar do?  Why, they spend most of their time eating, or looking for something to eat.  They are all about consumption. Just like many of the people on this planet (at least in the developed or developing countries) today.   The caterpillar is not aware of their butterfly potential.

     At some point in the caterpillar’s life cycle, something wondrous begins to happen.  The caterpillar enters the chrysalis or cocoon stage of existence.  While in this state, the body of the caterpillar literally liquefies.  It dissolves, and rearranges itself into the beautiful butterfly which will soon emerge from within the covering.  And what happens to a person in transition?  One who is waking from the slumber will observe that their life will (likely) undergo some radical changes.  This is often difficult, and many who find themselves in this situation don’t always understand it.  I didn’t understand it when it was happening to me. In fact, I  actually thought I was going insane.  More on that later, as well.  And I will also confess that I was in a lot of fear.  Fear about what would happen to me and, more importantly, how was I going to care for my child?  I did the only thing I knew to do then:  I just did whatever came next for me to do.  That time was two decades ago, and I am still alive and breathing, and my child is now a young adult.

Small White butterfly (Pieris rapae)

     One day, the once-upon-a-time caterpillar begins to emerge from the cocoon.  When it does, it waits for its newly acquired wings to dry, then begins to fly.  This creature now has an entirely different perspective on things.  Where once its vision only covered the ground directly in front of it, now the butterfly can see with a much wider perspective.  And so it is with us, as well.

     The most important piece of information wasn’t found in this part of the assignment, however.  The most important piece was in the description of the caterpillar itself.  Contained within the body of the caterpillar is a collection of cells that contain the pattern for its future butterfly self.  And the name of this collection of cells?  It is called the imaginal disc.   No kidding, that’s what it’s called.  The caterpillar simply goes about its business living and eating, with no awareness it even has butterfly potential.

     I am often asked “What do I need to do?”  or “How can I know where I am in my  process?” Well, I believe that we, like the caterpillar, contain within  our makeup the blueprint for our individual evolution.  I have been shown a place in the body where the soul anchors in, and I suspect that this is where this blueprint is stored.  And when the timing is right, without any action on our parts, this Divine Design is activated and things begin to change.  How we respond to this activation is what determines the rate at which our butterfly selves develop.  I did not have any sense, on a conscious level, that such a change was coming in my life.  But arrive it did, and I  rolled with it, for the most part.

     For those of you who may be concerned that your spiritual unfolding is not on track, I say to you:  be at peace.  You are developing according to your unique blueprint.

Leonardo Fibonacci

Deutsch: Leonardo Fibonacci (Leonardo von Pisa...

     And now to this mix, I add the inimitable Leonardo Fibonacci.  A caveat:  I am not, repeat not, a mathematician.  Nor could I play one on TV.  But I am fascinated by patterns and connections of all kinds, and the work of Fibonacci provides me with almost unlimited patterns to play with.  So I do, which is how I connected the growth/spiral pattern to the evolution of consciousness, and then applied THAT to the process that is being called planetary ascension.

     Briefly, Leonardo Fibonacci was a 13th century Italian mathematician who was educated in North Africa.  Considered by many (who are more qualified than I am to make this determination) to be the most gifted mathematician of the Middle Ages, one of his most well-known number sequences is the focus of this article.  The sequence even carries his name, although he is not the one who gave it that label.

     There is another interesting observation to be made about the Fibonacci sequence that I shall mention here, but will not be a part of this discussion.  The ratio of each pair of numbers in the sequence is very close to the Phi ratio of 1.168033…. (Phi is that infinitely repeating ratio you learned about in school.)  It is also known as The Golden Mean.  The other brief point to be made about this is that the farther up the number sequence you go, the closer to the exact Phi ratio you get, but I’m going to let you do the math on this one.  Just take the higher number and divide it by the next number down.  Have fun.

     Some believe that the Fibonacci sequence,  in addition to defining the beautiful curve of a spiral, also illustrates the pattern of seeds in flowering plants and the growth pattern of all living things, including cells.  I would add that it applies as well to other things.   From the growth of an idea to the birth of a universe, because all of those things also have life, have consciousness.

The Fibonacci sequence illustrated in the growth pattern of a plant.

  The center of a sunflower and the spiral of a nautilus shell.  From the trees in your yard to the great spiral of galaxies in the universe.  All of them contain the imprint of the Fibonacci sequence.  This illustration will (hopefully) serve as a reference point that will help me explain this next point.

     The numbers to the left side of the drawing represent the levels of growth from the first to the twelfth.  The numbers on the right side represent the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence for those twelve levels.  The formula written out above the drawing is how to calculate each level of growth.

     So here goes.  You plant a seed in the ground. It germinates, and soon it sprouts a single shoot.  After a time, it prepares to grow again (this is the second level of growth).  Now, when I used to speak about Fibonacci in my presentations, I would ask the  audience to guess how many shoots would emerge at this second level.   Most often the response would be: 2.  That is not correct.  Referring to the formula above, you can see that the PRIOR level of growth was the seed, or  zero.  The CURRENT level of growth is 1, that first shoot.  So adding the current level of growth to the prior level of growth, we get: 1 (0+1=1).

     The third time the plant begins to grow, if you add the current level to the prior level, you will get: 2 (1+1=2).  The fourth time, the number of shoots is: 3(1+2=3).  The next time, the number of shoots is: 5(2+3=5). And so on.  Now, by this time the audience has the formula down, and we fill in the other levels of growth in the sequence up to the twelfth level.  I already did it, but I am certain you figured it out, too.

     There are a couple of things I would like for you to observe about the growth pattern.  At the twelfth level, the number is 144. (12×12)  And 144 is a harmonic of the speed of Light.

    Also, see how all of the energy is invested in the VERTICAL growth of the plant in the early stages?  Then there is a tipping point that is reached, somewhere around level 10 or 11.   You can see that the growth is now more HORIZONTAL than VERTICAL.  There is EXPANSION happening in this part of the growth spiral.  What does that mean?

     Remember the caterpillar model and the levels of consciousness?  Apply the Fibonacci sequence to the growth of consciousness, and we have an explanation for what is currently happening on the planet.  The seed of consciousness was planted here aeons ago, and for millennia that seed germinated.  Somewhere in our distant past, that seed began to sprout, and slowly but surely has continued to grow.  Most of the energy was focused  on the raising up of the seed of consciousness.

     From time to time, an avatar or master would incarnate to add more light into the mass consciousness grid in an attempt to raise the seed of consciousness in preparation for the next level of growth.  And then the seed of consciousness reached the point where the growth pattern began to expand more each cycle than raise itself.  That is where we find ourselves today.

     The mass consciousness has begun to reach the point of awakening, and because of how the spiral works, this process seems as if it is an acceleration.  Look at the topmost branches of a tree, and you will see how the tree seems to – pardon the pun –  branch out more there than at the lower levels.  We are still raising ourselves up each level, but now we are also expanding ‘outward’ at an incredible rate as well.

     As individuals, what this expansion looks like is more and more ‘everyday’ people are waking up to the possibility of something more to life than they previously knew.  There are indications everywhere.  The movies reflect this.  There are television shows about such diverse topics as paranormal exploration, mediumship, ufos, the ancient seers, crop circles, and living a more spirit-guided life.

     And as a side note, for those of you who are interested in Fibonacci and the interconnectedness of everything, there is a new show starting to air that you must not miss.  Keifer Sutherland’s newest endeavor.  Was told I needed to watch the preview episode, so I did.  I was blown away, because it’s all about Fibonacci, sort of.  Name of the show is Touch.  (Coincidence that I ran across it as I am in the middle of writing  this series of articles? I don’t think so.)

     I know there is a lot here, and this is not going to be the norm for these posts.  But it’s a big topic, and as such needed a lot of words.  I’ve come to the end of this segment, and hope you were able to stay with me.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. HBW

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15 thoughts on “The Planet is Ascending and So are You-Part III

  1. I’m excited to have come across your blog! Its been really enjoyable reading your posts. I just learned about this ascension shift right before the New Year, it pretty much just fell onto my lap and has made sense of experiences and such throughout my life. Each day I learn a little more but there is one thing that has been tugging at my awareness. I feel I should listen to it, that it will give me my wings but I’ve been fighting against it and using petty distractions to avoid really hearing it. I knew I was doing it but I needed to see it in another light and you showed that to me, thank you! I look forward to reading more of what you have to share!

    • It makes my heart sing every time I receive a message like this. Somehow, the things I’ve come to understand can be useful to others. I am glad I was able to share something that helped you on your journey. Bless you.

  2. Have just finished reading all your posts and am not only thoroughly impressed, but feel an instant resonance and gratitude for knowing you are here, doing what you do. My heartfelt appreciation and prayers for all the support you need to continue and thrive. Thank you for the inspiration and expanded education.

    • I felt the same response when I was led to you this morning. Sometimes it is heartening to know there are others out there, and finding your blog provided me a much-needed second wind, so to speak. May you continue to be blessed, and to be a blessing to the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my words, and I am glad they inspired you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to provide me with some feedback. The input will help me to build a better blog, and thus better serve those who are investing their precious time in coming here, of all the places they could go, to visit.

  3. Synchronicities my dear friend as I read this and was going to comment on just seeing the Pilot episode on “Touch”! Excellent article! Excellent 1st episode of “Touch!”

    • One of the things I use to measure how well I am following my inner guidance is through observing the increase in the synchronicities and coincidences that arise from my actions. Thanks for being a part of my process.

  4. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for writing it! I came across it from a share on Facebook. I’m excited to read more. Keep up the great work & thank you for your part in waking up the people!
    This is great!
    Love & Light ❤

    • I am heartened by the reaction to the writings. And thank you for pointing out that this actually helps with the awakening process. I didn’t have that awareness at my conscious level. I just have been overwhelmed by the desire to put it all out there in some broader forum, and this seems to be the place.

  5. I really loved reading this. So resonant! I wrote something very similar in my thesis last year.
    It is always such a joy to continue finding and connecting with more kin!

    • Thank you for sharing. I did read the first 40 pages, and can see from your writing where your resonance for this work comes from. I agree about connection with others of similar bent. It’s increasingly important at this time.

  6. Fascinating! I’m very glad to hear that I can relax, that my spiritual unfolding has it’s own built in design and I can stop worrying about whether I am doing it right, or if it is happening on time. I have my own Imaginal Disc. Love it! I love that visual.

  7. Very insightful post. Your assessment of the stages of awakening really hit home with me. My own personal transition lasted about seven years. It was dark, painful, and probably the most wonderful experience of my life, because it served to burn away most of the stuff I’d been lugging around with me for a long, long time.

    The best thing about hitting bottom is that you can’t fall any further…

    • It is encouraging to receive positive feedback. I always thought my insights were useful only to me and my journey. I am very quickly beginning to realize that perhaps they could be of use to others as well. Thank you for your supportive comments, and the beautiful perspective about your own experience.

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