The Planet is Ascending and So Are You – Part IV

What You Can Do to Help Yourself Get Through this Shift

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     Finally.  Here it is. Part IV.  I did not realize when I started this one what a massive writing project it would be.  I read over what I’ve written, however, and can see how it needed to be put out in this manner.  I hope you can hang in there just a little longer.  This installment will be considerably shorter, as the complicated information was all in the other segments.  This segment will address the things I have learned through trial and error over the years that have been helpful to my body and my spirit as I have made my way through this process.  I hope there will be something in here that will assist you as well.

     Indications you are Being Impacted by the Incoming Energies

    I have mentioned some “signs and symptoms” briefly elsewhere, but want to do a comprehensive writeup here, so it’s all in one place.  Now, I must first and most importantly say that I am NOT telling you to quit visiting your physician based on the possibility that the cause of your condition may not be a physical one. But if you keep going and they can’t find any cause for your problem, then perhaps consider that there may be a spiritual component to your situation.

     During my journey, I learned about special guides I was told I could call Ascension Assistance Guides. I asked for them for myself, and have been told that the request can be made by others as well. So here are the details.  The parameters are that the guide must be of the highest Light the individual can connect with at this time, the guide must meet with the approval of the individual’s own Guide Team Leader, and be functioning in the Light and in accordance with the Divine Design.  It has come to me (by the energy surges I am experiencing as I type these words) that this request can be made via this medium as well.  So here goes.

     I therefore do hereby make the request, on behalf of all the world-servers reading these words in this moment, to the highest light-realm Councils responsible for the implementation of the Plan here; to gather, to interview, and to select from among the candidates those beings most qualified to serve specifically as Ascension assistance guides to those reading these words who – after appropriate consideration and prayer – determine that such a guide or guides would be beneficial to the accomplishment of their individual missions.

     So you, as the reader mentioned in the above request, now have the option of accepting, or choosing not to accept,  the assignment of an Ascension guide.  So just take a moment to consider how that feels to you.  You will make whatever the right choice is for you, I am certain.  One of things I have learned on this journey of mine is that “you don’t know what’s possible until you ask”, and according to Universal Law, unless you ask, you won’t know what is available to you.  I learned about these specialized higher Lightbeings quite by accident in a moment of extreme distress.  (It is true that if you ask, you SHALL receive.)  The help came so swiftly, I had the distinct impression they’d been hovering, waiting for the chance to help me.  And that was the start of a pretty magnificent relationship that continues to this day.

     These guides are sort of like the special teams players on a football team. (Sorry, it’s the only applicable analogy that sprang to mind in the moment).  Based on my past experiences, I get the sense there are many standing by, ready, willing and very much wishing to lend their assistance.  We have but to make the request.

     And now, back to the topic I started with: symptoms/signs you’re being impacted by the energies:

Stress, especially without an identifiable cause.  It feels like being inside a pressure cooker, which we are.  This is usually a signal there are still some old patterns/energies that need to be released, so find a method that works for you and get busy.  Releasing these energies will make some room for the new that is coming in. The reason you feel such ‘pressure’ is your energy field is running out of room, so to speak.  You will be able to hold more light in your physical and subtle bodies if you roll up your sleeves and make the determination that your will is to free yourself of these self-limiting energies.

 – Unusual  aches and pains in the body.  I’ve noticed these actually seem to come on in waves, then recede.  When I do a little research on what is going on in the heavens, it often turns out that there was something happening.  Have also noticed an increase in body discomfort the few days before major quake activity.  I just pay attention, and monitor myself.  If ever the pains were more of a chronic thing, I would probably go get it checked out.

Waking at night, especially between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 AM.  This can be a challenge, especially if you have a day job.  When I asked why, I was told that there is less interference from the mass consciousness of humanity at such times. (There are more people asleep, and therefore not in their bodies.  This means – at least to those on the other side of the veil – that there is less ‘static’ and thus it’s easier for them to transmit information with less distortion.)  So maybe when you are awakened at such times, you might try what I do.  Immediately ask if there’s a message.  Of course, I would also suggest you have something to write with, and on, handy.  Take down whatever comes to you, then you will likely be able to go right back to sleep.  It took me awhile to figure this out, but once I did, the number of nights I had with extended periods of waking time dropped a lot.

A seeming  loss of identity.  The ‘old’ you no longer fits, but the ‘new’ you isn’t settled in yet, either.  There is a time of transition with this process, and it’s the ‘in between’ that can really be a challenge.  Just give it some time, and be gentle with yourself.

Your sleep cycle and patterns will definitely be off.  Your new ‘normal’ will be ‘irregular’.  I go through periods when I’m sleeping deeply for extended periods of time. Then I will hit a patch (like the one I’m in now) where I walk around a bit punchy and out of focus during  the day because I couldn’t sleep the night before.  And this will go on for days at a stretch.

You may find yourself extra sensitive to sound, scents, or crowds.  Change your patterns where you can to minimize the impact.

The days when you are feeling overwhelmed, well, you likely are overwhelmed.  Or you’ll be rolling along thinking you have it all handled, and then just one more little thing gets added to your list and you are sent into the ‘it’s all too much’ zone.  This is when you need to remember to breathe. Take a second, take a deep breath in through your nose, into your belly, and exhale out through your mouth.  Focus on the things you can get to, and don’t criticize yourself for not always being able to get to all of them.

     These are the main challenges you will likely be faced with on an ongoing basis.  Each time you up level in your BRF (tm) (Base Resonating Frequency), you will find yourself going through another round of the things listed above.  (And yes, there will be a short article on your BRF coming soon.)

     There are a few helpful things  you can do that have been mentioned before, but they do bear repeating here:

Rest is probably the most important recommendation. Not only is your physical body trying to keep up with its normal repair cycle, it is ALSO in the process of major restructuring, from the ground up,  of all of the major physical and subtle body systems.  (I do some work with a group of LightBeings – they’re very tall and luminous-that is centered around this restructuring/upgrading process.  You do not have to be in our presence for them to do this work.  You only have to be able to hear the sound of my voice. The details of how, and why, we offer this is beyond the scope of this article.)

– Do not overlook the benefits of exercise and more healthful eating.  The guides have never asked me to go cold turkey on anything except cigarettes.  I have been moved through a continuum of different, but better, food choices over a period of years.  Trust that you will find the optimum combination that is correct for your growth process, and don’t beat yourself up if your choices are not the same as someone else’s.

Increase your water intake.  Water is a conductor, after all.  And adding electrolytes to the water can help that along.  Bottom line with all of this:  support your body and yourself to the best of your ability.

Rocks from my collection

Back Row (Lt to Rt): Lavender rose quartz and Large rose quartz. Front row(Lt to Rt): Bloodstone (dark green), Charoite (the purple tumbled in front), Herkimer diamond, Mookite Jasper(the creamy/lavender stone), and Rhodonite(the proud pink with black banding stone).(c)2012JulieMarie


Here’s a short list of the stones I have found particularly useful.  I add this for all those other  ‘stoners’ out there.  Did I mention you might find yourself drawn to things you weren’t before?  The attraction to the stone people is one of those things that happened in my life.  “Rocks” very quickly became “people” with their own personalities.  (If you were to tell me 20 years ago that the day would come when I would be – literally – talking to rocks, I would have told YOU you had rocks in your head!  Now I can’t imagine my life without them.)

     Although it was a difficult task, I chose the ones I’ve personally found most useful.  Here they are, in no particular order of importance or effectiveness.  As with ALL stones, I would suggest you allow your response to them be a guide in making your choices.

HERKIMER DIAMONDS.   This is, admittedly, one of my all-time favorites because of its versatility.  Additionally, the herkimer diamond is the stoney symbolic representation of our own human potential. (What did she just say?)  When you compare the resonance of a herkimer to that of a quartz crystal,  the herkimer has a more refined crystalline resonance.  To me, it seems to vibrate in a different (higher) octave than the quartz.

I am not denigrating the wonderful workhorse quartz that we have (almost) all come to know and love.  In fact, for a beginner on the path, quartz is often a better place to start than anything more than a smaller herkimer.  (It has to do with sympathetic resonance and entrainment, which I’ll be  – yep, you guessed it, writing about at another time).

A herkimer differs from regular quartz in one other, and for me, very significant way:  it grows from the inside out.  We are changing from the inside out through this process that is being called ‘ascension’.  Carrying a herkimer with the intention that it be a physical reminder of your own potential, and perhaps visualizing it as a representation of the Seed of your Divine Potential (your imaginal disc, if you will) can help you stay focused on the task at hand.   In contrast, ‘regular’ quartz grows from the bottom up.

     In addition, herkimers are great for connecting us to the Light realms.  They are very supportive for use in the ascension process.  A herkimer can assist in the raising up of, and stabilization at the new level, of your base resonating frequency or BRF (tm).  A herkimer has a wonderful, forgiving personality, and is able to play well with others, so you don’t have to be afraid to put it together with pretty much anything.

Although a herkimer influences primarily the crown and third eye chakras, I use them (when guided) on all the chakras when doing my energy work.  Herkimers are a major part of the grid in my healing room and throughout the house.  I wear herkimers whenever I do readings or other spiritual work, either in my ears or around my neck or both if I feel it’s needed.

     Just as humans are the bridge between this world and the next (because we are spirit-animated form, made up of the stuff of both realms of existence), herkimers, because of their wonderful refined vibrations, are the bridge that can help to connect our lower (physical 7) chakras with the higher (etheric 5), thus giving us an opportunity to function at full capacity, which would be with all 12 integrated and activated.

BEAUTIFUL BLOODSTONE.  This stone is very helpful when it comes to enabling the physical vehicle to carry more light.  It is a great stone for the root chakra, and is a detoxifier and cleanser.

CHAROITE.  For those of you who are wondering just what your gift is, or how you are to bring your gift to the world, charoite is a wonderful stone to use.  I recommend that anyone who works with the public, especially in the capacity of reader or healer, have some charoite in their life.  It will remind you where your still need to do work on yourself, which will make you a better servant.

Charoite has the capacity to heighten your intuitive ability. It helps to cleanse lower vibrations from the etheric body.  It has great influence on the crown and third eye, and can help connect you with the guidance you need to follow your path.  Charoite is great for helping one adjust to the higher frequencies, too.

So with the help of a herkimer bringing the frequencies in, and the charoite to pull them into the physical realm, not only can  you raise your BRF, you can stabilize it through solid grounding in.

MOOKITE JASPER. This is one of the most (in my humble opinion) underrated of stones.  Mookite jasper (which comes in a multitude of color combinations, by the way-ranging from the beautiful creams and purples of my personal mookite companion pictured above to deep reds and yellow/golds) is a superb grounding stone.  It stabilizes the aura, balances the energies, and is protective (because it’s a jasper) as well. One day, when I had some quiet time, I asked the stone what its primary purpose was.

The reply came swiftly:  because one of the primary things mookite is grounding in are the higher light frequencies that are coming in at this time. Although this information is not in any book of stones that I am aware of, I firmly believe mookite is  also a stone that helps to raise the vibration of your physical vehicle.

ROSE QUARTZ.  Next to a herkimer, I would say the most important stone anyone going through this process can have in their environment would be rose quartz.  The more the better.  I don’t just have a small pendant I wear, the two pieces in the photograph are representing the whole tribe of rose quartz that lives with me.  I will say that most of them came to live with me when I was in the Black Hills of South Dakota, known to the Lakota as the Heart of All That Is.

When you look at a satellite photo of the Black Hills, it even has a shape that resembles the human heart, and I don’t think that’s an accident, either.  When I had some big-time healing to do, Spirit sent me to live in the Hills, and I was there for nine months in a place where I saw only turkeys, eagles, cougar, trees, sky, chunks of rose quartz, and the face of Crazy Horse mountain across the valley.  It was peaceful, and the energy of the massive rose quartz deposit I was living on helped me get myself back together and back on purpose.  It is a stone of love, and can link our heart to the universal heart.

Rose quartz can help to stabilize the physical heart, which can sometimes struggle with the increasing frequencies.  A good stone to try if you are experiencing rhythm disruptions.  (Again, please do not substitute this for proper medical care.)

     Many find themselves off-balance with all that is happening these days, and even though intellect dictates that we stay out of fear and in a place of peace, that is often difficult to do.  The energies of rose quartz can help with this problem.  It can help to stabilize us, but in a very gentle way.  Being in the presence of a lot of rose quartz can be as soothing as a loving mother’s hug.

RHODONITE.  I included this one simply because it takes the gentleness of the rose quartz to the next level.  With the help of charoite and rhodonite together, you increase your chances of discovering what your path of service is, and what your gifts are.  Rhodonite’s energy can push you in the direction of fulfilling your life’s purpose more aggressively than charoite or rose quartz does. Often what I have seen is people will be drawn to the rose quartz first, then after six months or so, the rhodonite will start calling to them.  I say just pay attention, and work with the one that calls to you the loudest.

    I know there was a lot to assimilate, but the beauty of this format is, you can return and re-read at your leisure.  I enjoyed finally putting it down in written form, and am encouraged by the feedback that it was worth the effort to do so.  Thank you for sticking with me through this one.

     The ending quote for this series actually was received when I began this journey (I think it was one of the first things I ever channeled, but didn’t know that was what I was doing at the time).  It was inspiring to me 20 years ago, and still inspires me today.  Maybe it will inspire you, too.

You carry the Light within you  that is the doorway through which you begin your journey Home… ~ From one of my Unseen teachers

All original writing and photographs posted to this blog are copyright 2012, Julie Marie.  All rights reserved. Thank you for honoring this copyright.


7 thoughts on “The Planet is Ascending and So Are You – Part IV

  1. Julie,
    I just met you yesterday. You were told to have me look at your blog. Wow! and Wow! So much of what you said, waking, energy heating up my body, I’m in a Quickening or so I call it now. Can’t learn enough, can’t read enough and I’m seeking…. and it’s all been since 2011.
    Don’t know if I fit the bill on being a part of Ascension assistance guides but it touched me and I did ask and got a “Yes” immediatly.
    Thank you for your energy in helping me on my path. I’ll be calling you.
    Sherrell G.

    • Long ago, when I first was shaken out of my slumber, I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of answers. One of the ‘jobs’ I have is as a member of the Transition Team. Usually when I show up on a person’s path, there is either a shift coming or they are in the middle of one. Please do call. We can set up a time to talk further. I will give you whatever I have of the things you need to prepare yourself for your part of the mission. I met some ‘stellar’ people this weekend, and you were among those stars.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and time in writing these! I so look forward to more. 🙂
    Talking about a book, so many writers compile their blogs (as chapters) into book form later on- so just keep writing & sharing, then you’ll have more than enough material if you decide to publish later on!
    Love to you & your work. Tammy

  3. I loved the info on the stones…the herkimer diamond I wore around my neck for months straight helped me through my transformation…and continues to.
    I also enjoyed the “signs and symptoms”. I think its important to let people know that there are greater reasons for what they might be experiencing then just what appears on the surface.

    • Shannon: It’s a good reminder for ME as well. I am currently in cycle of disrupted sleep patterns (restlessness, or waking often or not able to GET asleep) that has been going on for about two weeks. Only in the past few days, have I learned that others are experiencing the same thing, which lets me know something is going on. I haven’t discovered what it IS just yet, but now I am alerted to it. Thanks for the input.

  4. Oh wow! Been waking between 2 and 4 for some time now. I will try your suggestion. Usually I feel a vibration of trepidation and dread and so I lie there invoking the Violet Flame to transmute the energy. I call upon my guides and helpers and talk to my own God Presence.
    Was JUST talking to my husband about Herkimer Diamonds! My wedding band broke and I have been wanting a three-stone anniversary ring anyway, and this year will be our 10 anniversary and I think it is the perfect time for the ring, only I’ve asked for it to be three Herkimer Diamonds instead. I was just showing him a picture of the ring that I want and here is your post talking about them! I have a tiny one on a pendent that I wear around my neck sometimes. I’ve asked for Herkimer Diamond earrings for my birthday, too. Lucky for my husband they are MUCH more reasonably priced than regular diamonds. AND they don’t have the negative energy attachments of regular diamonds because of the greed factor what with the slave labor that is used to mine regular diamonds….

    • Gwen: Herkimers are a staple in my stoney wardrobe. I wear faceted ones in my ears and a pendant around my neck. Herkimers are also a major part of my healing grid, and they are placed around the house as a constant reminder of the seed of light that is within me, and within all of us. I do agree with your observation about the energy around ‘regular’ diamonds. Herkimers have such a bright, uplifting energy, and I for one really appreciate that, especially now. They are like little seeds of hope. They grow in a dark place, and when that place is broken open, there you see their light. Nice metaphor for these times as well, I would say.

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