Thank You

     This will actually be a short post.  I just felt moved to express my gratitude to all of those who came to visit in the last week or so.  To those of you who took the time to comment, know that I do value the input.  I have been working with most of what will appear here since my journey began some twenty years ago.  As I began to talk about spiritual things with others, I kept hearing the same thing from them.  “You need to write a book.” or “When are you going to write that book?” or some variation on that theme.  My response was to (mentally) roll my eyes, because I’d been hearing this from Guidance for a long time.

     I did attempt to start a book a few times, but the task was so daunting to me, I gave up.  So this blog is my book.  Like so many others in this ‘-sphere’, I am prodded to spill out of myself words that I hope will reach the people who need to read them.  And I have already realized that – through this medium – I can reach people I never could otherwise.  I am not very educated in how all of this works.  It took me awhile to figure out what little I do know about being in charge of this space, and am still trying to work out some of the things I don’t know yet.

     I ask for your patience as I navigate this (very steep) learning curve.  I will testify to this:  learning something new is great exercise for the brain’s neural pathways.  Doing this blog means I can save learning ballroom dancing for another time!

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7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Now that I actually am showing up, I am confident it will be accomplished. I am grateful that Spirit is infinitely patient. Sometimes it takes me awhile (20 years?!) to get it. But I have this feeling that I will be making up for some of that ‘lost’ time, and I learned so much in the past two decades it will likely make me a better communicator.

  2. Hello, just want to say thank you to your thank you…….I was very pleased to come by your blog and enjoy your postings they resonate with me. I have also been prompted to write but also find it too daunting as maybe other authors have already said the same stuff in different ways, and have made a good living out of it too!! Anyway you are doing a fine job so stick with it… saying for today ” I am not ill….I am evolving” ha ha” Loved a quote from one of “Conversations with God” “I am a local disturbance”……I can live with that…take care.
    Love and light,
    Sandie xx

    • Hi Sandy
      I feel the same reading blogs.Special this one is great. I know that I have experinced that. Wow we are all SO connected. “Oneness”

    • Sandie: For your consideration. Have you ever been moved by the way in which something was expressed? That it just hit you dead center in a very particular way? HOW it was said was probably more important than WHAT was said. We each have our own unique prism through which our Light shines. You and I could write about the exact same topic, but I am certain that how you would present it would be different from the way in which I would, and just like the different intuitives sitting around the room at a metaphysical fair, people will be drawn to whom they are drawn. So have you ever considered that there are people out there waiting to find YOUR words? As so many have been saying to me: Just write from your heart. Spirit will bring those to whom you can best be of service. Thank you so much for your support of my (barely born) blog.

  3. When your heart soars at an idea you ponder, jump on board and ride your train ! Nobody will know what that is or when, except you.

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