About Early Indigoes and the Bridge Kids


     I often come to my understanding of things through personal experience, and it is usually through a process of events that occur close in time that point me to the fact that there is something new for me to understand.  The group of people known as indigoes have been identified and spoken about for many years now, but I would like to share with you a personal experience that caused me to look more closely at this phenomenon.

     Please read “The Call  Went Out”  to get a sense of the background against which I share this insight.  The story I told in that article is actually a vision I had near the beginning of my spiritual journey.  It came in answer to the questions I was asking then:  Who am I  and why is this happening to me?  I very clearly identified myself in the vision that unfolded before me, but it took me some years to actually accept that.

The Insight

     Almost four years ago, I was at a large event in the Kansas City area.  One particularly interesting, vibrant older woman sat down, and I noted there was something decidedly different about her energy, but couldn’t precisely identify what that ‘different’ was, so I just filed that away under:  Spirit, I would like clarity around this feeling.  That request usually leads to an understanding that will unfold through circumstances and situations close in time to when I ask for the answer.

     One of the things she’d been inquiring about had to do with a transplant she’d had, and the difficulty her body was having adjusting to it.  I shared what came through for her, and moved on.  I could not shake the sense of the unusual brightness of her inner Light, however.

     The very next week, in a different town near Kansas City, I encountered another woman with the same unusual brightness about her.  Although her concerns were different, the general theme of our conversation was so similar, I could clearly see a line of bright Light that connected these two women.  So into the insight hopper this encounter went as well.

     When I am asked to describe how this insight process works, I have trouble explaining it.  The best I can do is to say this:  I feel sometimes its like how when you do a search online.   You’re not really sure of what exactly you are after, so you just type in some words.  A mountain of options presents itself, so you scan them looking for one that resonates.  Sometimes you hit it early, and sometimes it’s a total miss.  Sometimes you get in the ballpark, and that’s when you narrow your focus.  You keep doing that until you get the information you were after.  Well, this insight process is like that.

     The next time you are ‘searching’, just imagine your search bar on the computer. Type in the words and hit ‘search’ in your mind’s eye.  Wait to see what comes up, and narrow your search accordingly until you get the insight.  You will usually experience some sort of physical sensation when that happens.  The sensation often comes in the form of goose-flesh or shivers or sometimes surges of warmth.  It’s different for everyone.

     It took me almost a week after recognizing the connection between these two women to link that connection with the vision of the Call I’d had almost 15 years before.  I noticed that there was nothing out there about these early Indigoes, for I am convinced that is what they are, so I am publicly acknowledging their contribution to this project here and now.  (I will also reiterate here my caveat:  this is my understanding only.  I am not trying to convince anyone else of the veracity of this awareness.  I am sharing what I know to be true, at least for me.  You will have to make that determination for yourself based on how it feels when this information hits your energy field.)

     Did you have a grandmother with wise eyes?  When you were a little child, can you remember having the sense that she just ‘knew’ things, but wasn’t telling?  Maybe she was one of these early Indigoes.  Did you have a grampa who was steady and calm and willing and patient?  Was he kind and gentle?  Did he seem to know things that he didn’t talk about?  Maybe he was one of these early Indigoes who volunteered to come in and do the hardest work of all: to be the leading edge of the Light that would soon break over the entire face of the world.  Yet for the most part, I would venture to say they went unnoticed.  To all of them, every single one of them, (and I too had a granny like that), I say thank you for your courage.  Thank you for your willingness to step into this world at a time when the prospects of success weren’t looking so good.  We would not be here, now, without you.

     In addition to these early Indigoes, there is another more recent group of beings that I don’t hear much about, either.  I call this group the Bridge Kids.  Now, I am not being derogatory in any way.  When I began noticing this group, they were just kids.  Now they are young adults, and many of them are actually out there doing the work.  One of the reasons I became aware of this group is there are a couple of them in my life that I have personally watched grow up.

     A Bridge Kid is Indigo in expression, but  carries a varying percentage of the Clear Light being energy as  well.  (What I call Clear Light beings have been described as Crystal Children.)

     My theory on how they as a group accomplished this is based on observation only.  As these children began to grow up, they seemed to be drawn to my table, and because I then have permission to look at their energy fields, I could see that there was some Clear Light (crystal) energy mixed in with the Indigo.  The earlier they came into incarnation, the smaller the percentage was for the most part, but I began to notice that percentage would increase in those that incarnated later.

     I haven’t yet had a pure Clear Light sit for a reading, so I cannot say for certain that there are 100% Clear Lights incarnating yet.   The age of the ones gravitating to my table are now from late teens to early 20s.  Occasionally a parent will bring a younger child for an angel drawing, and these children are mostly clear light energy, up to about 98% I would say.

      These Bridge Kids actually started coming in in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  I don’t think Indigoes were even talked about until the 90’s, but because I don’t keep up with all that, I can’t say for sure.  What I can say is that there are many of these ‘older’ young people who – like the unacknowledged early Indigoes before them – have not been thanked for their courage and willingness to come into incarnation in increasing numbers despite the uncertainty of success here.

     To these young people, I say this:  I noticed you when you were little babies.  I would be in the grocery store or walking down the street, and you would pass by wheeled or carried by your parents.  You were very cleverly disguised as an ordinary baby, but unusually calm and well-behaved.  I would notice that little extra brightness in your aura, and would send you a telepathic ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you for being here’.

     I always got an immediate response from you.  You would come alive and look directly into my eyes.  I knew I’d been heard.  I knew I was seeing something different, and it gave me renewed  determination.  How could I not do my best to do my part?  You were showing up because you had the faith that I (and all the others like me) would do our parts, and you wanted to be ready to step up and begin doing yours when the time came.

    And so it has come full circle for me, this understanding.  I recently had the opportunity to meet two of these young adult Bridge Kids who are working together to lift people into the fifth dimension.  You know who you are, and I just want to say to you thank you for being here, and for being so willing to do your part.  My work is not yet done, but it is good to know that the next phase of unfolding is in process.

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And God said:  “Let there be Light, and there was Light”.

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5 thoughts on “About Early Indigoes and the Bridge Kids

  1. Julie Marie, Thank you for putting words to this beautiful time frame of souls incarnating. Your insights help me understand myself more.I too have noticed the children coming in,and their gaze simply says, I recognise you, as you recognize me. I usually send them a love blessing, and move on.

  2. Thank you very very much for the clarification and letting us all in on your insights, so that we may cultivate the discernment of the new types of beings coming in.
    Those bridge kids you met sound pretty cool 😉

    • Oh, they are. Having the gift of watching them work together in harmony and with such tender caring did my heart good, and gave me renewed determination to continue the work I have been given, and in some areas where I have been dragging my feet to actually put forth the effort to fulfill any contracts I may have made that are still waiting for me to complete. I am very much looking forward to the next time we can connect. And I want to personally thank them for all they are doing, and will do, to raise the frequency of the consciousness here.

  3. Dear Julie Marie I have had the same experience you have with certain individuals in my classes over the years. They stood out in a strange and shining way even when they seemed to be trying to hide and not draw any attention to themselves. They did seem to come in as a wave beginning in the 1970s. Some even did shine with an indigo light and others seemed to go through a rainbow of colors as one sometimes sees when turning a clear quartz crystal. With all of these individuals I have also heard music that I can best describe as a symphony of Life or Star Music.

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