What’s Happening Now-March 2012 Energy Report

March Brings a Month-Long Energy Infusion

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     Are you feeling like your whole world is shifting at lightning speed?  I am.  Just when I think I have a handle on things, something is either added to the mix or plans need to be changed, or both.  To make it even more challenging, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs doing.  Since the first of the year, I have been feeling this time crunch, this feeling of trying to squeeze more work into less time.  And I might add that it’s not because the workload has increased by that much, either.  Can somebody out there check to see if the planet’s rotating a little faster?   The days seem to have less hours in them now.        This month is definitely bringing in the energy of change.  We are experiencing some intense solar winds, which symbolically can blow through your life with wonderful clearing and cleansing force.  (That’s the best spin I can put on the apparent chaos that can result from a high intensity wind.)   As if the sensation of less available time weren’t enough, let’s just pile on this ‘winds of change’ thing.  Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s add a cosmic call to balance and wholeness.  And lest we forget, there’s the upcoming Equinox-which is a time of planting the seeds of what you would like to harvest come September.

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     This March has an energetic overlay that is different from most other Marches.  (I don’t have the time to actually research how often this particular phenomenon happens, so I am hedging things by using the word ‘most’).  It took me a week to realize there was something added to the intensity I was already feeling before March began, and usually that means something is going on in the heavens.  I made some inquiries, and found out that  there is a pair of 6-pointed stars that are bracketing this month.  A Star of David formation was in the heavens briefly at the beginning of this month.  There will be another formation at the end of the month.  Whenever I see these bookending or paired events, I pay attention to what they are marking off. (See my article The Planet is Ascending and So Are You-Part II for my discussion about the Venus Transit we are now in.  Those energies are also in play here.)  As I gaze at this combined symbol, there are some interesting things happening in my energy field.  This might just be a ‘happy accident’ as Bob Ross used to say. (For those of you who don’t have a clue who Bob Ross was, he painted wonderful landscapes in 30 minutes on television.  He would start with a blank canvas and somehow be able to complete a beautiful painting effortlessly and calmly, all the while giving detailed instructions in a soothing voice.  It was encouraging, and could make a viewer feel like they could do it too, which was the likely objective.)

      I am requesting the beings of Light and any members of the angelic kingdom who are here to assist to please embed within that symbol whatever the viewer would be requiring at this time to bring balance and wholeness to their lives.  If you are so moved, take a moment now to gaze upon this symbol and receive whatever download is there for you.  My third eye is pulsing now.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who does take the time to interact with the image.

     About Six-Pointed Stars

     I became obsessed with the energy of the six-pointed star early on in my spiritual education.  There will be more about that later.  This symbol is many-layered in its meaning.  From an archetypal perspective, this symbol represents the union of opposites:  male/female,  positive/negative,  light/dark,  fire/water, heaven/earth,  spirit/matter, inner/outer, to name a few polarities here.  This creation is one of duality, after all.  And life in all the kingdoms in this realm requires the marriage of those opposites.  I know there are exceptions to every rule, but this is generally speaking.  The six-pointed star is the blueprint or model for the balanced expression and wholeness of these opposites, and therefore could be said to represent where we are headed as consciousness:  to a place that transcends polarity itself, moving into a way of being that merges the two in a harmonious way.

     That symbol combines the five-pointed and the six-pointed stars into a single energetic template.  Five is the number of humanity.  When I look at it, the message is clear:  it is time for humanity to bring balance to this world by striving to bring balance to  self, and the Universe is offering assistance in this endeavor by streaming into the consciousness grid a trickle charge of energy that will support our efforts.  Will the end of March bring the end of the influence of this energy?  I don’t think so.  I feel this is part of the process that will lead up to the end of the year, and that we will be feeling the effects of it for some time.

What Does This Mean for Me?

     If you are feeling like your formerly firm foundation is shifting like quicksand beneath your feet, you are not alone.  The changes are happening so quickly I would encourage you not to get too attached to how something is going to unfold, or when, or what it will look like when it does.

    Don’t plan too far into the future.  DO focus on just the very next thing you need to do, or are being asked to do.  This energy is giving us practice at staying in the present and focused on the now, because everything that is to come is predicated on what actions we take, and the intentions we set, now.

     From my place on the wheel, this month-long infusion of energy is all about raising our vibrations by shifting our attention from the mundane world to the spiritual realms.  (Think about all of the events that are happening in the heavens that are causing us to look up, literally and figuratively.)

     Don’t forget that the energy of the Spring equinox is all about balance, as well.  It is one of two days in the year where the amount of light and the amount of darkness is equal.  Perhaps this would be a good time to set an intention to bring balance to your life, and to think about what actions you could take to make that happen.

     The most important thing you can do during this time is to be gentle with yourself.  Rest when needed, because your body is being challenged by this energy as well.  And when you get the motivation to take care of some mundane tasks that may have been piling up, then act immediately, because you never can tell how long that impetus is going to last.

       Ask to be shown how you can bring more balance into your life.  Then follow the guidance you are given.  The answer to that question will be different for each of us, for we have different lessons to learn, different skills to master.    I have just completed the most important thing on my ‘to do’ list for today.  I finished this piece.  I got up earlier than usual instead of turning over and going back to sleep.  It was worth it.

This too shall pass…

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7 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now-March 2012 Energy Report

  1. Julie Marie, I worked with the star and what I saw for me is to fully let go of anything that holds me back, to take in and hold within all the light I possibly can sustain at this time in my being and blaze it forth and expand it out for all my friends and all brothers and sisters of Family of Humanity. With deep gratitude!

  2. Julie Marie, beloved sister! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for the Divine Presence of your Divine Love. Thank you for sharing your Divine Wisdom and your Divine Light. It just empowers my faith, trust and inner knowing. God Bless you and your work of the Light!!! Bless, bless, bless! Love, love, love! Again I had that same body effect of what we shared before. I have been working with the “try it on” method you shared in one of your earlier posts and what I get is that this body effect is the physical feeling and experience of the vibration of the Unity consciousness caused by the power of the energy embeded in the words, as we read and connect to the energy of the words we are one vibrating at the wave of unity consciousness. Again, thank you for your Divine Light. Blessings.

  3. Well said. Focusing on the now is perfect advice. I’m glad to hear an explaination on how fast the time is going by since so many people feel it. I too have felt the need for balance in my life grow in an intense way this month and knowing the energy of the stars makes it clear why. thanks!

    • Glad I could provide that awareness for you. Often, that’s all we need to relax into it and thus make the experience of it easier on our physical and subtle bodies. You’re welcome!

  4. Hi Julie,
    As soon as I looked at the image of the stars my first impression was of the planets lining up as they are beginning to do now……we have Venus and Jupiter visible in the daylight sky and from what I have read there is going to be more alignment throughout the year. I also read that time is infact speeding up and what is 24 hours now seems more like 16???? But then again time is relative, and made up, if we are to live in the “now” then time is irrelevant….maybe ??
    One of my favourite sayings too ” This too shall pass”……other one “All is well and all is well”

    Love Sandie

    • Thank you for your thoughtful words. I experience this phenomenon more as a squeezing of linear time, not necessarily a speeding up. I received a long message about ‘the squeeze point’ a couple of years ago now. I would have to look in my journals to find out when. I do agree with you the the concept of ‘time’ is made up. I believe it was thought up by the Creator as part of the model that was established so that that which creates could come to understand the mechanics of creation itself. Based on what is happening ‘down here’, I’d say Creator must have a grasp on the concept and no longer requires linearity in part of its being…The wonderful side benefit of this for our projected selves (the physical body) is that it is giving the little mind an opportunity to exercise a different way of processing this experience, thus helping it to transcend the timeline as well. Blessings to you for taking the ‘time’ to respond to this post. JulieMarie

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