This Little Light of Mine…


    I came to the keyboard with a totally different idea about what would flow out of me this day, and was surprised to hear a song begin to repeat in my mind.  Well, I know that is one of the ways Spirit or my guides communicates with me, so I set my idea over to the side so I could better focus on the potential message that was coming to me.

     I worked doing readings this past weekend, and many of the people who sat at my table had the same question and I could feel the same underlying concern radiating from their energy fields.  Things are changing.  What can I do to help?  I answered each individually, and felt I’d done my job.  But now,  with this song repeating in my head, I sense there may be more here for me to do.  I’m going to pretend that you are sitting across the table from me and that you are asking me that same question, and that you have those same concerns.  Here is how I would answer you:

     Beloved Being, I say unto you that you are the light that has come to transform this world.  Seek not to understand the broader unfolding of things, but rather concentrate upon your own  emergence.  Stand in the place that you have been planted, and focus on what can be done to shift the energy of those around you.  It is not complicated.  Be kind.  Smile.  Look that cashier in the eye as you make your purchase.  Wish them a good day, and mean it.  From your heart.  Be considerate of others.   Watch your words.  Challenge yourself each day to do just one good thing for another, no matter how small that good thing is.  And soon, we promise you that you will see a change in the world around you, and that change will spread like sweet honey across the face of this planet.  This little light.  Your little light.  Let it shine brightly, dear ones.  Let it shine.

     Well, I think that little piece was from a ‘not-me’ place.  I understand this message, however.  Often I can get overwhelmed by everything, and by how complicated things look when I start trying to comprehend the big picture.  One of the first messages my unseen Teachers told me was that my little mind could not begin to comprehend the workings of this creation, and most of the time I am able to keep my attention on what it is I can do to contribute to the expansion of that larger Plan.

     When I get sidetracked by my little mind, I end up feeling worried about what may be coming, when it will hit, what it may look like…all things and thoughts which contribute to the downward trend of where my personal energy field can resonate when at its optimum.   And what that means is I am less of a positive power in this world.  I am allowing myself to be affected by that which is outside of myself instead of intending to be part of the energy that will lead to the eventual ignition of the planetary LightBody. (Oh, here’s an insight coming in just as I put these words down):  Many people speak of various planetary grids and how the crystals embedded in the Earth are being activated now.  It just came to me that perhaps the crystals have ALWAYS been activated, but that the other component, the human consciousness piece, was NOT, and that is what has been the sticking point with this process.

     I am seeing how, when I first was awakened, I ‘suddenly’ was drawn to certain crystals and stones.  I have seen this happen a lot in the past 20 years at the shows I attend.   This seems to be an indicator of a re-connection with the ‘other’ which includes the other kingdoms on this planet (plant, animal, mineral).  And here’s another little shift in my awareness I will now need to work with in order to integrate it:  perhaps all those kingdoms have been waiting for us to awaken in order that this process could be complete.  Perhaps they are farther up the spiral than we are.  This is a total reversal of the common understanding that mankind is the ‘top’ of  the heap here, but something about this resonates with me.  Like I said, this just came to me, so I will have to spend some time exploring it.  Why I am leaving it out here without first vetting it to my satisfaction is beyond my comprehension now, but I am being guided to just let it be.  So I will.

     I said all that to say this:  If I work on my light, and you work on your light, then together those many singular lights will illuminate and transform the world.  Together, we are  one, after all.

Candle light.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

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2 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine…

  1. Hello again Julie Marie,
    I have to say as I began to read your words I was overcome with emotion, in tears….I know that I am tired as I am just finishing a two week stint looking after a lady with mid to late term alzeimers.
    I work as a live in carer with this lady and the nights can be bad with little sleep, but I have to stay kind,loving and compassionate as she is so sensitive to change in mood. This can be difficult when tired!
    Your words resonate with me so much, as I sometimes wonder if I am doing enough to spread my light in the world when it is needed so much, so maybe my effort here is enough for now……..
    I do smile at people in the street, and look them in the eye, they are sometimes very surprised by that but yes we are all one!!

    Love and Light to you
    Sandie xx

    • You just keep on shining your light, dear one. My words must have struck a chord if it brought you to tears. That usually means there is a resonance of truth for you in them. Bless you and the work you are doing. JulieMarie

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