Slowly but Surely…

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      I made a promise to myself that I would write here at least twice a week, and now here I am following the urge to post yet again.  Oh, yes, guides and teachers, I see what is happening here! Slowly but surely, you are moving me in the direction of writing more often.  And after all, it was the slow and steady pace of the turtle that ultimately won THAT race. (Aesop’s Fables, for those who aren’t familiar with this reference.  There is a story there that tells of a race between a tortoise and a hare. The rabbit is a braggart, and  constantly teases the tortoise for its slowness.  Eventually, a race between the two is arranged, and the hare, full of confidence and bluster, makes choices that allow the slow and steady pace of the tortoise to prevail.)

     For almost 20 years, the beings that work with me have been gently moving me in this direction:  to just start to say what comes to me when it comes to me, and not to worry too much about how it will be received, or whether it is “true”.  The bottom line is, it IS true for me according to the level of my understanding and awareness at this point on my path, and so  I cannot do otherwise than to honor that process.  I suspect part of the exercise here is for others to be able to observe over time how the insight process works by just letting it flow out  as it comes to me instead of waiting until I have a fully fleshed-out version.

      The insight I will share with you now is a byproduct of the post on the energy of March (See What’s Happening Now-March 2012 Energy Report) and some conversations I had with my Intuitive Development students today (thank you for the input that led to this insight).   To a person, it has been an exceptionally difficult two weeks, and the upheaval in their lives is greater than usual.  Because of some dramatic changes in my life of late, I have been feeling as if I am in the midst of what I’ve come to call  My Second Awakening.   Based on the input from class today, I am beginning to suspect that it is a global phenomenon, not an individual happening.

        The energies that are coming in, the beings that are coming into this dimension to assist at this time are gently clearing away all the old stuff that no longer serves us, everything that is standing in the way of our stepping into the next level of our service, our contracts.  For those of us who have already begun to put ourselves out there, this means that even our worlds are being shaken up, our missions are being adjusted, and we are being asked to broaden our outreach.  So if there are any of you out there who are feeling like all of a sudden you aren’t clear about what you are to bring to the world, or how you are to accomplish your mission, or even what your mission, your purpose is now because everything is in such upheaval, then I am talking to you.

      This is where that ‘stay in the present moment’ training will come in really handy.  Most of us who are experiencing this Second Awakening also have a nebulous sense that we are being prepared to do some larger work, or that our work is going to begin to reach a larger audience.  I believe this applies to anyone who’s feeling this way, no matter the scale of the work you are already doing.  So, to the big guys on the scene, I say this:  you are going to really be affecting big numbers of people.  Soon.  To the person who is still trying to figure out whether they want to ‘get involved’ with helping to shift the mass consciousness, well, get ready to be pushed off that fence you’ve been sitting on.

     Someone said to me the other day they didn’t want to be famous.  Neither do I, but if I have to be more widely known in order to complete my mission and fulfill my purpose, then  I have to accept that.  Slowly but surely, my guides have been nudging me in this direction, and no matter how fast I ran, in the end, they win.  But so do I.  I must admit that I have not had this level of personal satisfaction with any project I’ve ever been given to do.  The land healing work is solitary, difficult and energy draining sometimes.  Working with individuals or small groups of people is also fulfilling, yet not a very efficient use of this resource:  me.  What I’ve noted of late among my colleagues doing this work is there seems to be a trend towards doing more with the available resources.  All of us are being asked to take on more responsibility even as the time seems to do what is asked of us shrinks.  I have started to check in with Spirit before I say ‘yes’ to something.  I am, like so many others, stretched to the maximum limit of my capacity right now.  I don’t see any chance of that changing any time soon, either.  So best just to stay focused on what is right in front of me to do.

      The discovery of this medium of expression has presented me with such potential that I am enlivened, invigorated, and inspired to continue to explore the boundless boundaries of this matrix, and to be open to the ways in which Spirit would have me use this to shift my corner of this world.  Thank you for visiting.  Hope you will visit again soon.

 The path you take is made by walking it.

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13 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely…

  1. P.S. Love the brilliant photo of the sea turtle! Reminds me that I will soon be back doing the work I do love~snorkeling on the reef!

  2. Can so relate. I don’t work in a spiritual field, though, so I often wonder what it is that I am SUPPOSED to be doing. I work as a lunch chef for my friends at their pastry shop and have had to learn how to do more faster, all by myself. Was never trained for this work and basically taught myself on the job. ha. But I began to spend the whole time invoking the Angels and Beings of Light and the Company of Heaven, just to transmute all of my frustration and anger and discontent. I just didn’t want people to eat food that had been prepared in all that stressful energy. Invoking the Resurrection Flame and the Ascension Flame not only heals me, but every electron of life. And people are loving the food, the shop is flourishing and my friends are astounded that I am no longer swearing my head off all day. I’m still leaving, (can’t stand being inside all day) but I have learned that invoking the light IS MY JOB. No matter what I am doing for a living, invoking the light is my real work. And I can do that while doing anything, even something I don’t enjoy.

    • Sometimes we are asked to bring the light to places we would rather not be. When that falls to me to do, I want to make sure the job gets done so nobody else will have to come in behind me, so I jsut ask to be shown/told when I am free to go. (Only Spirit knows how long it will take, or how much Light the place needs to be self-sustaining.) Sometimes I am required to stay somewhere for longer than I would like, but I definitely can feel when I am free to go. And you are correct. Your task is to bring the light in wherever you go. And so could you please explain how that is NOT working in a spiritual field?

  3. Thank You!! It feels so good to know I’m not alone thru this great awakening.~peace and love

  4. Wow. Your words hit me so clearly, a perfect summation of what’s happening now, as I sense it too; and the changing future that’s near, which I look forward to so much.

    “Do more with less,” is the normal part of life over the past hundred years or so, and it looks like that’s accelerating faster every day. The quicker we can rearrange our minds to accept that and think ahead to the next step of this, the easier we’ll slide into whatever the future brings.

    Your words already reach more people than I think you realize.
    Thank you for writing this article, and for all your posts on twitter that inspires me daily.

    • Thank you for your feedback. It helps to know I am not talking to myself. The one thing I would encourage is to stay as present as you can with your mind and your thoughts. Things are changing so quickly now that I often get the sense that those on the other side of the veil aren’t clear about how it’s going to look, either. The only thing that seems to be certain is that change IS here, and that we are creating that change as we live our lives each day.

  5. Wow! I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. This post came at the perfect time. Thank YOU and blessings to YOU!

    • It’s becoming increasingly important that we share what is coming to us when it’s coming in, so I did. Thanks for the validation. May you continue to be blessed as well.

      • JulieMarie, I feel that this post could very well be written FOR me and, for the most part, BY me 🙂 Thanks for following your guidance to share this as it is validating me and many others for sure….Much blessings to you, love and light, namaste…Nadine Marie

      • Good to hear from you again, Nadine. It’s not always easy to just put it out there, but I was truly pushed to do so with this. Happy to be validator for your ‘Truth”. In Light, JulieMarie

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