In the Company of Angels – A New Blog is Born

After posting the first installment of In the Company of Angels, I felt that it needed to have its own space, so I created one for it.  This blog, Living by Intuition and Inspiration, is devoted to sharing life lessons, insights, and  stories that will contribute to your spiritual evolution.

The saga of the angels is a byproduct of my practice of living my life from the place of the One Who Follows, not the One Who is in Charge.  It seems to be taking on a life of its own, this story, and as such it falls outside the bounds of the original intent of this blog.  I asked for guidance, and the new blog In the Company of Angels is the answer.

It has been a very long and creative day for me:  A new blog, some posts, some pages, links, edits, uploads, changes, and a very steep learning curve for someone who is over the age of, well, never you mind that.

Thank you to the ‘Angel-a’ the angels sent to watch over, to guide and to help manifest with (almost) lightning speed this wonderful new place for me to play.

I hope you are as uplifted by this new space as I was in creating it.

The path you take is made by walking it.

All original material posted to this site is copyright 2012, Julie Marie.


4 thoughts on “In the Company of Angels – A New Blog is Born

  1. We are with you Julie Marie. Anastasia and I will be participating from 1PM on tomorrow. All that I have read on the web site and links is truly magnificent. I have given the name of your Blog to Unity and they will have someone day and night praying for i’s success and that you reach an ever widening audience with the shining message you are being given. I also have its name under a candle burning constantly in my line of vision to keep my prayers ever with you and all the beings of Light working with you. What a wonderful gift it is to me that you have made this place where my spirit can escape from the confines imposed by my failing body and fly on the wings of a snow white Dove with you and the angels.

    • Oh, Dear Ones, how blessed am I to have such supportive, helpful people in my life? It may sound cliche, but you are the Wind beneath my wings. And Cliff, that you would take the time to do all you have done for this project, well I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I will strive to bring beauty, harmony and peace there to share with you as you move forward on your journey Home. I bow in deep reverence to you, and to Anastasia for your loving support. Thank you.

    • By the time it was finished, and we stepped back to take a look at it, it took my breath away. Now it will be my job to live up to the home the angels have inspired. Thank you for having a look.

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