Spring Cleaning

 I Welcome this Time of Year


The past couple of days here have been incredible.  The sun is out, and the light lasts longer into the evening, and the birds.  The full-throated singing of the birds, calling forth the life that has lain dormant within the Earth for the winter.  Their music is so uplifting this time of year. It’s as if they too, are ready for  the growing part of the cycle to get underway.  No half-hearted chirping going on here!

I have noticed that my energy levels as well are soaring again, despite the rather full plate now.  I am sleeping better, and waking refreshed.  And now it is time to tackle all the clutter that seems to build up around me every winter.  I know that if I don’t strike now, the moment will pass.  This is the perfect time of year to clean the slate and start anew.

Spring cleaning is not limited to just our surroundings.  As some of you have been experiencing since late February, spring cleaning of the emotional body started a bit early this year, and continues with persistent intensity, I might add.

And please don’t overlook the importance of cleaning up your physical body, too.  There are all sorts of articles out there about the various ways this can be done.   Just use your intuition to see is something is right for you.  Often, all the body needs is a chance to heal itself, and if we help by cutting back, or actually eliminating, some of the things we know are not supportive of our good health, then that counts as spring cleaning in my book.

The other area that likely needs a good clean sweep would be all of your electronic databases.  I believe this is an often overlooked area when we are doing this work.  Take a quick run through your files, and dump the ones that need to go.  It’s a hidden place where energy can get stuck just as firmly as it can if there is physical clutter.

 The same behavior that piles up physical clutter can lead to a pile up of electronic clutter, and is usually centered around thoughts that we might be able to use that someday, whatever the “that” is.   Free up some space for the new light to come in.

As you clear out the stuff that maybe piled up, this is also a good time to reassess just what is important to you.  Only keep the things that have real meaning for you, and let go of all the rest of it.  I am in the midst of leaving behind things and projects I never imagined I would be releasing.  It is time to make room in our lives for the magnificent things that are ahead for all of us.

Happy cleaning!

The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life.  What is it that you would let go of today? ~ Mary Manin Morrisey

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  1. Been doing alot of emotional cleaning. Meditations of releasing people and situations from the past. Invoking the Mother of Pearl Resurrection flame helps me to release emotions attached to past hurts. Interesting dreams letting me know that it is working, too. Great post!

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