To All the Women of the World

It is Time to Stand

Painting image of Joan of Arc

Painting image of Joan of Arc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made a promise to myself that I would write about things as they came through for me.  This is one of those articles.  It came about as the result of a series of conversations with a long-time student of mine who grew into a dear friend over the years.

I have been told by Spirit that the actions we take in this dimension can often have tremendous symbolic significance in the higher realms.  In other words, what we do does matter, especially when it comes to  anchoring the higher energies into this matrix.  In order for the energies to hold and stabilize, there needs to be something for them to anchor to.

The planet is going through a tremendous shift in consciousness now.  It is the time of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, which stepped back into the shadows millennia ago so that the male expression of Creation could learn and grow through the responsibility of leadership and direction.  Little by little, out of the shadows, the feminine will again claim Her rightful place by the side of the balanced male.  Eventually.

Why does any of this matter to me, to my life?  If you have to make a decision between standing in the truth of your feminine intuition or just letting things unfold, I say:  “Stand.”  My own personal attempts at this of late have been met with closed resistance, but it is not the outcome that is of primary importance here.  It is the effort I made, the effort you would make, to act in integrity with your inner guidance, your knowing.  It is by these small actions that each one of us make in the moment, that will contribute to the ultimate balancing of the energies on this planet.

What we do does matter.

It is time for us to stand.  It is our responsibility to stand.  It is time to put aside the ways we have adopted in order to adapt to our environment.  Many of us have learned to over-control, manipulate, be competitive, jealous and vengeful, or have chosen to act from our masculine sides so we could hold onto our place.  Or so we thought.

As women, our strength is in our receptivity.  Our strength is in our intuition, our ability to be still and centered. We are naturally inclined to follow our instincts, and we need to nurture that skill.  We can most easily embody the integrated, balanced being who operates from the place of unified consciousness.  We have but to return to the foundation of our physical expression: we were born female for a reason.  We are here to help with the healing of the dysfunctional archetypal energies that are ascendant on the planet now.

We do this by balancing the energies within ourselves, by choosing to express the positive aspects of the feminine archetype instead of the prevailing shadow side of the masculine.  As an enlightened being once said to me:  we must first heal ourselves, then we help heal each other (as women), then we can help to heal our partners, and together we can then heal the world.

I am not afraid.  I was born to do this.  ~ Joan of Arc

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8 thoughts on “To All the Women of the World

  1. Love this! Recently read Kathleen McGowan’s “The Expected One” and the sequel, “The Book of Love”~fabulous stories of her own search for the Magdalene Manuscripts and finding the Divine Feminine. Wonderful accounts of historical figures like Joan of Arc in there too. You would love those books, Julie.
    Around the Summer Solstice of 2010 I had a vision of The Divine Feminine returning to her rightful place of honor, and all of humanity bowing in awe to her Presence. I know this is happening, and articles like this are more proof. Thank you so much!
    This has made me think about how I became so “manly” in my behavior as a defense mechanism, and reminding me that it’s okay to return to my softer, feminine side now. Been having several dreams about weddings, so I know I am balancing my feminine/masculine. I also do this mini-meditation in the mornings when I go outside and greet the sun. I visualize the Blue flame of my Father God flowing down from Heaven through my left side, down into the Earth, and the Pink flame of my Mother Goddess flowing up from the Earth to Heaven and they Join in my heart chakra, creating the golden flame. It just helps me stay connected and reminds me that I am a Divine, multi-dimensional being.

    • I will check those books out. Thank you. And your dream is right on point. This place is coming into balance again. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be once more.

  2. Brilliant. Powerful. Your words struck a chord in me and made me tear up with emotion while smiling. Thank you.

    • It was, really, inspired. I sat down to write about something else, and this is what came out. I had some reservations about putting it up, and actually waited awhile. Thank you for letting me know that following my intuition was what I needed to be doing. I honor the Divine Feminine that you represent. You are most welcome.

  3. Julie Marie– This is a wonderful piece and a very timely one.
    This is an important topic. I hope you will feel the need to write on it again.

    • Anastasia: I am aware of some of the other things you wrote about. Thank you for sharing them with me. I will write about this again if Spirit moves me to do so. I am really not in charge of how exactly this is unfolding. The topic choice at any given time comes through inspiration.

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