What’s Happening Now – April Energy Report

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Readers seem to be interested in these posts, so I am going to share briefly what I am sensing for this month.  Query:  Is there any information available from the Light Realms that you can share with us at this time?

Meditating on Airport Mesa Vortex - Sedona

We give you permission to take a break from the external clearing work you have been doing these past few weeks.  We are not saying that the work is complete, we are simply giving you a break from it.  Allow the physical body to rest from its labors, especially if you have been doing a lot of heavy lifting lately.

We would encourage you to set aside some time for just being in the Silence.  You will need the energy recharging that the body will receive through this process soon enough.  If  you choose not to take some time for this non-active activity, you will be operating at a deficit in the months ahead which could potentially become an impossible hurdle for you to overcome.  Beloveds, we implore you to take this message seriously. 

Nothing happening for once

We understand that there is much to do and apparently so little time in which for you to do it.  The few moments that you would devote to this gift of rest to Self will be well worth it.  We promise.  In the Silence, we can meet with you, we can strengthen you, we can support you. Please allow us to support you on this journey.

As always, it is your decision.  A little time invested now will bring you great returns in the months to come.  Take a moment to breathe in the beauty of the images here.  Allow the Peace, the Serenity that we have encoded into the images to wash over and through you.  That is all we are asking you to do.

Well, I will remark here that this is not what I intended to write about when I sat down here.  But I am getting used to having this experience.  I wrote inspired messages on a typewriter that had three pages of memory.  I was able to turn off the clacking and just type as it came through me, much like I am able to do here.  I got away from that for a couple of decades, but looks like it’s coming back around again.

  I choose to simply allow this to be the message for today.  I will write the other article and post it up here in a couple of days.  Now sit back for a moment.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath into your belly.  Exhale through your mouth.  Repeat that a couple of times.   Take an inventory of your body when you open your eyes.  You should feel energized.  Do as often throughout the day as you get the hit to, and you will be recharging your physical body’s energy stores as requested.

Spirituality is connecting with the Truth of who you are.

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