What’s Happening Now – April Energy Report Part II

What’s Happening in the Heavens This Month

It feels like it’s time to catch your breath for a minute, and the message that came in Part I spoke to that feeling.  Although we are being given a reprieve for the external heavy lifting, it doesn’t mean we are entirely off the hook, however.


The energy of Spring is channeling tremendous amounts of energy to us, and we are being asked to utilize this energy to go within.  The focus for the next five months (from April 10th to September 18th) is all about clearing our internal clutter, and this work is very important because we need to make room for the increasing amounts of Light that is being infused into the energy bodies of this planet between now and the end of the year.

This work  could actually  be a pleasant distraction from the aches and pains of the physical body a lot of us are experiencing these days.  I thought it was just me, because I am so busy now, but when I started talking to some of my students and other people I know that are hard at work doing the work, I discovered that they, too, were experiencing discomfort in the physical body.  It seems to range from headaches to muscle pain, almost like when you’ve overdone it at the gym and the next day you pay for it.

I was talking to my daughter the other evening, and she asked if she’d given me the Mercury Retrogrades for the year yet.  I replied in the negative, so she got her book out.  As she was looking down the list, she happened to ask what other planets I wanted to know about.  What popped into my head immediately was: Pluto.  I figured it was mainly because it’s my ruling planet, but when she told me it actually is going retrograde this month, I knew there was something I needed to pay attention to.

I will repeat that I am not astrologically savvy, so when I try to understand something having to do with the heavens, I will usually ask an astrology oriented person about it. Problem with that is, they usually speak a foreign language filled with aspects, and houses, and where it falls in your chart, and progressed charts and all I wanted to know was what does it mean to the mass consciousness when something like an outer planet (that I did know) such as Pluto goes retrograde.

The information I ended up reading about in some books I have confirmed my feeling that deeply buried stuff could very well be popping up to the surface again to be looked at, and that we would have yet another opportunity to resolve these old wounds, these ancient issues, so that we can fill that space with Light and move onward and upward, towards union with ourSelves.  Finally.

Pluto is all about deep transformation and powerful, hidden forces.  It will be retrograde starting April 10th, so I would say – especially to those with a tremendous amount of courage and the desire to get it done now – start now to ask for all that is keeping you from your spiritual expansion to be brought to your conscious awareness so it can be healed.  Remember that if you ask, you shall receive, so I would encourage you to ask that it be given to you in chunks you can handle.  You do have five whole months to work this, after all.  Pluto does not go direct again until September 18th.

Your shadow side will definitely be showing itself, so welcome this opportunity.  You cannot change what you do not know about, or do not acknowledge.  This is the time that, if you notice something in yourself that you do not like, you will be supported in your efforts to change it.  Old patterns of behavior may also surface. Use this time to clear them out of your energy field so more Light can be held by the physical and auric bodies.

This cycle of new growth almost perfectly matches the turning of the seasons from Spring into Fall.  Spring is the time of planting new seeds, and the Fall is the time of the harvest.  What is it that you will be harvesting come September?  The same bitter herbs? Or perhaps some fragrant, beautiful new flowers?  That is entirely up to you and the choices you make now. And the work you are willing to do over the next five months.

When the slogging gets difficult, just remember there are others slogging through their old ‘stuff’ as well.  The purpose is worth the pursuit.  You will be able to anchor a higher vibration in your physical if you are willing to clear these old energies out.

Look at things from the perspective of your Soul.  What no longer serves Soul’s purpose?  Where are you overly sensitive about things?  This is a good indication there’s work to do there.

You can also help your physical body clear the toxic energies out by incorporating a detox diet into your regime for a while, or even pursuing some of the Eastern disciplines that focus on moving energy such as Tai Chi or yoga.  Dandelion tea, anyone?  Perhaps some psychotherapy may be in order.  It doesn’t matter which path you choose, only that you do choose some method to get more connected to your inner workings.

Shine the light of conscious awareness in there.  Bring some light to the darkness.  And remember, nobody said this was going to be easy.  See you – all shiny and new – in September.

The minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change. ~Marilee Zdenek

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