My Wake Up Call Becomes My New Life

The Teaching Begins

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid's Elements.

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid’s Elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 One of the other things that happened during this period is that I began to perceive information that I thought was just my imagination but when I asked questions, the responses were consistent and not contradictory.  And often the information that came to me was new to my understanding.  I did have some training in framing a line of questioning, so I utilized that skill quite often as those first months passed.  I probably wasted a lot of energy demanding to know and understand everything before I went any further.  It’s a ‘human’ thing, I think.

Our little minds want to be able to find the proper box for the experiences we’re having.  A problem can arise when there’s no box to fit the experience into!  Actually, I believe this is the blessing that tears open the seams of the suit we’ve shoved our infinite consciousness into in order to be able to function at the human level in the mundane world.  (I apologize for the mixed metaphors.)  My awareness was certainly busting out all over the place.

It’s difficult to explain how this early education happened.  I was not blessed with a singular being that showed up and imparted great wisdom and insight to me.  It was a combination of working with the principles I was given by my unseen teachers and  a process of running those seed thoughts through the principles, contemplating them and asking internal questions until I had the ‘Aha!’ moment that meant I grasped the concept or message.

I had to do all the heavy lifting myself.  Once, when I was working towards particular insight, I asked in exasperation why these beings just didn’t tell me what they wanted me to understand.  I offered to take it down verbatim.  I knew shorthand, so they could speak quickly, even.

If I had been able to communicate with them as well as I can now, I would likely have heard a heavy, patient sigh.  “We cannot just tell you the answer.  If we give it all to you, then it is simply knowledge. We would that you would have wisdom, and that comes only with experience.”

I would have to work with the principles and come to my own awareness if I wanted to truly evolve.  I was also told that when I get the “truth bumps”, it is an indication that my body is storing the information.  I have then, literally, embodied the concept, whatever it was.

After over twenty years of working in this way, I can personally attest to the efficacy of this method.  I believe I have traveled quite a way down the path towards enlightenment, and it has been by turning within for the answers to all of the questions I’ve had.  Oh, and being persistent.  And patient.  I may have wanted the answer to something before it was time, but I have always gotten clarity when it was needed.

It’s a pity that I cannot give you some fancy shortcut technique that will provide instant enlightenment.  The bad news here is, it takes some work to walk this path.  The good news is, anyone can do it, even you.

All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do. ~ Benjamin Spock

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