Out of My Comfort Zone

Just When You Think You’ve Got It All Figured Out

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The most powerful thing I have learned in the past couple of months is that I cannot do it all by myself.  Sometimes God asks more of me than I think I am capable of doing, and I get stressed out.  For awhile, at least.  And then I calm down.  For awhile.  And then I get stressed out again.

I have been living a Spirit-guided life for almost two decades now, and was pretty comfortable with the way things seemed to be flowing. Then this year began, and all of a sudden I feel like I am being stretched beyond what I could even imagine were my furthest boundaries.  Surely I would never be asked to go that far.

And then I was asked to take a step that felt like I was back at the very beginning again.  Learning to trust Spirit all over again.  I was asked to take a trip to do some work for Spirit that is related to what is happening on the planet at this time, and is directly related to the In the Company of Angels project at Mount Shasta in September of this year.  (Perhaps someday I will speak about it, but not today.)

I spoke briefly about the hits I was getting about this trip with someone who volunteered to help me make it happen.  Usually when I get these types of intuitions, I have the time to raise the funds to do the task.  That was not to be this time, however.  There was a definite timing element crucial to the larger project at Mount Shasta.  I did not know this the first time I traveled to Mount Shasta, but that visit was the start of an 11 year project that will culminate on the mountain in September of 2012.

I am reminded that I always say that the universe does not waste energy, and that we will know what we need to know when we need to know it, and not one moment before.  Well, this is definitely a good reminder to me of that one.  I didn’t have a clue, and when I did start getting an intimation of what was happening, I frankly freaked out a little bit.

To add to the intensity of this whole process, I reconnected with someone I only see once a year at a location I had not been to in about four years as it’s a pretty good distance for me to have to drive, and I’ve been cutting back on doing so many road trips.  I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to, and have decided that if it doesn’t bring me joy or uplift me, I’m just not going to do it any more.

I had just barely settled into the idea of this trip and what the expenses were going to be and Shelly added another layer to the experience for me.  It’s too long to go into here, but I have been called to work giving messages from the other side, and for about five years, crossed over people have been showing up in the readings I do for clients.  I don’t know the proper way to interact with them, and felt I needed some formal training in mediumship before I got too much farther down that path.

Well, we’re just chatting and catching up, and she mentions some training that is happening in Los Angeles.  I like the person who is doing the training very much, and respect her way of working.  I asked just when this training was happening, as part of our conversation, and Shelly told me.  Well, it just so happens it’s the weekend I am coming back from the other trip, and ‘coincidentally’ Los Angeles is on my way back home.

The woman doesn’t offer this training very often yet, and so it is unusual for it to be over just that weekend.  All I had to do was make a couple of adjustments to my travel plans, and it was a done deal.

The training is a serious financial commitment, and I would be making that commitment from the place of having just agreed to make another trip that was part of my service for Spirit.  I took a deep breath, and hit ‘register now’.

How are these two things tied together?  I cannot tell you.  Yet.  I only have the knowing that they are.

So here I am, the day before I need to travel to another location just as I did before the last time I went to Mount Shasta.  I am still reeling from the intensity of the past weeks, and hope that I will have the opportunity to integrate it all before moving on to whatever comes next.

I am going to focus just on what I need to do next, the very next thing, and I know that it will all be as it has been ordained.  I ask every day to be placed where I need to be when I need to be there.  This time, it’s a bit farther than I am used to having to travel.  If there are any insights that I come away from this experience with that would be of value to the readers of this blog, I promise to share them with you.

Until next time.

The path you take is made by walking it.

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7 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Its amazing how things unfold when you make random choices that you never thought possible yet it feels right for you.
    😉 I enjoy your posts…

  2. Excellent post Julie. Spot on for me today too. Can’t thank you enough for more confirmation from Spirit. 🙂

  3. I stopped believing I have anything figured out! LOL Surrendering to Spirit is quite an adventure. I know everything is working out for our highest good ><3< Blessings, Melynnda*

    • The more I understand, the more I understand I don’t understand. But I agree it is all for our highest good, and for our greater understanding. Blessings to you as well.

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