On Gratitude

To Be Grateful For

New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto o...

New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church; added by those for whom prayer or miracles were granted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is important to remember to express our gratitude when we feel it.  The expression of thankfulness will raise your vibration and expand your heart center, especially if you express the gratitude sincerely from that place.

On March 2, I posted a thank you to those who have read and then returned to read again the words I have carefully crafted and put out into the world.    I am moved again to express my gratitude to all who come here, for the Fibonacci spiral of growth on this blog is explosive, at least to me. When I came to write this morning, I saw that you had come here over 5,000 times.  I bow in grateful acknowledgement to you.

I am humbled that you would take your precious time to visit here.  There is such a diverse smorgasbord of information for you to choose from, a veritable banquet table over-laden with mountains of words, sentences, paragraphs and poems.

I know that you would only choose the nourishing, healthful food for your soul.  It inspires me to continue to strive to enrich your life, and to perhaps from time to time make you reflect on things greater than the mundane world of which we are, at least for now, of necessity a part.  As you continue to raise your vibration by ingesting messages that uplift you, you will raise the vibration of the mass consciousness as well.

Thank you for being a part of my efforts to contribute to the ‘good vibrations’ so needed at this time.  Without your active participation, I would not be inspired to continue to write here.

The beauty of empowering others is that your own power is not diminished in the process. ~ Barbara Colorose

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  1. Misty eyed reading this post. You just caused me to realize something about myself. I AM seeking out healthy food for my soul. Your words are inspiring to me always, Love you so much!

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