A Stab at Interactivity…


I Invite you to Submit Requests

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This one is really stepping out there for me, but I am feeling the push to ask about what you would like to read more about here.  I am not promising that I can answer all  the requests, but I am looking for what would interest you.

I have spent the last months since this project started writing about what I wanted to talk about.  I feel it is time to engage you in my process, hence this invitation.  Please keep in mind the purpose of this blog, for any topic submitted would have to be in alignment with the overall intention and purpose.

I look forward to receiving your input.

Nothing happens unless first we dream. ~ Carl Sandburg

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7 thoughts on “A Stab at Interactivity…

  1. I’m finding that whatever you have written is what I need to read that day. And sometimes when I get the time to read it, is a few days later than when you posted and it may not have fit on that day but it does in this moment, in this time, right here, right now. You are on the right track, Spirit led and I can see your light. Thank you!

  2. Julie, I’d like more on this…..The importance of ones vibration and the impact it has on others….
    Thanks for All you Do!

  3. Can you tell us more about the process of ascension? How can we tell if we are doing all that we need to be doing to reach this goal?

    • KR: I wrote a series of articles here “The Planet Is Ascending and So Are You” which speaks to the ascension process as I understand it. If the information provided there does not answer your questions, please let me know. In addition, I will work on a shorter, bullet point article to post in response to this comment. I will focus on your second question when I write the post. Thank you for your response, you are helping me to improve my blog.

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