I Swam in the Ocean Today

What I Learned

Ocean waves

I have only ever swum in the ocean twice. The first time was two days ago.  The second time was today.  It only took me 50+ years to finally give it a try.  Cross this item off my bucket list.

Is the ocean for me?  No, I don’t think so.  The first place I swam, the water was calmer, but under the surface was a lot of coral.   And guess what can happen if a wave catches you just right?  You can get a little cut up.  Yep, you can.

Today I was at another location, and the water looked so inviting.  It was a beautiful green-blue, with waves crashing against the rocks nearby.  How wonderful, I thought.  So I decided to try this swimming in the ocean thing again.

Boy, did I learn some things about myself and water today.  I am a lake swimmer, a pool swimmer.  I am not an ocean swimmer.  I like my water manageable, perhaps even a little timid.

What does that say about me?  I do surrender myself to Spirit with not even a blink, yet I struggled to surrender myself to the waves today.

I did eventually find a sweet spot where they didn’t pummel me so badly, but I had to be very aware of the rhythm of the waves as they ran in and out.  I could feel the  strength of the outward flow, and it unnerved me a bit, I will admit.

Today I left the water after about 20 minutes of struggle.  I had a much better outcome the other day.  I floated and paddled and only occasionally tasted the intense saltiness of the seawater as it washed over me.

I felt the feeling of exhilaration as I left the water that first time all the way down to my toes.  I had conquered more than just the water with that first swim. I had begun to heal some personal stuff that had been haunting me for some time.

I didn’t do that alone, either. I had the love and support of a distant friend on the other end of the phone telling me I could love myself enough to give myself the gift of the experience of swimming in the ocean.  And so I did.  Thank you, my friend.

That first swim taught me that I did have the  courage to do what I needed to for my own well-being and spiritual growth.  Conquering a fear, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to another, is a very empowering thing.

Today I learned that if you lean in just right when a giant wave is coming at you, you will be able to stay on your feet. So the next time life sends a giant wave at me, I will know to lean into the experience, not try to outswim it.

In both cases, I had a bit of a time getting myself out of the situation I had gotten myself into.  So I learned I need to plan my exit before I get in the water.  And trial and error can teach you a lot about how to find your way out of unfamiliar territory.

I will surrender myself to the water again someday, and perhaps even the ocean.  But it would have to be a quiet bay where the waves are small and the undertow nonexistent.

For now, I choose to watch from the shade on the beach, SPF 85 and hat in place.  I will root for all of you ocean swimmers.  Go catch those big waves!  I’ll take the photographs.

The path you take is made by walking it.

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4 thoughts on “I Swam in the Ocean Today

  1. Oh my! Will definitely have to get you out here and take you to my favorite snorkeling spots. 😉 Someday soon!

    • Hey, I said I swam IN the ocean, not UNDER it…kidding. I believe there is a magical realm below the surface that can transport us to another dimension just by being in it.

  2. Thanks Julie, I needed this message today….”if you lean in just right”. Trying to stay on my feet as I walk my mom thru her chemo journey. Peace~M*

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