What the Hey, I’m in LA!

I’ve written a number of articles about how all we have to do is continue to follow Spirit’s guidance, and that if we are to understand the reason for being asked to do something, then we will be given that understanding in the proper timing.

In March of this year, it became apparent that I needed to make a trip to Hawaii to do some work in preparation for the event that will be held at Mount Shasta in September of this year. http://timelyguidance.com will take you to more information about that event.

I was also drawn to participate in a show I hadn’t been to in a number of years.  It was held in Oklahoma City, and that’s a bit of a drive for me.  I’d worn out one car running all over the countryside to do  Spirit work, and didn’t want to run another one into the ground before it was paid off too.  I met a fellow reader I hadn’t seen in a while, and we started to catch up on things.

She began to talk about a workshop she was going to attend to learn more about mediumship. I have had an increasing number of incidents of people who have crossed over showing up in my readings over the past few years, so when she mentioned this workshop, my antenna went up.

I had tried to bring in someone to teach a class in the town where I live, and actually had a number of students show an interest.  Within in a day or two of her arrival, that number dwindled to almost zero.  I was puzzled, but I do understand that if it’s not supposed to be done that way, things don’t work out.

So a couple of weeks after this happened, I am speaking with my friend, and when I asked her when the workshop was going to be held, she told me the end of April.  She added that this woman doesn’t do a lot of such training, at least not yet.

Was it a coincidence that the workshop was scheduled for the weekend right after I had already arranged to be flying back from the ‘assignment’ in Hawaii?  Maybe.  Did I interpret that coincidence as a sign I was to at least seriously consider this training for myself?  Certainly.

It was too convenient to just change the return flight, add the workshop, and stop in LA for a few days to learn about the mechanics of mediumship on my way back to my home base in Kansas City.

So I rearranged my travel schedule and applied for admission to the course.  I was accepted, and went through the four weeks of online lessons.  I am now in the Los Angeles area for the weekend intensive.  Would I be here if I hadn’t paid attention to what my guides would have me do? No.  Would I be here if I had arranged it all myself, using only my intellect?  Not likely.

If you just take a look at what needed to happen for all of this to come together in just this way, it becomes clear very quickly that this is totally spirit-led. Again.

The Hawaii project was in place and committed to before I even knew about the Mediumship Workshop.  And I hadn’t decided to do Oklahoma City until after those arrangements had been made, either.  What if I hadn’t taken the time (I had the nudge to go sit at her table) to go talk to Shelly?  Would I be here now?  No.

Could I have chosen to pass on the workshop?  Certainly.  But was that the highest choice for me to make on my path of Service?  That is the question that needed to be answered first.  The answer was:  go to the training.  The kicker was the timing of the training itself.

And so here I am.  Experiencing what my Spirit had planned for me.  People ask me all the time:  how do I know what is the right thing for me to do?  My reply always is:  by the results of the choices you make, you will be able to develop an ability to feel how it feels when it is Spirit guided and when it is your little mind playing with you.

So the bottom line is, you have to actually take action in this dimension in order to learn how it feels when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Is there any guaranteed way to know it beforehand?  Not one that I am aware of, but then again I only know about my experience, which is what I am sharing here.

And what the hey, I’m in LA honing a skill I have wanted to develop to help me do better work for my clients for a number of years.  And I am being taught by someone I greatly admire for how they do this work. Lisa Williams is the teacher.  I am very grateful to be here now.

I got here by following my guidance, without a clear idea of the larger picture.  And yes, sometimes it can take me out of my comfort zone, but that is how we learn and grow.

Where will your guidance take you?  Are you willing to follow it?  Only you can make that determination.  I like where I’ve ended up.

The path you take is made by walking it.

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