May Energy Report ~ What’sHappening Now

That Which is Hidden Will be Revealed

Are you feeling like you’ve reached the end of your energetic rope?  Well, tie a knot in it and hang on.

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The full moon this Saturday is going to be the largest super moon of the year.  It is in Scorpio, the sign of that which is hidden.  It is the sign of secrets. A full moon is about revelation.  Combined, these energies will support your efforts to get to the bottom of any of your issues or challenges.

Now is the time to ask for clarity and understanding, and for guidance as to what you can do to shift those energies.  This is a time of great opportunity.  Take advantage of it.

The universe is giving us another chance to shed our skins,  to leave the old coverings behind and emerge renewed from the experience.  One of Scorpio’s symbols is the snake, and if you haven’t yet begun the shedding process, then this is your time to catch up.

As a Scorpio native, I am intimately familiar with the focused intensity of the sign.  I am by nature a black or white, no shades of grey for me, individual most of the time.  It’s all in or fold the hand.  Spirit recently put me in a situation where some of my longest-standing triggers got pulled.  Now I can work on clearing this non-productive energy out of my field.  The test of my success will come the next time I find myself in a similar situation.

I would encourage you to take a deep, cleansing breath, then dive into the stagnant lake of your unacknowledged emotions.  No fear here.  It has all served an important purpose.  Those experiences helped form who you are.  You learned some valuable lessons.  You have grown.

Now it is time to re-organize your internal emotional closets.  Toss out those old clothes that don’t fit any more.  Continue to assess the current state of your relationships.  Decide whether they support and nurture you, or whether there are toxins that need to be neutralized.  Can the environment be cleaned up?  Or does it need to be abandoned? Only you know the answer to those questions.

Your hard work will begin to show results in your life.  There is great benefit to be derived from doing this work.  It is not easy to be honestly introspective.  Sometimes what we find is not pleasant to acknowledge or to address.

It takes great courage to look at the circumstances of your life without the rose-colored glasses of delusion and denial.

The heavens are lending the support we need to do this work.  Accept that help and clear the decks.   This month, there is more support than usual.

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The photograph above compares an ‘average’ moon and the super moon of last year. This coming super moon is going to be an even larger presence in the night heavens.

It will be as if the night is lit almost as brightly as the day, yet illuminated with the gently nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine, not the harsh hot light of the sun. Surrender to the velvety softness of the forgiving Great Mother, the archetype of unconditional acceptance.  Speak to her of your limitations. Tell her what you would change in your life, and ask for her help.

Mother’s Day is this month as well, after all.  The energy of the Great Ones is also present to assist us. The Wesak Festival is in May, and May 5th, the day of this auspicious full moon, is also the final day of the festival.

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Wesak has traditionally been celebrated as the annual return of the Buddha to bless the Earth and her four kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral, human).  The Buddha, the Christ, and other Master and disciples meet in the high Himalayan mountains each year at this time.  The forces of enlightenment are called upon to remove hinderances and expand our awareness.

Not only do we have the energy of this super moon to aid us, but the  Masters themselves are present with us.

If you would like to specially charge some crystals, this coming Saturday night (10:35 PM in the Midwest) would be an excellent time to follow the tradition of placing a bowl of water filled with crystals out in the moonlight.  Those stones will then carry the energy of this blessing within their structure.

This is a rare convergence of some powerful forces that can help illuminate the dark places within us.  All we have to do is ask for the help.  I know what I will be doing the next three days.

What will you do to take advantage of this gift?

The Way is not in the sky.  The Way is in the heart. ~ Buddha

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  1. Thank you for this! It so reflects what I’m experiencing at the moment – good to know I’m vaguely on the right track 😉

    • Join the crowd, Liv. I believe we’re ALL in that ‘vaguely on the right track’ place right now. There is great comfort in knowing you are not going through it alone, which is why I started writing this blog. Thank you for visiting.

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