Acceptance Of, and A Few Words About, the Most Versatile Blogger Award

Does It Validate the Writing Efforts?

According to the dictionary, the word”acceptance” is defined as:

1. the act of taking or receiving something offered;

2. a favorable reception; approval; favor.

This is my acknowledgement of your acceptance of the energy I am devoting to this endeavor.  Would I stop writing if there were no external reward?  No.  The gratification I get from the act of communication, and the capacity to reach out to people all over this beautiful planet is enough to fuel my fingers.

First and foremost, I wish to acknowledge Kristina for her consistent support here.  She actually comes to read and respond to the postings.  I enjoy reading her articles, and I am certain you will as well.  Just pop on over to her piece of the wordpress landscape to see for yourself.

It took me awhile to get it together, I know, but I am going to plead absence from my home base for most of April as my defense.  I now have the time to do this justice (did I mention I went to law school?), so I will.  Also, it gives me material for an article.  I will do my best to include something of value for all who come here to read so that it doesn’t become just a long string of words filling cyberspace.

I must, since I am playing in the game, abide by the rules.  For a complete list of how you too can play, just visit the VBA site.

I have complied with rule number 1.  I have properly (I hope) thanked the lovely person who nominated me.

Rule number 2 states I must now divulge 7 Random things about myself, so here goes:

1. Did I mention I went to law school?

2.  I prefer the bitter overtones of dark chocolate to the mucus-producing blandness of milk chocolate.

3.  I enjoy working with words.  Blogging is quickly becoming my favorite pastime.

4.  I no longer consider myself a Spring chicken, or even a Summer chicken.  I’m more of a Fall chicken; flaming, fiery, and with leaves starting to drop.  But still beautiful, and much sturdier than when I was a Spring chicken.  Amazing how the skin can thicken, most of the time, anyway.

5.  I abhor insincerity.

6. I adore my friends.  They are the treasures that truly enrich my life.

7.  I still love to sing, and do so with gusto from time to time, mostly in my car or the shower.

Rule 3 stated I need to now nominate 15 fellow bloggers for this very same award.  Let me just say this:  after sincere searching for people who haven’t already received this acknowledgement, I went for the people whose words I resonate with.

So here they are, in no particular order, my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award: – If you want authenticity and courage, visit here.  You need to be inspired?  No doubt you will find inspiration as well. – Uplifting without being preachy.  You can learn a lot here. – Wonderful energy.  Great information here.  Empower yourself.  You’ll relax just gazing at the banner photo on the home page.  Peace. – A new kid on the block.  Well, newer than me, anyway. Impressed with the point of view, and want to support her work. – So soothing.  Just made me want to go meditate! – Encouragement. Educational. Eclectic.  You are certain to find something that will capture your interest here. – Deep, substantive, contemplative.  Also because his favorite pattern is the Fibonacci sequence! – Definitely a mystic with an edge.  Lovely.  Powerful messages. – Exquisitely elegant writing.  Inspired channeling. (That just may be redundant.) – Because she’s a Seattle girl, and because the writings stimulate thought. – Channeled material.  Uplifting and lively in places. Go explore.

That concludes my list, and if you are counting, you will see there are only 11 nominees listed.  That’s because some of the others I would have listed have just gotten this very same award within the last couple of weeks, and it does take some time to prepare the, er, acceptance post.

One last task:  I must now tell all these lovely people they have been nominated.

So what is the take-away for the person who takes their precious time to read my words?

Appreciation for another, or their work, when sincerely expressed, can be a powerful gift.  Find someone in your world that you appreciate.  Either for who they are or how they are, or even what they do.  If possible, make it someone who usually isn’t often given a compliment.  Then find something about them that you can sincerely remark upon.  Then tell them that.

It is a human yearning to be appreciated, and it doesn’t take much effort to be the one doing the appreciating.  That is, unless it’s figuring out who you are going to nominate for the Most Versatile Blogger Award.

You like me, you really like me. ~Sally Field

All original material posted to this site is copyright 2012, Julie Marie.


4 thoughts on “Acceptance Of, and A Few Words About, the Most Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hi Julie,
    Thank you so much for bestowing my blog with this award. It is an honor. Thank you also for the affirmation. I am pleased to hear that my writing stimulates thought. For me, a lot of thought and reflection and deep exploration goes into each post.
    Thank you again ~ My Inner Mystic

    • It shows. You are crafting your thoughts, carefully considered, not simply borrowing another’s words. I appreciate that, hence the acknowledgement. Write On!

  2. Hi Julie Marie,
    Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m really happy that people are finding my blog of value. I shall visit the VBA site and follow the directions over the weekend. Congratulations on your award, too.
    ~ Paul

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