The Universe Does Not Waste Energy

You Will Know What You Need to Know, WHEN You Need to Know It, And Not a Moment Sooner

I say this all the time, and thought I had  good grasp of the meaning, but recently I was

Icon of Angel in Veljusa Monastery, Macedonia

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astounded as to just how true this statement is.  We recently presented our second webinar for the In The Company of Angels event that Randy Monk and I are hosting on Mount Shasta September 21st-23rd, 2012. It was actually during that webinar that I had an epiphany about my role in this Mount Shasta project, and how long I’ve actually been working towards this weekend.

As this whole thing began to unfold in December of 2011, I felt that it was a large-scale assignment that could not be completed by a single person (me).  Randy had opened the door to us working together, and I accepted the invitation.  As we began to feel our way through the initial preparations (selecting a place and time for this gathering), I started to see a pattern emerging.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mount Shasta was chosen as the place for the gathering, and when we looked at the calendar, I had the sense that September was the right time for it.  So we firmed up those plans, and afterwards, I realized that I had visited Mt Shasta in September eleven  years ago.  And the chill bumps of awareness rippled over my skin.

In April of 2001, I was drawn to Hawaii, but didn’t know why. The aina, the Spirit of the Land there, was calling to me.  I spent three weeks there following guidance and then returned to the Black Hills of South Dakota where I was living at the time.

View of the Black Hills in South Dakota, USA. ...

View of the Black Hills in South Dakota, USA.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was the morning of  the events of that fateful September day that scarred the consciousness of the world that I made my way by rental car from Tacoma to Mount Shasta.  I had known for almost nine months that I was going to be asked to do something of import on the mountain at that conference.

I went  and did what I was asked to do, and thought that was the end of it.

Now, eleven years later, Mount Shasta is calling again.  And a trip to Hawaii was required as well.  I had no conscious understanding of why, I just knew I needed to travel there again, following the pattern from the time before.

Spirit provided the means for me to get this mission done, and I want to gratefully acknowledge that blessing.  I could not have gotten this part of the project done without your assistance. Heaven thanks you as well.

I followed guidance and got a clear sign from Spirit that I had done what had been asked of me there in Hawaii.  Until this point, I only knew for certain that there was an important link between Hawaii and Mount Shasta, and that whatever I did in Hawaii had an important connection with this  In the Company of Angels project at Mount Shasta.

During the second webinar, Randy had chosen to speak about the topic of Telos, the city said to be within the mountain. As I began to share about what I had done in Hawaii, I made the comment that I did not know exactly what the connection between Mount Shasta and Hawaii was, but I was certain there was one, and that it was important.

My co-presenter said I would probably understand what that link was when he did the presentation on Telos.  As he began to speak, I was again covered with goose bumps as the proverbial light bulb came on.

Česky: Satelitní pohled na Havajské ostrovy En...

Satellite view of Hawaii archipellago (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hawaii is said to be the remnants of Lemuria, and the people of Telos came from there many millennia ago.  I feel they have been in the mountain, holding the frequencies, until the time would come – and that time would be now – when the people of Earth would once again be ready to hold those frequencies for themselves.

When Randy spoke about the hierarchy of Telos, he said the name of the King there is Ra.  I got goose bumps again, because the Teacher who showed up in my living room when I was awakened 20 years ago was named Ra.  Ra and six other very tall beings taught me all I needed to know to work towards my own enlightenment if I chose to do the work. Those teachings changed the way I lived my life from that time to this.

I did a drawing of Ra in 1990, and that drawing was in a sketch book until just a few weeks ago when I came across it, and was moved to take it out of the book and frame it so he could be hung up in the classroom where I now teach Intuitive Development classes. So was all of this just coincidence? Maybe.  Maybe not.

I understood in that moment that this wasn’t just an 11-year-long project.  This project has been over 20 years in the making.  As the days have passed since this massive shift in my understanding, some things have happened that I am not yet ready to share, but I will say that the dawning awareness is taking a little to get used to.

It has also precipitated a massive download of information that likely will change the very trajectory of the project itself, but I haven’t (quite) yet come to that bridge, so I don’t have to cross it right now.

The moral of this particular story is this:  You WILL know what you need to know, WHEN you need to know it, and not one moment sooner.  What would I have done differently if I knew even 11 years ago what I understand now?  I most likely, in my human-ness and with all the best of intentions, would have made a bit of a mess of things.

I also would have been given a burden that I am pretty certain I was not yet equipped, in my spiritual development, to carry.  As I stated earlier, the Universe is a supremely efficient Creation, and to expend energy to correct something that can be avoided is not very efficient.  I am content to continue to allow things to  trigger my memories at the exact time that I need to recall them.

I know that this is the way it works for all of us.  Sometimes we may get a little impatient with things, and may want to know it all right now because we think that makes us a better servant.  I now understand at an experiential level that is not true.

I am the best servant of the Light when I focus and follow the guidance with confidence, and faith that it will be made clear to me when I need for it to be so.

Ask to be given understanding at the proper time.  It will come.

Move, and the way will open. ~ A Zen Proverb

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4 thoughts on “The Universe Does Not Waste Energy

  1. I read you article and it resonates with me so much. In Oct. 2011 I had a reading with you in Omaha, NE. I had gone to Mystic Fest because of all things, I was feeling overwhelmingly drawn to Mount Shasta- a place I had never been to before, and really not even heard of. I said to myself, I’m not going to bring it up, I will just see if it comes up in a reading etc. When I sat with you, sure enough, up it came… I was blown away… and I did indeed go to Mount Shasta on 11-11-11, and it was amazing. Then a couple months ago, for some reason, you popped into my head, and I googled your name and ended up on your blog… within a week of following the blog, your announcement for “In the Company of Angels” came out and I knew without a doubt, that is why your name had popped back in my head not so randomly. I am signed up and ready to go, feeling like I am following spirit, but not exactly sure why… and now just knowing I will know what I need to know when the time is right! 🙂

    • JoLynn: You have just given a perfect example of Living by Intuition and Inspiration. There is synchoronicity, guidance, and the willingness to follow the guidance even when you’re “not exactly sure why”. Welcome to my world. Mount Shasta is calling a small group there to do some specific work on behalf of humanity and the planet. That is what I know. This isn’t a standard ‘workshop’. What exactly will happen when we gather in the presence of the angels and the Ascended Masters only they know. I do feel certain that there are great gifts awaiting those who make this pilgrimage. Thank you so much for sharing this. I begin my day uplifted.

  2. Julie Marie, you touched my heart and brought chills to this body of mine. I am always wondering what I’m getting ready to do and I don’t know of yet, but your story helps me not get down about my lack of knowing. 20 years is a long time coming, but you made it! and you are like the EverReady Bunny, you just keep going and going. Proud to be a friend of yours and thank your sweet heart (because it’s a good one) for guiding Larry and I. Our Love and Blessings

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