My First Urban Exploration

It felt really good to lace up my sneakers and venture out this morning.  I was getting set to write, and just had the irresistible urge to go for a walk.  I haven’t been since I got back from Hawaii.  Perhaps it’s because those early morning walks on the beach are so hard to beat. Or so I thought.

Sunrise in Kona, Hawaii

Sunrise in Kona, Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had this idea for a few weeks in my head, anyway, which required the taking of pictures.  You’ll see the results here in a few days.  I will give credit to all the photo bloggers for planting the seed that led to the inspiration for this project.

Now, back to the subject of this article.  Yes, I know, another writer’s faux pas:  lack of focus on the reason for the piece. Oh, well, it’s my blog, and I’ll write it how I want to, write how I want to.  (Oh, Lord, now there’s music playing in the background of my mind).

Tejas Nair Photography Sneakers

Tejas Nair Photography Sneakers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I’ve laced up my sneakers and have my trusty cell phone camera in hand.  I know, blasphemy, but what’s a camera-deficient girl to do?  The inspiration has struck, and I’m short the proper tools to execute the vision.  When you don’t have what you need to do the job, you make do.  So I did.

I will confess to having lived in this neighborhood for almost a year, yet I haven’t ventured out on foot much.  Some streets are pretty  high traffic, and the drivers always seem to be in a particular hurry. So it’s necessary to keep a pretty sharp eye out, because they must be getting points for pedestrians. (At least nobody honked at me).

It will take some time for me to plot out a route that gets my heart pumping, works my legs a bit, and keeps me off the main roads, but my brief experience this morning makes me think it will be worth the effort.

I will admit to being a “the country is the place to be for peace and quiet” person, but I now understand that is a rather limiting thought pattern for me to have.  There are people near my location that spend quite a bit of time and effort creating oases of tranquility and beauty for themselves, and for the people who may happen by.

Thank you to all those urban gardeners who toil and tend their part of the world with such tenderness and thoughtfulness.  I have a renewed appreciation for your work.  And nature can rise up anywhere and change the energy of a place by her very presence.

I was also rather astounded at the proliferation of wildlife to be found around here.  I don’t know why I thought there would only be mostly birds and homeowner’s dogs barking at me.  Oh. ANOTHER limiting thought form for me to acknowledge.  I get it.  Lessons even with an ordinary activity, if I’m paying attention, anyway.

Amazing how just a little activity bring the body back to life.  By the time I was done, or maybe just a little done in, I was aware of the energy surging back up in my body.  I was schwitzing (a nice Jewish expression for what I was doing: sweating) which is detoxifying for the body, I’m told.

I am going to repeat tomorrow.  I have been unable to put any pressure on my left hip-joint for almost nine months now, and was getting frustrated because I didn’t think I could “work out”.  So now I’ll just walk out, and that will be good enough, I suspect.

The deep breathing brings more oxygen to my brain, which can really use every bit of help it can get these days. The gentle exercise gets the blood flowing and wakes me up.  And just being able to move makes me feel more alive.

My unseen Teachers often remind me that I need to balance all aspects of my life:  Body, Mind and Spirit.  Over the decades, I have noticed that when they are in (relative) balance, things flow more smoothly.  And when I let one of those areas slide, I notice things getting out of balance in my life.

I am renewing (it is Spring still, after all) my commitment to move the body on a regular basis – and the regular basis will be more often than just once every few weeks.

The path you take is made by walking it. ~ Anonymous

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  1. Walking out in nature is all we need somtimes when we are healing.. And it reaches ALL Parts of Mind Body and Spirit.. a lovely read here JM.. thank you for sharing.. ~Sue

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