As Promised. As Always.


Two rainbows. Uenuku is a god of the rainbow.

Two rainbows. Uenuku is a god of the rainbow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the many “jobs” I have dutifully done for Spirit over the years was to travel extensively, mostly by car, all over the central portion of the United States to do clearing work.

This would frequently entail doing ceremony and prayers at the different places I was led, and often at the end of journey, I could see a geometric shape I’d made based upon the different stops I’d made.  These spiritual road trips were difficult, and usually solitary.

I did this kind of work for much of my 30’s and into my 40’s.  It involved long hikes and strange motel rooms in out-of-the-way places most of the time.  I got to see some wonderful parts of this great land, however, and if blogging had been around then, and I had known about it, I probably would have shared my travels.

The medicine wheel in Wyoming is such a place.  I was guided there on the Solstice in June

Medicine Wheel, a Native American sacred site ...

Medicine Wheel, a Native American sacred site and National Historic Landmark in Wyoming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one year, not realizing that was a day when many Native people gather there to greet the sun.  There was still snow on the mountain, so the hike this day was a bit on the chilly side.  I didn’t take pictures back then, so I have had to ‘borrow’ some.  The power of this place was remarkable, and where I ‘accidentally’ was led to place my self (outside the fence, of course, because I am not Native-skinned this lifetime) lined me up directly with where the sun rose that glorious morning.  I left the gifts there I had been guided to carry up the trail, and felt it was another job well done as I quietly made my way back down the mountain.  The gift from Spirit that day that was the sign I was following as needed and was where I was supposed to be was the ‘coincidental’ opportunity to participate in the ceremony that day.  (Timing was everything on this one. A little later up the mountain, and I would have missed it.  I wondered why, as I trudged up the mountain in the pre-dawn darkness that morning, there were so many others doing the same thing!  Spirit had pushed me out of bed at an unusually early time that day, and I got up instead of rolling over to get more sleep.)

United States National Park Service photo of t...

United States National Park Service photo of the Grand Tetons, in Wyoming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another such ‘assignment’ came out of nowhere.  I had no advanced notice of this trip, only the clear guidance to get in my car and head for (again) Wyoming, despite the approaching blizzard. I did so, and obviously it was what needed to happen.  I was not affected by the weather much at all, until just before I got to where I was going to spend the night.  The last hour of the drive from Montana to Jackson Hole was a little white-knuckle-y.

But I did arrive safely, and managed to complete my assignment (which turned out to be the building of a Star of David formation that was miles big and straddled the Grand Tetons) with the help of a local who knew how to drive in the snow better than I.  Thank you, Mori, even though it’s unlikely you will ever find your way here. I am still grateful to you for your assistance that day. I know it was hard on your body. You fell asleep before dinner that evening.

One of my gifts from this trip was the blessing of having the weather co-operate, although Mori did remark that it was unusual  for the storm to split itself and literally go North and South of where I was driving.  When he said it, it sort of lit up for me, which means it was a message from Spirit to let me know I was being assisted.

The other gift I received for having done good work for Spirit then was a

Tetons 2004

Tetons 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

connection with the energy of Saint Germain.  I was driving down a road north of Jackson Hole, and heard very clearly that I was to look to my right. I did, and saw a violet/purple glow emanating from a clearing off the road in the direction I had been asked to look. I felt a surge of energy come through me as well, and felt as if this was my ‘thank you’ from the Light World.

One of other common signs I would receive was a rainbow in the sky.  There is a whole story behind why, but that is for another day.  I recently spent some time on Oahu doing this type of work again.  It has been years since I have been asked to do this kind of mission, so I was a little surprised. I have since come to understand why I needed to do the trip. It’s connected to the almost year-long project In the Company of Angels that will be at Mount Shasta in September of this year.

I worked hard while I was there, and wondered as I prepared to leave the island whether I had done all that needed to be done.  As I sat in the airport waiting to go to the gate for departure, I noticed people standing up and pointing their cameras.  Of course, since it had gotten my attention, I wanted to know what they were ‘shooting’.  I looked up, and there in the sky coming down out of the clouds was a band of rainbow light.  I made my way up a floor to try and get a better picture with my trusty phone/camera (yes, I know) and that is when I noticed the faintest of echos of color next to the first one.

It was a double rainbow, and that is how I know it was a message for me. For many years, I had a website, and it was called The Double Rainbow.  Hawaii is known for its rainbows, you say.  Yes, I know, I reply.  But I had not seen a single one the entire time I was there.  Until, as I was ready to leave, as I was wondering to myself  if I had done enough.

And the response was clear, and in a form I would be certain to understand.  Yes, you good and faithful servant.  You have done enough.

The phone camera picture did not show the rainbows clearly enough to use here, so just use your imagination…

The things that make me different are the things that make me me. ~A.A. Milne

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4 thoughts on “As Promised. As Always.

  1. While I have not been able to identify a specific sign, the Spirit has guided me away from danger and toward life-long relationships and other spiritual opportunities many times.

    • When we are listening, the conversation with Spirit can be quite lively. I appreciate your sharing of your interactions with Spirit. I usually only have the rainbow ‘response’ when I have done what has been asked of me in regards to the particular task as described in the article. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Magnificent! It was truly a powerful sign to you. I have a strong feeling you need to explore this sign further.

    • The rainbow has had significance for me since the beginning months of my spiritual journey. I feel I have a deep connection to it, and thus understood the special meaning of seeing it in sky right outside the window of the airport where I could look up and see it. I was reading a book at the time, and wasn’t paying attention. It took a glance up when I reached for a drink of water and the sight of the people outside aiming their cameras in the same direction. I wanted to see what they were photographing. It was a pair of rainbows. I stood and looked at them until they disappeared (the sun was setting), but didn’t have a camera that captured them well enough to use the actual photo on the blog.

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