Spring Green – Fashion, Mother Nature Style

The Greens are Greener This Spring

Green leaves

Spring green Project(c) 2012.

As I have been out walking, I have noted that the green of this Spring season is more vibrant than in the past.

Trees and other garden greenery.

Shades of Green, Mother Nature Style

It is as if the Mother herself is letting us know she is climbing up out of the darkness.  She is radiating so much more life force these days, despite all that is going on with her, and that is a good and hopeful sign.  I have noticed it especially in the early morning sky above the trees.

Tree lined street.

The trees themselves are radiating light.

There is a beautiful white aura that seems to be in the photographs as well.  I can see the trees emanating streams of light right out the ends of their branches, and I don’t have to soften my gaze to see it.

Could just be my imagination, but I don’t think so.

Ride the waves of energy we are being sent at this time.  The Earth is pulsing with life force to help stabilize us.  When you are feeling out of balance, take a moment to ground yourself and breathe deeply of the life force that is so thick around you that you can actually see it, if you will take the time to look.

English: The Milky Way galaxy in direction of ...

English: The Milky Way galaxy in direction of Perseus constellation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The waves of energy are also coming from the heavens to call us to our greater purpose.  How can we not succeed?  We are supported by the hosts of Heaven, and by this magnificent planet.

It is an exceptionally green Spring this year.  I was just curious if anyone else had noticed this.

If you have, I would like to hear from you.

Give Light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~ Erasmus

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6 thoughts on “Spring Green – Fashion, Mother Nature Style

  1. I agree, this year seems so green but the wildlife patterns are strange. I live in a part of Niagara that is not rural but not really urban, either. Usually the blue jays are very friendly and asking for hand-outs but this year the usually aloof grackles are quite social. There have been many fewer raccoons and skunks going through my backyard and I haven’t seen a single rabbit or groundhog yet this year.

    • Probably because all the rabbits are vacationing in MY neck of the woods! They are everywhere. And it’s the cardinals that are particularly vocal around here.

  2. I too have noticed how green everything is this year and have been mentioning it to everyone. This spring seems so vibrant. I am also seeing rays of light constantly. I thought that perhaps this year I was simply more aware of things than in prior years. We live in an amazingly beautiful world.

    • I appreciate your input as well. I have the sense that our increased awareness of such things could be the result of the increase in the planet’s vibration, which – through the principle of sympathetic resonance – would naturally allow for an increase in our personal vibration. Depending on where we are on our path, that up-leveling could open our awareness more. And yes, I agree with you. We do live in an amazingly beautiful world.

  3. It’s not your imagination Julie. I have noticed the same phenomena at the tops of the trees and the streams of light. I just mentioned it to Anastasia as we were driving today. I have been seeing it for quite a while as you have. So far, it has also been an unusually vibrant Spring. The Morning Glories are blooming early too.

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