A Melchizedek Message

What Would You Have Me Say Today?

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Photo of keyboard and pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such a simple question.  I was surprised at what came in response.  I have been experiencing more and more episodes of what some would call automatic writing of late, but I shall call it spiritual transcription.  I have been told by my guides I am a translator for the language of Light, and indeed when I was younger, in my teens, I aspired to be a translator.  Translation, good translation, is an art form.  Yes, the skill to speak another language is learned, but the nuances of any language is often gained only through understanding and experiencing  the culture as well.

I learned Japanese at the same time I learned English. I was raised in Germany, and spoke German so fluently, I had an accent.  I took French and Russian in High School, and learned to speak Spanish (and a little Punjabi) while working in the fields of California, so ‘foreign’ languages have come naturally to me.

When all this spiritual path stuff started, I did a lot of ‘spontaneous’ typing on a (what now would be perceived as primitive) word processor that had three pages’ worth of memory.  It seemed to be a curiosity to me, and I didn’t really think much of it.  Maybe that’s why it quit, and I moved on to other spiritual path experiences.  Now that I am writing more, however, the ‘other’ type of writing has started again.

Melchizedek and Abraham. Painted Limoges ename...

Melchizedek and Abraham. Painted Limoges enamel plaque, 1560-1570. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following message is attributed to Melchizedek.  Is it the Melchizedek?  I choose not to make that call.  I will share that when I was taken on a meditative journey to meet one of my guides, when we arrived at the meeting place, and I saw his face, he was Ancient.  And wise.  And when I asked his name, he replied “Melchizedek”.(He then proceeded to tell me he was one of a race of Melchizedeks, so there’s more than one, I would conclude from that conversation.)

Spiritual discipline is perhaps the most misunderstood of concepts.  It is not for you to set yourself apart from or above others through your various practices.  Beloved Beings, it is in the interest of your attaining clarity and direction that we send as many and varied techniques and technologies as we can possibly create in order that there would be no excuse for an inability to raise your vibrations to the place where you, each of you, is able to ground in the Light we send to you in ever-increasing quantities.

You learn a ‘new’ technique. You are excited, and for some period of time (which seems to vary from individual to individual) you are enthusiastic and dedicated to your new-found process.

Then you come across something else that someone has brought through.  It is the latest and the greatest, and you abandon your discipline, your practice, in favor of this ‘new’ technique.   Have you, even for a moment, stopped to consider whether it is in your best interest to do this?  Sadly, the reply is, almost universally, no.

Off you go on another grand adventure.  Dear Ones, we would ask that you calm yourselves, focus yourselves, and take a moment to determine what is best for you on your Path of growth and enlightenment.

We assure you, the way may indeed be narrow, but it is also short and direct. Complexity is not necessarily a sign that the wisdom is present somewhere there underneath or in between the intricate maze of overlays and concepts that oftentimes seem to overwhelm your minds.

What do I need to do to enhance my growth, my development?  This is the most relevant question to seek the answer to.  This answer will vary from person to person, remember.  What is helping your friend may only hinder you.

Trust where you are on your journey.  Know that when it is time for you to move on, it simply means you have completed the current cycle of learning and are thus ready for the next.  And there is always a ‘next’.

Do not worry that if you are unable to attend this seminar or that workshop that you will be left behind by your fellows.  As long as you carry in your heart and mind the sincere desire to continue to move forward on your path, then you will be supported by all the angels in Heaven shall bring to you all that you need.

Relax. If you understand that each of you has your own specific role to play in the unfolding of this Divine Plan, then it should worry you not that your neighbor is busy learning a powerful new healing technique.  What is for them is for them, and what is for you is for you.  Be open to receiving all the assistance we would provide you, and understand that the more open you allow yourself to be, the more quickly the energies will reconfigure themselves to bring you into a more precise alignment with your destiny.

Do not berate yourself about your past ‘mistakes’, for they are simply experiences.  Be not afraid to ask: What is (or was) the lesson here? Discernment, perhaps? Or to trust in your own guidance, or free will, or worthiness, or any of a number of other potential opportunities to learn and grow.

The sense you have that time is short, that you must do something NOW, is a very real thing.  It is a prompting from your Inner Spirit to get on with it, to march in time with your highest Knower and move more precisely to your Destiny.

It is really so simple.  Focus yourselves on the proper goal:  your own unique spiritual Pathway to Enlightenment, and the way WILL be made clear to you.  We have promised this to you.

Ask.  You shall receive.  And so it is.

You are loved beyond measure. ~ Melchizedek

And that is what I am to say today.  In a way, it comforts me, as well.  I sometimes get a diffuse, unsettled or restless feeling, almost as if there is something I need to be doing, or not doing.  May the wisdom of the message help me discern what Spirit would have from me. May it bring some of you peace.  Just keep doing your best.  That’s all any of us can do, after all.

Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. ~ Buddha

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13 thoughts on “A Melchizedek Message

    • Well, Rachel, thank you for this comment. I went over to look again at the message, and found some editing that needed to be done. Nothing that changed the message itself, just a couple of typos I missed, and part of the message was not in italics, who knows why. Share with whomever you feel would be uplifted or encouraged by Melchizedek’s words. That is why he sent the message. Thank you again for stopping by.

  1. I’ve been getting messages coming through like this too. I always feel so inspired and uplifted afterwards. Thank you for sharing this. Maybe I’ll start to share mine, I don’t think they’re meant only for me :).

    • Hah! Took me 22 years to get that one! Now that I am willing to spill the beans, so to speak, the messages are coming out with increasing frequency, and they have a lot more juice (energy) coming from them as well. I have actually given myself a new job title: Translator of the Language of Light. (Sounds so much better than ‘channel’, and is actually more descriptive.) I have been giving individual messages to people for two decades now (I do a lot of “readings”, but they are actually messages from the person’s guides, guardians, and angels). When I am transcribing the messages that appear here, I hear the words. I type the words. Then when the stream stops, I read the words. I can tell they are not “mine” per se, because I usually get goose bumps as I read. They just feel different, somehow, too. Said all that to say this: It is time for all of us to share what we are holding. When given from your heart-space with intention to be of Service in whatever way possible, it can only be contributing to the greater good. Those who read the words have the power to discern whether it resonates with them, or not. So be it. I encourage you to share, girl, share. (PS: if 79=birth year, you’re about the same age as my daughter is now, and about the same age, ‘coincidentally’ I was when I was first awakened, and the messages started coming to me.) I have only, in the past 7 months,started sharing what I have come to understand. I would encourage you not to wait as long as I did. The world needs all of us to do our part the best way we know how. Well, that went on for awhile, didn’t it? Will pop by your place soon. Promise. Have to get ready for a show (more readings to do) this weekend, so there’s a time limit for sure on the blog activity today.

      • 79 is my birth year:). Does your daughter get messages too?

        It was only a few years ago that I started to really get into all this spiritual development. I love it now and can’t get enough. Things seem to go really slowly though for me compared to others in our group, many of whom are mediums and clairvoyant. This is where Melchizedek’s message was really relevant and reassuring for me. I tend to feel things a lot, but I am starting to hear more. I’ve only really started to acknowledge my spirit guides. I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead! It’s quite exciting!

        Thanks for the tips about sharing the messages and its great to “meet’ someone who understands the whole spirituality-thing, I’m not open with everyone about it yet, I guess that’ll come in time 🙂

      • Yes, Rachel, she does. She actually travels from the coast to the midwest to read next to me (in her own space, of course) at some of the events I participate in. As for your development, just remember that we’re all unique individuals, and that the path we each take on our journey to awakening is also unique. And we are all also differently gifted, too. How I respond to Spirit and how my daughter responds to Spirit is very different. And yet we both end up at the same place: in Service to others in our own unique ways.
        Thank you for sharing that message with your group.

      • Beautiful birds, with broken wings…that is the human condition in all its forms. All God asks of us is to be the best “me” we can be, and you are doing it.

  2. Hi Julie, I can’t tell you how much this post means to me. I attended the Advanced Mediumship class in April. It was such a great class. I met so many wonderful people, had amazing readings, and left inspired to continue to my work here at home. I was ready to take on the world! But..since I’ve been home, I’ve not had opportunities to give any readings, nor have I had anyone just to talk with about metaphysics in general. I had actually become a bit depressed and quite angry at my guides for directing me to Lisa’s workshop then just dumping me back into the muggle world that seems to be my fate. Anyway….I am not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Awesome. Always learning from your work. Thank You for who you are.

  4. Thank you for a timely and poignant reminder from a beloved energy – bless you for being the instrument dear Sister in Service and may our paths cross again (physically) very soon!

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