On Horse Races and Light Work

I’ll Have Another

Animated sequence of a race horse galloping. P...

Animated sequence of a race horse galloping. Photos taken by Eadweard Muybridge (died 1904), first published in 1887 at Philadelphia (Animal Locomotion). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I for one, hope you DO have another, you brave little horse.  Just one more for the history books.  Horse racing?  She’s writing about horse racing? No, I am writing about inspiration.  Stay with me, now.  Don’t click that mouse just yet.  I’ll explain.

Spirit has often said to me that there is great symbolic significance in the actions we take and the events that happen in this plane.  The higher dimensions can use the energy generated by these actions and events to help move this project called “Ascension” forward.  But how does a horse race have anything to do with that?

Millions of people will be watching on Saturday, June 9, 2012, and that is a huge chunk of consciousness to work with.  That attention could be just what is needed to tip the scales in this brave horse’s favor come Saturday afternoon.

So you can have a frame of reference, here’s a rundown of the players for you:

The man who bred I’ll Have Another was Harvey Clarke (71).  He sold the colt for $11,000. and had the opportunity to buy him back a year later, but passed.  Although he doesn’t have a stake in the horse any more, he will be there watching June 9th.

Ivan Puhich, 85, is the jockey’s agent that brought Mario Gutierrez and this wondrous horse together.

Mario Gutierrez was homesick for the familiarity of the Canadian track where he was more well-known when Ivan started working with him.  Ivan saw something in him that cannot be articulated, but you know it when you see it, and Ivan’s been at this since 1944.

Ivan called in a few favors to get Mario some horses.  Trainer Doug O’Neill had a horse named I’ll Have Another that none of the big name California jockeys wanted to bother riding.  He decided to give Mario a go.

Mario has ridden I’ll Have Another four times.  They have won together four times.  (In fact, the Kentucky Derby was Mario’s first ride in the big leagues.)

And the horse?  I’ll Have Another was a little known horse nobody was paying much attention to when he won the Kentucky Derby running away from the rest of the field on a beautiful May afternoon just a few weeks ago.  He wasn’t supposed to win the Preakness, either, but he did.  And now he  just has the Belmont standing between him and  membership in a very elite club:  Triple Crown winners.

Sir Barton and jockey Johnny Loftus, 1919 Prea...

Sir Barton and jockey Johnny Loftus, 1919 Preakness Stakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only 11 horses, starting with Sir Barton in 1919, have won the Triple Crown. The others were:  Gallant Fox(1930), Omaha(1935), War Admiral(1937), Whirlaway(1941), Count Fleet(1943), Assault (1946), Citation (1948), Secretariat(1973), Seattle Slew(1977) and Affirmed(1978).  Will there finally be another, a twelfth, this June 9th?

Since 1978, 18 horses have taken two of the three races, but were unable to capture the ultimate prize.  This Saturday, I’ll Have Another will be making his run at the crown.

I have observed that the human kingdom is not the only consciousness working for the Light to bring this planet forward.  The animals, particularly those that are so closely allied with humans (cats, dogs and horses) are also playing an important part in this process.

I am humbled by the number of animal spirits (cat and dog in particular, but horse as well) that agree to suffer neglect and maltreatment at the hands of humanity in an effort to awaken the vibration of compassion in the hearts of mankind.  When a human is finally moved to that place by the plight of a being unable to help itself, then that human’s heart is broken wide open, and healing can begin.

For lack of a better way to express this, I also believe certain of these beings have volunteered to partner with human consciousness to lift the vibration here.  These wonderful members of the Light Force have been working tirelessly with great focus of intention towards that end.

I almost can feel that Mario and this horse have a contract with destiny to complete this mission on behalf of all of us.  We can help.  I know I am out on the skinny branches with this, and perhaps I am not articulating it properly, but I would ask you to just feel your way into the energy of the words to find the truth of what I am saying.

There will be a lot of attention and anticipation concentrated on this race come Saturday morning.  All the energies and thoughts that are focused on this race is a tremendous opportunity to raise the frequency of the planet.  The more people participating in a positive, hopeful, helpful way in this event, the more we can expand the energy of Joy and Celebration that will be released when I’ll Have Another has another win.

This horse was born to beat the odds, to triumph in the face of doubt and disbelief.  He’s a fighter with a huge heart and a very determined spirit.  I swear I can see it in his eyes. He knows what he has come to do, and will do his best to get the job done.  I could be over the edge with all of this, but what harm is there in asking you to spend a few minutes rooting for a horse to win?  And celebrating with every fiber of your being when he does?

The massive amount of positive energy that will be released can be used to help complete the template for our collective higher experience.  There are beings waiting on the other side of the veil to put this energy to good use.

In conclusion, I also want to point out that the eight year Venus Transit which was all about raising the vibration on the planet, just completed today (June 5th).  I have a sense that the outcome of this race will tell a lot about where we are collectively on our journey towards Home.

I want to thank my friend Shirley for helping me with this post.  We have been having this conversation about the horses and what it means for about four years or so.  I wasn’t going to put this out here, but when we’ve been talking about it lately, I can feel something in her energy field, I can sense there is something important about this, even though I have not got even the remotest clue what that is.  So, thanks, Shirley.  I know I will still have at least one friend when the dust settles from this one!

And again, I have done my part.  I have put it out there.  At the very least, I hope this has been entertaining to you on whatever level you may find it so.

 There can be miracles, when you believe…~Stephen Schwartz

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