Just Say “Yes”

All at Once


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In the past five days, I have had so many insights, I felt I would share a few of them here:

I experienced in a really dramatic way what can happen when I just say “Yes” and pay close attention to how the energy around a given situation is moving, and then adjust accordingly.

A friend in a neighboring city invited me up to just talk a bit about the gathering at Mount Shasta in September that I am involved with.   Some articles about how it is unfolding are on my angel blog.

My schedule is pretty full and frantic right now, and my human response was going to be “No, I don’t think that’s going to work at this time”, but I have been told since the beginning of this journey that when something like this happens, it’s Spirit working, and I have to do my part.  I need to just say yes.

When  I have heeded this guidance to just say yes, despite the ‘apparent’ inconvenience it may cause me, I have been rewarded.  And this time was no exception.  Except that the reward for this yes was multi-layered and  will continue to bless my life for some time, of that I am certain.

My friend drives down from her town every couple of weeks to attend an Intuitive Development class I teach.  When she was down the last time a few weeks ago, she told me she’d awakened in the morning for two days in a row with the thought in her mind to ask if I would be willing to come up and speak to a nice group of ladies in her town that meets once a month.    She said she ignored it the first time.

When it happened again the next morning, she decided to at least ask, despite how her own mind was saying things like, well, she’s so busy, maybe she won’t want to.  But I will salute her: she has heard me talking about following your guidance whether you understand it or not, so she talked to me about it.

It just so happened that the next meeting was in a couple of weeks, and that my schedule was open.  I penciled it in on my calendar.  As an afterthought, I asked my friend if maybe a few people could get together at her house so I could practice a new skill I am working on.

She agreed, and soon there were three events scheduled at her house. Well, now that there were a couple of empty days there why not see if maybe some people would be interested in some private readings?  Yes, OK, she said, let me just see about that.  There were, and this wonderful woman acted as booking agent, secretary, and gatekeeper for all of it.

I had some interesting learning experiences that I am still processing.  She made the remark midway through that she ought to have me up more often because the phone was ringing off the hook with people wishing to book appointments for her work (she’s a massage therapist and Reiki Master) for the next week.

In fact, by the end of our time together, she said she was as booked up for next week as she cared to be.  I was overjoyed, because this was a physical demonstration of how I have been told things work when we’re all just doing our part:  everybody wins.

Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flyin...

Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flying from San Jose, California to Portland, Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I talked a little about this in the article How It’s Really Designed to Work, and this is similar in that everybody wins, but it is more powerful I believe, because none of this would have transpired to begin with it she had said “no” to her guidance.  Bless her, and blessed she is going to be, she just said “yes’, which then gave me the opportunity to say yes.  And it just continued to unfold as it was always destined to do if we chose to take that path.

This is just the beginning, though.  I was able to talk about the Mount Shasta project, which will give those women the opportunity to say “yes” if they are moved to.  They have asked if I might come teach in their area, to which I immediately said “yes”, and there may also be a Reiki Class there that will allow my friend to reach her goal of being able to attune others to the Reiki Ray.

All of this came about by her just saying “yes” to Spirit.  The next time you find yourself in a similar situation,  I would encourage you to consider just saying “yes”.

Just say ‘yes’. ~ Spirit

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