The Importance of Plant Silica ~ 2012 and Beyond

From Carbon to Crystal

Quartz, Tibet. Français : Cristal de roche pro...

Quartz, Tibet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DISCLAIMER:  The information presented in this article is intended to educate and inform.  It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat or otherwise address any medical condition. That is what a medical professional is for.   I am not a doctor or medical professional.  Please contact a licensed medical professional before making any decisions concerning your health.  All supplementation should be discussed with your physician or other medical professional.

From time to time on my path, I have been guided to supplement my regimen with plant silica (horsetail).  Lately, I have been getting that guidance again.  I will share the reasons I was given for this direction.  I encourage you to do your due diligence and research and decide for yourself, in consultation with your physician or other licensed healthcare professional, whether this particular action may be of assistance to you as you travel on your spiritual journey.

Quartz is a common crystalline mineral made of...

Quartz is a common crystalline mineral made of silica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was first guided to increase my intake of silica twenty-two years ago, I was told it was because as humans, we are moving from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline based one.  I do not claim to understand the intricacies of such a process, I only know that it felt right for me to follow the advice.

Quartz.  Clear quartz crystals.  Some specimens are so clear, they look like solidified Light.  Perhaps they are.  A rock hound will tell you that quartz crystal is actually a mineral called silica.  When one silica atom and two oxygen atoms are subjected to heat and forced into cracks and crevices where they solidify, they become six-sided crystals. (Can you say Star of David, anyone?)

Quartz has many uses as transducers due to its piezoelectric properties.   The word “piezoelectricity” means electricity resulting from pressure.  You squeeze a crystal, it responds.  As a human, you also have components that exhibit piezoelectric properties.  The collagen, a connective tissue in our bodies, is considered bio-electric.  Our very DNA also has this property.

A transducer would be something that would convert one type of energy into another.  Sort of like the task we humans have been given to become the bridge between the world of form and the higher realms. We are, after all, Spirit-animated form.

Silica is an element in the human body that helps maintain proper health.  Our body would cease to function without it.  It could be considered the electric glue that holds our physical body together.

All humans need silica.  In fact, it is essential for any lightworker, healer, intuitive, or energy worker to maintain an adequate supply and a proper balance of silica in the body.  You may require supplementation, especially if you are feeling disconnected from your Source.  When we have low levels of silica in our bodies, we can often experience a change in vibration that leads to despair, loneliness, degenerative diseases and other similar experiences.

For all lightworkers, a low level or diminished supply of silica can lead to a loss of signal strength. It is no accident that crystals are used in communication devices such as radios and televisions.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a cosmic level, I believe this configuration is used as well.  Silica is able to produce the proper frequency for transmitting signals from one dimension to another. In the physical body, the connective tissues that cover the brain, the spinal cord, and our nerve fibers all have large amounts of silica.  It is via the nervous system and the brain that the physical body receives higher dimensional transmissions.

The presence of proper amounts of silica in your body will allow for the grounding in of the higher light frequencies that are being transmitted to the planet at this time.  There are many articles out there that discuss the various types of silica available.  I urge you to do some research.  I use horsetail silica in supplement form.

Wearing a crystal (properly cleared and programmed) in addition to the intake of silica if needed, will increase the resonance of your bio-electric field as the crystal will amplify the effect of the silica in your body through sympathetic resonance.  It is possible to create  a self-generating energy field if you maintain the proper level of silica in balance in your body.

I believe I am being asked to resume the supplementation because my body is having trouble keeping up with the influx of energies.  Also, I have increased my interaction with the higher realms, and that activity can deplete the supplies of certain minerals in our physical bodies.

I felt it was important to share this information here, so I did. I  encourage you to consider whether is might be helpful to you to support your body as it goes through this transformational process.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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