Notes from My Road Less Traveled

Mirror, Mirror


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A recent experience with a camera and a perceptive photographer got me thinking yet again about the state of my personal spiritual development.  I still struggle with all that makes me human, and am pretty certain that as long as I wear this costume some call a body (and all the accessories as well:  my thoughts and my feelings about myself and others) I will continue to struggle.

I was thumbing through some of my journals, and an entry from March of 2001 really resonated as I read it.  It really got me thinking about all that has happened in the recent weeks, and I can see that the mirror of life has been doing its mighty work with me.

I would love to preface this with something like:  Captain’s log, Stardate 41153.5, but I’m not a star ship captain, so I’ll just identify this entry as 03/15/01, Hot Springs, SD:

A mirror.  Everywhere I look, I can see a reflection of myself.  The faces of others tell me who I am, and what my mood is.  When I go out into the world and am at peace with myself, then peace it is that I find.


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If I am confused about what is going on in my life, I only have to take a look in the mirrors that God has placed all around me and I will surely find the clarity that I seek.

To shift the reflection, I have but to shift my perception.  As I move through my day, I do my best to be the clearest reflection of the goodness in all I meet.

Often, just in the effort expended to rise to that place, I find my own cracks mended, my smudged glass wiped clean.

                             Mirror, mirror, speak to me.

                                             Mirror, mirror, set me free.

Move through your day with a little more awareness of what is being reflected back at you, and you will be amazed at the insights you can have about yourself.  It’s a very efficient way to measure your current internal status.

English: The Tenth Dalai Lama, Tsultrim Gyatso

English: The Tenth Dalai Lama, Tsultrim Gyatso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean, really, have you ever seen anyone do anything but smile or laugh around an enlightened being like the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa?

Look for the laughter, work for the smiles.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~Tolstoy

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  1. What you said about smiles being common around Enlightened Ones is so true. I also find holy places invoke a lot of different emotions.

    • I had the opportunity as a child of 9 or 10 years old to stand in Notre Dame Cathedral. Right in the center. That was the moment I understood at a feeling level what the word “awe” meant. More than four decades later, just the thought of the experience gives me goose bumps. It is stored forever in the very cells of my body.

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