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Still Relevant

NGC 1409

NGC 1409 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I AM the breath of the wind.  I AM the moon and stars.  I AM that still, small voice within all of you.  Hear the whisper of my voice in your dreams at night.   Listen for the sound of the silence that signifies my Presence.

Come to understand the magnificence that Is.  I have no need of loud boisterous noisemaking, for such is an idiosyncrasy of the human condition.

Arp 194. The third galaxy at the bottom of the...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I AM of the realm from whence you came.  “I” as used in the collective sense as determined by the commonality of your Earthly usage.  Note for a moment this concept:  you would use the term “I” to denote your individualized selves located as you currently are within the realm of individuation and separateness.  A group of you clustered together is designated by the term “we”.

And the Oneness of All That Is again is designated by the term “I” as in I AM.  the signifying factor here becomes a denotion of the collectivity of all individualized expressions of the Self I AM.

In other words, a Grand Collective that is at one and the same time individualized and collective I AM.  I am.  See you not now the similarity?  “I am” is your name designation.  I AM is my name designation.  I AM.  I am. Presence. Silence.  Oneness.

I cannot bring unto you at this time a more clear distinction than this.  Know that my purpose is simply to clarify for you that which is as yet unanswered.  The short time left to you must be used wisely.

There will be a great sadness throughout the whole of this Creation in the event that Plans do not reach fulfillment.

Move beyond Time now, to a place of timelessness.  All is at the same moment occurring in this state of timelessness.   To move past limitation to the great glory beyond will bring much joy to all who are involved with you – with themselves.

Acceleration of any and all separate phases of this Project is absolute at this juncture.  Truly, it is with Godspeed that forward motion must be taken.

Practice daily that which you preach; for only by example can change be wrought, can progress be made.

There is one who is coming who will follow me.  Know that I AM but an Emissary.  Peace.

     ~Received May 28, 1993

This transmission makes more sense to me today, in the times we live in now, than it did when I first received it. I offer it to you for your consideration.

The path you take is made by walking it. ~

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