The Story of the Young King Who Came to Earth

Another Cosmic Fairy Tale

Drawing of a dark-haired blue-eyed young man with a crown

The Young King Who Came to Earth  (c) 2012, Julie Marie.

We begin this story as all good stories begin:  Once upon a time, on a world far, far from this one, there lived a young King who had great courage and fidelity.  As ruler of his world, he had complete memory of all the lifetimes his Soul had lived.

He was an alchemist of the highest order, and had learned through experience that more could be gained through peaceful means than with war and conquest.

It had been broadcast throughout the Universe that there was a planet in great need of assistance. The Creator had sent out The Call, and from many worlds, and across infinite dimensions, The Call was answered.

This young king understood that only when the lowest vibration was raised up, would the exalted realms be progressed.  The Creator was asking for assistance, and yet even at the level of existence where this young King lived, there was Free Will.  No Soul could be made to act out of alignment with its own choice.

And now before the young King was a fearsome decision:  to stay and rule his people in a time of hard-won Peace, or to leave his world in the capable hands of his trusted advisors and answer the Creator’s Call.

After much prayer and reflection, the young King knew what had to be done.  His heart told him he was needed there, on a planet that was almost at the other end of the created Universe from where his home world was located.

He called together his trusted counselors, and informed them of his decision.  There was a great outcry, for this young King was much beloved by all his people, and they feared he would be lost to them forever if he attempted this feat.

He promised the people that it was the love they had for him, and the love he carried in his heart for them, that would help him find his way Home when the time came to make that journey.

Constellation of Orion

Constellation of Orion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With great determination, and a bit of trepidation, the young King began the long and arduous voyage through the dimensions, taking on more density with each step down, and when he arrived at the Orion gateway, he knew that the next step after this way station would mean he would be venturing into the realm of Forgetfulness.

There is a powerful energy between the dimensions in the Orion sector that, when crossed, robs a conscious Soul of its memory.  It is by Faith alone then that the Return Home can be accomplished.  Many reach this place, and cannot bring themselves to take that last fateful step.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stories abound about the countless Souls who have fallen into the density of this Creation.  With a final, deep breath, the young King stepped through the Veil.  As the last remnants of his memory faded, he had the thought that the planet he beheld reminded him very much of his own world.

The young King met first with the higher beings responsible for helping to decide how best his presence here would be utilized.  Parents were chosen for the particular blend of DNA that would allow for the greatest opportunity for his success.

The experiences he would amass in the early years would form the framework for his future service.  In order for the yearning to Serve to be awakened within his human consciousness, he would need to have a challenging early life.  And so it was.

He was granted a dispensation to allow for a thinner barrier between the two hemispheres of his human brain.  This would make it easier for him to remember all the gifts he brought with him when the time for such remembering would come.

The young King was told by the members of the High Council that he would be supported in his efforts here, and at first he  was full of despair for he did not feel supported by the family in which he found himself.

And then, when he stood on the threshold of adulthood, having survived the challenges of his childhood, he began to connect with people who could ‘see’ him, who understood his Soul’s mission here.

And he breathed  a sigh of release, as the realization set in that he had, indeed, not been forsaken by those who had promised to work with him to accomplish his mission.

And now a new journey for the young King begins.  As a human, being.

This is a story that was inspired by a young Bridge Kid I met this past weekend.  It is a product of my imagination, and should be read as such.  I wrote it down as the words came to me.  I believe it is a metaphor for all the Light Beings who volunteered to leave the safety of their higher realms in order to answer The Call.  They are here, of this I am certain.  I can see the ancient wisdom that looks at me from behind their eyes. To all of them I say:  I promise to do my part, so that you can then do yours.

My life is my message.

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2012, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.