The Greatest Love of All

Whitney is Singing Loudly Today

Mt. Whitney, California 1999

I know it’s not Whitney Houston, but is a pretty sight.

I woke up this morning with Whitney Houston singing in the background of my mind, and that girl has some pipes!  I paused a moment to inquire as to the message, and felt like I wanted to share it here today.

The music was likely precipitated by a reading I gave yesterday, which left me a little frustrated.  I delivered the message, but felt it was bouncing off a brick wall of resistance.  Sometimes I don’t have the words to give that they want to hear, and I have to remind myself that I am just the messenger, after all. Can’t make every horse drink!

Photo of some mineral specimens.

Rose quartz and rhodonite are excellent for fostering love of self.(c) 2012, Julie Marie.

So here is what Spirit gave to me:

It is a paradox of the human condition that in order to find love with another, you must first find that selfsame love within your own being.

It is through the resonance of the vibration of love that love shall be attracted into your experience.  We would encourage you not to limit the many ways in which love can be experienced, nor should you yearn for only a certain TYPE of love while not acknowledging the love you are already experiencing.

How then, can you love yourself more?  Be kind to yourself in thought, word, and deed.  Sounds simple, but when you pay attention to this exercise, you will realize just how difficult it can be.

Take just one day to monitor your thoughts about yourself. Correct the ones you have that are not loving.  Watch the words you use to speak of others. Correct the ones that are not loving.

Treat yourself with more kindness. Listen to the needs of your body.  Give it the rest it requires.  Feed it the food that will sustain it.  Drink pure water to quench your thirst.  Simple things, which require of you  great discipline.

Be thankful for the love you do have in your life.  The family members who care about you.  The friends that are present with you when you need them to be. This is how you will attract more of  the same into your world, by acknowledging what is already present in it.

It is easy to say “love yourself more”.  It is difficult to actually accomplish.   Day by day, one small effort at a time, it can be achieved. And the journey Home will have begun.

I have noticed of late the strongest of desires to bring my physical more into balance.  Perhaps it is the two years’ plus worth of not being able to walk properly that ignited this desire.

I had worked out like a maniac in 2010 with the goal to recapture some of my physical fitness.  I was almost where I thought I wanted to be when I broke my left foot. I watched as all that hard work went down the drain.

I began to rail at my body, and was frustrated I couldn’t move properly.  Just as the foot was almost where it would function again, the hip on the same side started to trouble me.  That lasted almost an additional nine months.

All of 2011, and most of this year, have been spent watching my physical return to the place I’d worked so hard to move it out of.  I have recently begun to just thank the body for what it can do, and encourage myself to stretch the boundaries gently this time.

I am choosing to eat in a much healthier way, and the body is responding to that.  I am beginning to move again, but I am using a different approach. I am exploring yoga and chi gong instead of aerobics.

Perhaps, through learning to love myself, and through acceptance of exactly what is in this moment the truth of my existence, I am experiencing the Greatest Love of All.

Love the Presence of god within you, your Spirit, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. ~ John Randolph Price

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Mount Whitney photo credit: inkknife-2000.