Diamonds and Pearls

Here’s a Real Gem for You

A scattering of "brilliant" cut diam...

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I had an insight awhile back.

The insight is:

You can’t make a diamond from a single grain of sand, but you can make a pearl.

A diamond is brilliant, sparkly, created by immense external pressure.  Some of us approach the manifestation process in this way:  we struggle and push in a vain effort to make something happen.  We think that intensity equals progress.  It is, from my perspective, a linear, male strategy. Sometimes it even works.

  A pearl has a luminous light.  Softly glowing, a pearl is born from a single grain of sand which is an irritant to the oyster.

Shell with strings of pearls in it.

Pearls on the half shell. (c) 2012, Julie Marie.

Instead of rejecting the irritant, a wonderful, lustrous shell is built up around it.  The oyster makes this a part of its being over time by surrendering to its presence.

A pearl is created from within. It is through changing the inner landscape of the oyster that a pearl is born.  It is a softer, more feminine way of creating beauty.

Both diamonds and pearls give off their singular lights.  A diamond will reflect light to varying degrees based upon the skill of the master who cuts the stone.  A pearl’s luminescence shines forth from its depths.

We can use this insight as a tool to contemplate our own way of being in the world, to look at how we approach the creative process and how we handle those things that cause us irritation.

Are you a diamond?  Or a pearl?

Or perhaps a little of both?

Collectively, I would say we have been using the ‘diamond’ method for quite some time now.  The softer pearl energy of the Divine Feminine is coming forward again now, however.

Which method will be used to create our new world?  Diamond? Or pearl?

Greatness exists in all of us. ~ Will Smith

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