July Energy Report – Part Deux

Here Comes the Sun

EV Lacertae

EV Lacertae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is already starting to heat up, and not just in the physical realm.

Solar flares and the discharge of massive amounts of photons will bring another opportunity to clear out the density our bodies are holding.  According to NASA, July 2012 is the peak month for Solar Cycle 24.

I always like to start by defining my terms, so we all have the same frame of reference:

A solar flare is an intense flash of extreme radiation emanating from the sun.  Solar flares can produce massive streams of highly charged particles blown in the solar winds that result from such flares.  These can cause geomagnetic storms when they impact the Earth’s magnetosphere.

So you think you aren’t affected by these energies?  Think again.

English: A Solar Flare, image taken by the TRA...

English: A Solar Flare, image taken by the TRACE satellite (NASA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are electromagnetic beings, we homo sapiens.  High-energy electromagnetic bursts coming at us from the sun doesn’t just produce nice colors in the night sky, they also  are able to directly affect the functioning of our physical bodies.

Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was mos...

Aurora during a geomagnetic storm that was most likely caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun on 24 May 2010. Taken from the ISS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Solar storms are capable of de-synchronizing our biological clocks, throwing our normal rhythms off.

It has been proven that the pineal gland can be affected by EM activity.  Electromagnetic activity can cause the pineal to produce excess melatonin, which is the chemical that helps us sleep.

This can be a problem when we are trying to make it through a work day, however.  I have written here recently about how every afternoon, pretty much without fail, I get sleepy as heck and have to go lie down.  I usually sleep for 90 minutes to two hours, and I still go to sleep at my normal bedtime.  I will note here that there was a flare yesterday (July 2nd) I woke up yawning this morning, and am struggling to stay awake at least until my “normal” 2PM nap time. Could I be feeling the impact already?  Surely not.

Crackling with Solar Flares Flare zoom in

Crackling with Solar Flares Flare zoom in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Solar flares influence human consciousness, and can affect your short-term memory functions.  (This would be a really good time to write it down.) They can also have a direct impact on your central nervous system.  After all, the signals sent through the body run through the nervous system.  Too much ‘juice’ can fry the wiring.

There can also be some psychological effects of coronal mass ejections, including mood changes, increased anxiety, maybe even depressive feelings and sometimes even a generalized feeling of being out of balance.   Watch for confused thinking, too.

If we are carrying around unexpressed anger, jealousy or fear, any of these lower emotions, and we have not been doing the work necessary to heal them, they are more likely to bubble up during times of solar flare activity.  Holding such dense emotions in our bodies actually weakens our electromagnetic field, which then makes it more likely that we will be affected by the solar activity.

 Archangel Raphael recently gave a message about releasing things that we would like to experience as ‘healed’.  I point this out because the photons being released in these flares and literally changing us at an emotional and cellular level.  Lower emotions are coming up to be released, which will make room for us to be able to begin to remember our Soul’s purpose for coming here at this time.  And making room in our energy fields this way will also allow us to open ourselves to higher frequencies in general.

You may experience different sleep patterns during this time, as well.  Maybe restless nights, or unusual dreaming patterns.  If you find yourself feeling spacey or ungrounded, take immediate steps to rectify that.  You will be less likely to overload your circuits and blow something out.  Just like the fuse box in a house will trip when the circuit gets too overloaded, your body will do the same thing.  Often it will manifest as complete and utter exhaustion, by the way.

There is also a direct connection between solar activity on the sun and increases in things like volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and high winds here on Earth.  And of course, these solar flares can interfere with our technology (cell phones, computers,  television, etc.).

What else can you do to help yourself through this time?  In addition to making sure you stay grounded so the energy continues to run through you and doesn’t overload your circuits, get extra rest when you need to, whenever possible for you to do so.  Drink lots, and I mean lots, of water.  This will help to flush toxins (from all levels) from the body.  If you can, add fresh lemon to the water.  You are detoxifying on many levels and lemon helps to move the debris from the body.  I just picked myself up four organic beauties from the market today.

Above all, just keep reminding yourself that this, too, shall pass.

Persist. ~ Ghandhi

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11 thoughts on “July Energy Report – Part Deux

  1. Yes and more solar flares to come.. I am feeling them now stronger… Keep up your wonderful work.. I may not always get to comment, but I try to read as many as I can when they come in…
    Blessings sent your way.. Sue

    • Thank you for the support, and I understand the incredible balancing act so many of us are doing these days. Same here. And bushel baskets full of blessings to you, as well.

  2. Seems the only time I get a headache is after a flare. Otherwise I am able to clear and balance the energy. What are your thoughts about the “delay” of effects as in how long it take a flare to reach earth? Blessings ><3< Melynnda*

    • I am not an expert, but I almost feel as if there is an (almost instantaneous) energetic effect, and then the physical effects hit when the physical energy does, maybe a bit before, timeline wise, but I notice the disruption in my subtle energy bodies first. Thankfully, I don’t get the headaches. Disorientation a little, but no headaches. You have any black tourmaline around you? Would help to stabilize your electrical system, maybe would help the body compensate. (a little thrill of chill bumps, which means on the right track, but maybe don’t have the bull’s eye, yet) If anything else comes in that might be helpful, will pass it along. Blessings to you as well.

      • Thank you Dear…time is a slippery subject-lol.
        I will try the Black Tourmaline. I don’t have many “symptoms'” anymore and recognize them for what they are when they come. My team does a great job! (They have their hands full). L&L M*

  3. It still amazes me people today think they are not part of nature. Ancient man was living in harmony with the seasons, the cycles of the moon and understood the sun affected them. As mankind has become technologically dependent, they have forgotten we must live in harmony with the forces and beings around us.

    • Now you and I both know that can change in an instant. One good EM burst, and it’s back to basics for us all. Personally, I believe the Amish and other communities like that have it right: live as if there were no grid. Keep those precious skills alive. They could be needed someday. I yearn for a place less populated, frankly. Was raised in the country, and there is such a vibrancy there on the land, and satisfaction when one is able to eat what was planted and nurtured with one’s own hands. A little hard work is just what the body needs to keep running in top form, too. The health benefits of an honest day’s work beat any gym membership, hands down. There I go, dreaming again. We must remember, we will remember, that connection. Or surely we will perish. Thanks for stopping by again.

  4. [ Smiles ] I really enjoyed your post.

    I also LOVE the name of your blog; I LOVE it, because I live my life by following my intuition together with my inspiration.

    Please keep up the wonderful work!

    • So nice of you to come visit. And a kindred spirit, to boot. Bonus for me. When a friend of mine who has been studying Intuitive Development with me (I share what I know about living this way) told me I needed to write a book, I cringed because I’ve been told that so often over the past two decades. Then she said: Well, then, just write a blog instead. I didn’t even know what a ‘blog’ was seven months ago. I do now. It is a powerful way for me to reach out to people I may never meet in the physical, but already know in Spirit. And the books are being written at a pretty good pace, if I do say so myself. THANK YOU for your comment. I can feel the energy coming off the words. Hits me straight in my heart. (bowing to you, hand on heart) I will keep writing. And I promise to come visit your place as well. I will check in on your work first thing in the morning’ Looking forward to talking Spirit with you.

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