Everything Is Perfect, Especially When It Looks Like It’s Not

The Message for Today

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Getting started right.

I often wonder when this happens, who it is that needs to hear the words that are being ‘spoken’ through my fingertips. I was in the kitchen making my breakfast, and feeling pretty proud of myself because I was almost done with the post for today.

As I stirred, chopped, and assembled, I contemplated how to conclude the piece.  And then I realized Spirit was trying to get my attention.  Oh, heavy sigh.  That usually means there’s going to be a slight change in plans.  Well, I promised long ago that if they could put me in the position to deliver a message when needed, I would do so. So the post that was almost done will be saved for another day.

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Everything is perfect just the way it is.

I mentally ran through the files, and stopped when I got goose bumps.  (That means: finger on nose, other hand pointing, which is charade-talk for: you got it!)

The message for today is:  everything is perfect.  As most of you regular readers know, I am big on pulling out the dictionary at this point.  Here it is:

perfect : lacking nothing essential.  completely suited for a particular purpose.

Beloved, I would say to you that everything is exactly as it should be. Your pain.  Your challenges.  Your doubts. Your fears. 

Your faith.  Your trust.  Your beauty.  Your Spirit.   Immutable, unchanging and unchanged.  No matter where you may find yourself, whether in the midst of the deepest of darkness or confusion and chaos, never forget that You. Are. Perfect.

Never lose sight of the Truth that Everything. Is. Perfect. And this is even more in alignment with Absolute when things appear to be falling apart around you, despite your best efforts.

You. Are. Perfect. 

You. Lack. Nothing.  All that you really require for your sojourn in this experience, you carry within you.  Be. At. Peace. Now.

Nothing can harm the Essential You.  You. Are. Perfect.

You have come to fulfill My purpose.  Therefore, Be. At. Peace.

Well, that was unexpected.  I am still getting used to the sudden shifts.  I can tell it’s not my little self ‘speaking’ when I am getting a lump in my throat (like now) and tears in my eyes (like now) when I’m typing the words that start to pour out.

As mighty souls striving to learn and grow, we understand that expansion of our consciousness can only be properly achieved through direct experience.  And so here we are.  As the definition points out, we are completely suited for this purpose.  We lack nothing essential.

For though our bodies may not look like we would have them look, they function (more or less, depending on the mileage and wear and tear) as they were designed to:  they move us through this dimensional experience and allow us to process those experiences as we choose in order to best serve the higher purpose of Understanding.

Reubens' painting of the nun St. Theresa of Avila, a mystic


We have a mind that thinks. We are self-aware creatures at a level other consciousnesses on this planet have not yet universally achieved.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  The mind is an excellent tool to use to focus our intention, however, and that is always a good thing.

We have feelings, so that we may be moved to action; so that we may engage with others like ourselves, and unlike ourselves (which is, I know, only an appearance of separation…). On a roll here, just go with it.

And though all our material possessions may be lost tomorrow, or even later this very day, we have each other.  We have those other parts of Self that also have feelings, and are also moved to action.  Given an equal chance, we take the path of Compassion when we witness suffering.  And God saw that it was good.

Everything is perfect.  Especially when it looks like it’s not.  There are lessons to be mastered, and roles to play, the one of us for the other, to ensure those lessons are learned.

Everything is perfect.  We are perfect.

Continue to grow and evolve. ~Ghandhi

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15 thoughts on “Everything Is Perfect, Especially When It Looks Like It’s Not

    • So happy it resonated with you. Thank you for spending time here. I will confess this month is a brutal one for me, travel wise, so I won’t have the spare time to visit my blog-neighbors as I would like to, but look for me to come knocking on the door in August for certain, unless I end up with a bunch of spare time at one or the other of the events I’m participating in 🙂

    • Nice you came to visit. I saw your comment there when I was posting mine about ‘perfection’ as well. Synchronicity at work, I would say. You are most welcome.

  1. Julie Marie,
    I know you wrote this for me! Thanks…When pains hit and cause the hard times, it’s nice to know, everything is Perfect and I’m where I am suppose to be. I’m just going with the flow now.

    • I am simply an instrument. I am grateful to have this magnificent opportunity to be of Service. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. And thank you both for your continued support and encouragement.

  2. I saw your comment on my ‘perfection’ post so I came to read yours. Another reader commented on my post about the subject of ‘perfection’ that she’d just posted also. Perhaps something was “in the air” universally that each of us tapped into (or v/v). Anyway, I loved your post. 🙂

    • Honest, I was going to write about something totally different today. I actually had it almost completed when I ‘knew’ that I was going to write this article for today. I believe that this is a message God would have many hear today, especially in light of what is happening right now. I enjoyed your blog, by the way, and will visit again soon.

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