Dipping Into the Archives Again (June 1997)

English: Sunbittern, Eurypyga helias, captive ...

Captive bird. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful Bird(Broken Wing)

Beautiful bird,

    broken wing.

Bird can’t fly, bird can’t sing.

Cold wind blows down

harsh and strong.

Breaking bird’s wing before too long.

Beautiful bird

tries to survive.

Soon understands that to stay alive, must go.

But beautiful bird has

                                       a broken wing.

bird can’t fly, bird can’t sing.

Cold wind keeps on blowin’

harsh and strong.

Breaking bird’s Spirit before too long.

Beautiful bird,

     now empty inside,

Searches for a place to hide (from the wind).

But beautiful bird

                         has a broken wing.

Bird can’t fly, bird can’t sing.

Beautiful bird

did not despair.

Found a safe place for herself out there.

Beautiful bird,

              healing wing.

Found new strength, began to sing.

Cold wind now

can blow no more.

Beautiful bird begins to soar.

Beautiful bird,

   healing time done,

rises up now, flying into the sun.

                                                                                           June 1997

I had to dip into the archives to keep my posting commitment today.  This is what rose to the top of the pile.  A poem.  OK, Spirit.  The poem was written in a rush of words after I had been sitting in a circle of women who had experienced abuse in some form or fashion.  Their stories brought it home to me in a very real way, on a visceral level.

I never thought this particular piece would ever see the light of day, much less the amount of light it’s going to have shone on it in just a few moments.  In honor of all those beautiful birds out there, I share this message of hope with you.

Fly, bird, fly.

How important it is to tell, in detail, the story; to claim it.

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14 thoughts on “Dipping Into the Archives Again (June 1997)

  1. Oh! what a beautiful beautiful Poem… I am so Happy you were guided to post this.. Its wonderful. Here’s to all of natures creatures out there, who suffer the cold and wind.. Sending healing… along with your Poem… ~Sue

    • Sometimes I do wonder at Spirit’s choices, but I am perfecting the skill of truly understanding that Spirit is NEVER wrong. My response to the guidance or message may not be correct, but the Giver of the Message is absolutely always correct. Thank you for affirming my decision to follow despite some doubts. It helps strengthen my resolve for the next time I am asked to do something I do not fully understand at my human level.

      • Yes, love it – each time, our strength grows, as well as our trust in ourselves, and in the guidance of Spirit – and the size of our ears! (grin) Beautiful.

      • And we fly. I don’t wear the funny hat like Dumbo had…and am working on being less Dumbo-shaped in the body as well. Will give me more LIFT, because there will be less (to) DRAG! 🙂

      • Oh how funny – hadn’t thought of that. Was thinking more of one’s listening ability – but you’re right, Dumbo flew with his ears. Loved that story, and the La La Lu lullaby his mother sang – have the sheet music for it somewhere. Well, elephants are pretty good friends to have around, and less drag is always good. 😀 Hang on to your hat – throwing out the ballast – and Good morning!

  2. Beautiful! This resonates so much – part of what brought me to KC this summer was the promise of free flying lessons – literally. And yet I know the flying I’m learning to do here is much more than just that. It was so nice to meet you yesterday, Julie – I’m sorry I didn’t have any full CDs with me – forgot the box at the house. The sampler is a very small thank-you for what you shared yesterday – thank you so much. Peace, and many blessings – Mary

    • I was just thinking about our meeting when I woke up this morning. I, too, enjoyed very much our conversation. I do look forward to staying connected in some form or fashion. Blessings to you and your mighty work, Mary.

  3. Beautiful! Spirit never deserts you Juliemarie. This is just what so many hearts needed to hear today.

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