A “Beautiful Bird” Story That Had To Be Shared

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What I will share with today’s post is a perfect example of why I need to continue to just follow the Guidance, especially when my logical mind begins to argue. (I am beginning to understand that is actually a sign that Spirit is in such control the ego is being threatened.)

I posted the “Beautiful Bird” poem, and will admit I had some doubt at the level of human when I did.  I got some wonderful responses from women who come here to read on a regular basis.  Then I received a response from someone that so moved me, I asked his permission to  please allow me to give his story its own blog place.  Bless him, he agreed.

“Beautiful Bird, Broken Wing”  was a poem I wrote in response to hearing the stories from a group of women who were on their healing journey out of the pain and scarring that often comes with being abused.  I will say right now to you, Ferdinand, I had vision which was myopic.  Your story has given me clear sight, and an expanded perspective.  “Beautiful Bird” is a Human Story, not just a woman-human story.

Reading your words broke my heart wide open.  I can still feel the effects of it.  For that magnificent gift, I shall be forever grateful. And here I was, perceiving myself as being pretty aware.  I have been properly humbled.

So, for the rest of you who are reading this:  I am honored to share the following which was written by Ferdinand Nzohabonayo in response to my poem in the previous post.

The face of a Great Soul.

After living in a war zone for 13 consecutive years in my native country, I can attest to the truth of the poem.  When wounded, lost a series of family members, friends, neighbors, other possessions in a war zone; discouragement, depression, and the meaninglessness of life were my ever-present friends (and) almost overwhelmed my spirit.

As days passed by, and the Dry Season (comparable to the American Summer) was progressively replaced by the Rainy Season (comparable to the American Spring) and green grass started to grow everywhere, my body started to feel alive and I was inspired to plant new beans and potatoes.

The days of war and destruction turned into years.  However, my spirit continued to rise above the destruction and chaos which made me able to inspire, help and assist others.

My wife and I were able to create new jobs, start a school, a church, a medical clinic; which made our hearts sing again.

English: A group of Burundian women rearing go...

English: A group of Burundian women rearing goats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New ideas, new friends, kept coming my way until one day an insight came to mind saying that I am a world citizen, not just a Burundian.  From that day on, I lived in Burundi some four more years as a choice and a service to the community.

As soon as my work was done, doors were opened for my family to move to the USA.  Today, all the years I passed in a war zone are like a yesterday dream when I look back to the many accomplishments my family was able to do for our communities.

Today, I look at the war as a great opportunity to serve my country beyond what I would have been able to accomplish in five lifetimes in peaceful periods.

Yes,”Fly, bird, fly.  Fly, bird, fly.”

  Yes, the beautiful bird with the broken wing can fly; can fly even higher, faster, and for a much longer time than ever before.

Thank you very much, Julie, for the gift of that powerful poem.

                                  ~This comment was posted by Ferdinand Nzohabonayo July 8, 2012

I think I am the one who needs to be doing the thanking.  I have no more words today.

Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. ~ Albert Schweitzer

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6 thoughts on “A “Beautiful Bird” Story That Had To Be Shared

  1. JM. this is such a wonderful addition to your poem, and I am always in awe of those who come through stronger and shine brighter having gone through such terrible times.. Bless Ferdinand. and Bless you for adding so we may all know his story.. and the effects your poem had.. Blessings ~Sue xox

    • Sue: Thank you for your kind words to Ferdinand. I just marked it approved, so he can see it. When I read his response, I was very moved. By the time I had finished reading it, I was weeping. How could I NOT share it? It shifted my consciousness about some things, and expanded my awareness. I am humbled by his story, and his perspective on what happened to him is that of an enlightened being, a Great Soul…

  2. I knew this story would touch so many different hearts. Now Ferdinand’s story sends the wave wider and wider. Spirit speaks truth.

  3. Dear Julie,
    Your intuition goes beyond what you can ever imagine. The picture about Burundi women rearing goats brings to memory one of the projects my wife did for rural people, which consisted of giving a free goat to a woman from a poor family or a widow who is the head of the household so that she can have manure which takes place of fertilizer for the garden, and when the goat multiplies, than she can sell some of the offspring to buy some cloth, for instance, or meet some other urgent personal or family needs. Around one hundred goats were distributed. The day of picking up the goat from a distribution place is similar to the above picture.

    • My heart is humbled Ferdinand.. as it goes out to you and all of those whose broken wings have flown and soared.. Blessings to you and yours.. ~Sue Dreamwalker ..

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