You Are the Light of the World

I Have No Words of My Own Today

Light of the World

Light of the World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I came to the computer to write the post for today, I have no words myself, but I can feel something is meant to be said.  So I get to do the easiest kind of writing this morning:  I get to be a Translator.  The title of this post is what was the clue I wasn’t going to be ‘on’ today.

This is a ‘message’ day.  Let’s see together what that message is going to be.

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery)

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My beloveds, you are the Light of the world, and yet you languish in the darkness.  You point your fingers at each other in accusation, and you complain bitterly about your life situations.  You are mean to each other and cruelly inconsiderate of the world that was created for your enjoyment and the creatures that inhabit it.

Yet you would have something better than your current experience.  Or so you say.  But what do you continue to do? We beseech you to turn your attention to the place where you can make the most significant difference.  We ask you to look within.  There is within each and every one of you the most magnificent spark of divinity that has somehow, in all the activity, been forgotten.

I have made you in My own Image, according to My likeness.  By this, I do not mean we are alike in ‘appearance’.  I AM speaking here of the aspect of consciousness that we share, you and I. For indeed, we are One.  I am not separate from you.  You are not separate from Me.  And the pain and the darkness that often overwhelms you is but a creation of your own mind.

When you look outside of yourSelf, instead of concentrating upon the Seed of Light that is like Me that lives within each of you, it becomes ever more difficult for you to find your way.

The living Christ walks upon the face of the Earth now.  There is a spark of that awareness that lives in each of you.  You have come here at this time for a purpose.  You have come here to Know YourSelf.  For it is in knowing yourself that you will know Me.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each and every day, renew your commitment to bring your attention to the part of you that is Infinite in its expression. Your spiritual journey begins and ends within each and every one of you.  When you are able to express your Light in a manner that is consistent with the Truth of the ground of your Being, you will have accomplished that which you came here to achieve.

You are the Light of the World.  Without you, there is only darkness.  In you, there is hope.  Allow the dream that would be experienced here to be expressed through you each and every day.  The kingdom of Heaven is within.  It cannot manifest in the world if you are not expressing that kingdom each and every day.  Know that what is to come will be determined by who, and how, you are now.  And so it is.

Give Light and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~ Erasmus

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5 thoughts on “You Are the Light of the World

  1. Thank you for this… It just so happens that lately I have personally subjecting myself to conflict, and this really helped me put things in perspective.

    • I feel it is our human minds that muddy the Still Waters of pure consciousness. I bow to you Master HoaiPhai, for indeed you have lifted me up so many times. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to return the favor.

  2. How wonderful to be reminded of who we really are. We forget so easily as we watch the world go into darkness with killings in Syria, drugs and death in Mexico, and gangs taking control of our cities. All of our world is responding to the negative instead of remembering who we really are. Thank you Julie and angel friends for reminding us that we have the power to change our world.

  3. What a beautiful reminder of that day when the disciples asked: Teacher: show us the kingdom and he replied: “The kingdom of God is within you.” Particularly at this time this sign pointing the way needed to be posted.

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