Notes from the Road Less Traveled – Chapter 2

“You Changed My Life Today”

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It happened again just yesterday.  A person came to my table – I am working a large conference in Arkansas this weekend – and I did what I always do:  I focused on that person and what was needed to be of assistance.

After spending quite some time listening, really listening, to the person, I worked with her on my sound table.  She experienced relief from some conditions in her body that she had been experiencing for awhile, and she was grateful.  She left the booth, and went to listen to more speakers.

She came back later in the evening, just before it was time to close for the day, and sat down in front of me to tell me she was grateful for the work we had done together earlier.  She said: “You changed my life today.”

Now, I have been observing a couple of things in the past two weeks:

1) The people I see at these shows whom I haven’t seen for awhile, are commenting on my improved appearance.  I am not being 3D here, because it’s not as if I have lost a ton of weight, or had ‘cosmetic’ surgery or anything.  I have been working hard on cleaning up my diet, and clearing out the emotional and mental toxins, however.  When I hear basically the same thing at two different venues from a lot of different people, then I pay attention. This past two weeks, it’s been:  “You look good.” or “Whatever you’ve been doing, keep it up.”

2)  I have also been getting messages of gratitude for the work I’ve done from those I’ve either done readings for or have done energy healing work with. While I was at a local show on my home town last weekend, I received a message on my phone from a young woman I’d helped months ago.  She had had a reading, and I had encouraged her to consider certain things to do to help her stay more grounded.  She chose to do those things, then experienced something that was difficult for her.  She had just called to thank me because she felt our conversation saved her life.

The same  sort of words were used by the person I worked with this weekend.  When I start having such patterns appear in my life, I take notice, because it’s Spirit’s way of telling me something I need to hear.

I have been wondering of late whether what I do is worth continuing to do in the way I am doing it. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort; not to mention that traveling from place to place is not without its own set of drawbacks too numerous to list here.  I have been considering coming off the road entirely.

I asked to be shown what I need to do.  Spirit, what is the higest and best action I can take at this time?  How can I best be of service?

The answer, to me anyway, is pretty clear:  Keep doing what you are doing to work on holding more Light in the body.  Keep reaching out to the people in the way that you are, because it does make a difference.

And so I will. I would not have met any of these people if I had stayed home.

So now I learn a new dance.  I get to learn just how to sustain the wonderful work I get to do with this blog and continue to travel and work in person with people.

And the other message is clear as well:  Well done, My good and faithful servant.

Thank you, God.

My life is my message.

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7 thoughts on “Notes from the Road Less Traveled – Chapter 2

  1. Many teachers and gurus teach from their schools or ashrams. However, many more have to travel to bring their knowledge and wisdom to their students or followers where they live. Those who travel a lot have special abilities of living out of their suit case, often change motels and hotels, enjoy foods from various cultures, and like being in different places without feeling homesick. For you Julie, since childhood, you have lived various places in the world, eaten various foods, learned more than two languages. Your early military training strengthened you a little more than the average person. You do not have the significant other crying all the time when you get home that you have been missed, and, you are even inspired by your traveling when you write your stories and post pictures on the blog. Now, you just need to accept what is obvious to a simple minded person: you were made and groomed to offer your services as you travel. Until September 23, 2012, you have found your niche for service. Just enjoy it. So, Dear Julie, congratulations for the rewarding work you are doing as well as your ever increasing physical radiance.

    • Ferdinand: The things a new pair of eyes can see. Thank you for sharing the view from your place on the wheel. I was laughing at the perfection of your observations by the time I reached the end of it. Oh, my heart is Lighter now. Thank you. As I always say to others, everything IS perfect. ESPECIALLY when it looks like it is not. My life is a perfect unfolding of God’s plan for me. I know this now at a level I did not comprehend before. I have you to thank for that. So thank you. And enjoy it – in joy – I now will.

    • Oh, amen to that! It was a delight to speak with you then, and I have a couple of days before I have to ready myself to teach an Intuitive Development class in Nebraska (yes, there are “awake” people living in Nebraska), so you watch for my presence on your ‘front porch’ you hear?

    • K: Not FROM me, therefore not ‘me’. All glory for the healing work goes to God. But your gratitude is appreciated. Just don’t forget He who makes it all possible, ok?

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