The Foundation – Part I

In the Beginning

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When I was first awakened in 1989, I did not think I would survive the process.  My entire world crumbled around me.  All that I knew and was familiar with fell away, and I was left wondering how I would care for myself and for my (then pre-teen) daughter.

It is easy now to say the words: “I was guided to sell my business and my house, so I did.”  It was not so easy to do at the time. Not at all.  It took about a year after the awakening process started to actually follow that guidance, and during that time I received the instruction – through a process of insights and guidance – that formed the basis of how I have lived my life since then.

Though there has been a deepening understanding of the principles I am going to share here in the next couple of posts, and there have been some additions as I’ve grown in my connection to Spirit (Just say “Thank You” and “Everything is perfect, especially when it looks like it’s not” are a couple of those additions), the foundation I was given by my unseen Teachers has stood the test of two decades’ worth of living a Spirit-guided life.

I was told by the beings that I began to perceive when the gifts came online back then that if I would live my life according to the principles they were going to share with me, I could achieve my enlightenment myself.

I have had no external teachers when it comes to this part of my spiritual path.  I haven’t attended many workshops or learned the newest techniques.  I have diligently applied the principles to my life situations, asked the “Why?” question, and waited to be shown the answer.

And over the years, through earnest work and a strong desire to know God, to know myself, I have moved myself down the path towards the Light of understanding.  I will share these simple principles now with you.  Perhaps you will find them useful. When I first received this information, I was elated.  I did later discover that all of these things have already been written about, and that most of them are from what is widely known as the perennial wisdom.

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English: An artist’s impression of a portal or door to the spirit world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But to me, newly awakened, it was incredible, exciting stuff.  The principles came first, then the education process began.  I would find myself thinking something over and over in my mind, until I realized it was a seed thought.

Seed thoughts were intended to be run through the matrix of the principles in  a contemplative way until I got the “aha” that told me I had reached the point of understanding these spirit-teachers were looking for.  Then the process would begin again.  And so my awareness began to take hold.  My mind actually began to work in  a different way.  I saw life and my life circumstances in a (pardon the pun here) new Light.  And then the real work of understanding who I am and what I was to do began.  It continues, this work. Ever changing in the focus of the moment, but remaining the same in how it is done.

My life is my path. ~ me

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8 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part I

  1. A friend introduced me to this blog a few weeks ago and I eagerly check it everyday. Thank you for being you and sharing your path! I’m holding the intention to be a blogger with more confidence a wider reach like you (while being uniquely me of course). In so many ways I’m just getting started on the path to ascension but I feel sharing my process can help others understand their process too. Thanks again for sharing your intuitive inspiration! Much love ❤ Jenny 🙂

    • Welcome, Jenny. All each of us can be is uniquely who we are. I cannot articulate how I have ended up reaching the people I have, I simply sit and write on a regular basis (three times per week here) and I hold myself to that commitment. I will be by to visit your neighborhood soon. Promise.

  2. Julie,

    When an author has finished writing the content of a book intended for publication, it is the time then to write a personal biography to introduce the body of work or the line of thinking written in that book soon to be published. Now, I have a feeling that you are finally about to publish your book. This book has its various chapters scattered in the many blogs already published.

    Sister, keep writing, I will keep reading and being inspired.

    • Yes, the book that I was asked to write two decades ago is finally being written. It may even turn out to be more than one book. Still to be determined. I will keep writing. But I think I am the one being inspired. My brother, I will persevere. It is the least I can do.

  3. Excellent! Looking forward to reading about the principles and your application of them. Thank you.

    • This is actually where I intended to start back in December, but other things came out instead. So I am following the Great Author’s lead, and now find myself at the beginning. Will do my best to supply examples as I go, because it’s really how I’ve lived my life for the past 22 years. Thanks for always coming back, my Priestess of Avalon.

  4. …Wow…fascinating reading…..I was in and saw the spiral exactly as depicted in the picture long ago when i was a child put under anesthesia during surgery,i’ve never forgotten it…….”My life is my path. ~ me” …or…God is living His life through me ~ as me ….. …Thanks so much for your efforts here!

    • That picture is the closest thing I could find to represent the spiral of Creation itself as I’ve seen it, but I didn’t have a near death-like experience. I welcome you to my little corner of the cyber-universe. I thank you for sharing, and hope to see you here again. I am happy you find the reading here worth commenting on. I am pouring out my best onto these electronic pages in the hopes of making a difference. Seems like I am. So with the encouragement of people like you, I shall continue to ‘write on’.

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