The Foundation – Part II(Intent Is Everything)

The Teaching Begins

Foundation nail dedicated by Gudea to Ningirsu...

Foundation nail dedicated by Gudea to Ningirsu for the building of his temple, the E-ninnu: “For Ningirsu, the powerful hero of Enlil, his king, Gudea, prince of Lagash, accomplished what had to be; his temple of E-innu, the shining thunder-bird, he built and restaured.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was over two decades ago, yet it seems like just yesterday that my whole world shifted.
I was given the following principles over the period of about 6 months.  I have learned so much through the application of these principles to my daily walk with Spirit.  I have grown to appreciate the inherent power in these simple guidelines.

The principles themselves would not make a book, but the application of the principles and how it changed the way I moved in the world certainly would.  Like this foundation nail that was dedicated for the building of a temple, so I perceive these simple principles to be the foundation for the building of the temple that is the vehicle for the expression of my great I AM into this world.

I am not the same person I was two decades ago.  I am not even the same person I was 5 years ago. Or even three.  (Now here I am, having an insight.  I shall make a note of this insight and write a separate article on it after this series is completed.) I have made measurable progress on my path through diligent application and conscious recognition of these principles in my daily life.


Well, that seems simple enough.  All of these principles are no-brainers.  (Again, no pun intended).  I came to understand that it is more important, the intention I hold while engaged in activities as varied as visualization for my own personal dreams, conversations with others, or waiting to be asked to do my spiritual work, than the actual activity itself.

What is my intention for participating in something?  This is the question I ask on a daily, often hourly, basis.  Sometimes the honest assessment of the answer is quite educational.  I have changed my decisions occasionally when I uncover my true intention for doing some things, because my intent is not placed where it should be:  on being of Service, on following to the best of my ability in the moment the directives of the part of me that Knows.

Squirrel on a wooden fence

Am I ready?

Am I committing to this or that because of a deeply hidden fear that I won’t have enough squirreled away to see me through the long winters when everyone takes a break?  Or is it because I feel obligated to be there for the people who show up who expect me to be there?

Perhaps my intention is to expand my potential area of  service.  That one is kind of tricky.  Ego is crafty.  There was a period of a few years recently when I was driving myself into the ground driving all over the country doing shows.  The purpose was to build interest in the work I do, and hopefully receive calls for assistance in between the shows.

That is not what happened for me.  The people were happy to see me, and were impressed with my work, but did not make those calls.  Instead, they would simply wait for the next time I came to town.

After a good long look at the dynamic, I realized I was wearing myself, and my car, out running all over the place.  I was not accomplishing what (I thought) I had intended for myself.  So I stopped traveling so much.  When I did, I realized just how exhausted I was.

My intention changed.  I put my health first.  It took some time – a couple of years – for my body to adjust and to actually come back to the place where it could begin to heal itself from the deficit I had put it in and start to function with some semblance of normalcy again.

I stay focused on this simple intention all the time now.  I do not engage with anything that does not support my health and my growth as spirit animating form.  This now includes the food I eat (pretty much all organic), the amount of traveling I will do (it has to be a reasonable exchange for the time and energy expended.  In other words, I no longer run hundreds of miles down the road for 1 or two people, but I used to), and the people I have in my close circle (a very select few, and you know who you are because I tell you constantly how very much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your presence in my life).

It may seem simple enough, this first principle.  But try living it, truly and thoroughly, for just one day, and you will begin to see how difficult it can be to stay in alignment with your highest intention.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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6 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part II(Intent Is Everything)

  1. .”Ego is crafty”….yes..and the disturbing thing is that we can’t always have the presence of mind to discern our true motives.”My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi”

    • Perhaps not, but we can earnestly work to develop our discernment, thus increasing the chances of being able to look through the murky glass to see the truth. I may not get it right away, but because I am actively introspective, I do usually get it eventually.

  2. What are my intentions when I read your blog or post a written reaction to it? It is because what you post rings the bell within me. It is inspiring, and above all when I heard your voice during the “In the Company of Angels” webinar, your voice felt very familiar to me even though I have never heard your voice in this life time. The more I listened to the webinar, more joy rose in my being and as soon as I read the first blog, I felt that I should send you a written reaction. It felt like the best thing to do and I felt good after posting my first reply.
    The second reason is that for many years, I have been thinking about similar subjects but never writing a thing. So, I saw your blog as one way to put out there my thoughts and see if they can be profitable to someone else.
    The third reason is that whenever I read your blog and feel that I should respond, it takes me a few minutes to write the reaction. And that does not require from me any polishing. That is unusual for me, as writing is not my developed talent.
    The fourth reason I send my reaction in a written format is that “I think that you are a Lemurian walking on the ground, communicating with Earth people still in Third and Fourth Dimensions, instead of living in Telos in Fifth Dimension.” In 2011, I made three trips to Mt Shasta and felt an ever increasing attraction to know more and if at all possible get to meet Lemurians living in Telos, and I think you are the only one who directly works with them that I know of. Probably to effectively move into the Fifth Dimension is my ulterior motive in keeping up with your blog!

    • Well, I shall choose to neither confirm nor deny what you have written here. It has been said that those who have eyes shall see.
      Interacting with people like you uplifts my weary soul. Thank you for your continuing support of my work.

  3. Perfect Divine Timing ><3<
    My focus is service, I don't need to run here or there or obtain another certificate to be a contribution to Love.
    Thank you, M*

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