Morning Coffee – About Consistency

A successful new venture?

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I have been set free.  I have discovered the speech recognition program on my computer.

So how may I best utilize this? I’m going to try an experiment here.  I’m going to dig through my notes and those little scraps of paper and sort out all those brief snippets that do not a complete article make. I will give myself only the time it takes for me to drink my morning cup of coffee to complete the task I have given myself.

Morning Coffee will be posted on the days when I am not presenting one of the longer articles.  Your response, or lack thereof, will determine whether this is something worth developing.


Although this may not seem to be a spiritual topic, consistency with any goal you set for yourself will bring success.Is it your intention to meditate more?  Perhaps you want to change your eating habits.  Do you want to build a stronger connection with your inner guidance?  I probably hear more questions about people wanting to strengthen their connection to their guidance than anything else.

There are many ways, many different methods, of going inward, of learning to connect with Spirit.  But if you are given the tools, and you do not use them, then what good are they?

Pick one.  Any one.  And then be consistent in your practice.  You will derive more benefit from 5 minutes of meditation (or quiet time) on a daily basis than you will from going into the silence in a hit and miss kind of a way.

What will happen over time is that your ability to connect will be effortless because you have put in a consistent effort to train your body and your mind to make the shift almost instantaneously.

For example, I use to have to get quiet and tune into Spirit before I did a reading for someone.  Two decades later, I have mastered the art of moving in consciousness from one side of the line to the other as needed in the moment.

It is not helpful to drive a car while in an expanded state of awareness.  Unless, of course, you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a deserted stretch of road.  Some of my best insights have come from those places.  Driving in the silence for hours, no radio, no music, has a tendency to allow the monkey mind to relax and the higher mind to engage.

Time’s up. Coffee cup is empty.  See you next time.

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12 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – About Consistency

  1. Another great Cup of Coffee advice here JM, and being a platform medium and having to jump from one person to the next to give a reading, trusting in that higher connection is so right. and bringing our awareness it takes just a moment..
    When I first started as a medium way back when, I thought I had to meditate and link in prior to a reading; letting our awareness kind of float and with our minds tuned in and open, we then allow those energies to blend more easily..
    Great Advice.. ~Sue xx

    • Oh, funny…guess what I did today: a platform demonstration for about 45 people.:-) Something else we have in common… I really enjoy working with the energy in that way, and the healing is so powerful, so profound. Just talking about it makes me well up…

      • Amazing!!.. Yes I give platform demo’s in spiritualists centres and the energy you get back is Amazing! .. I always give myself a couple of months off in Summer.. My next one is in September, then I have one demo every Sunday then more or less up until Christmas..
        I love it when they come up to you after your service and give you feedback.. It never ceases to amaze me how spirit works, and how the small things you give which to us can sound like such a trivial piece of evidence are the things that mean the most, as they are the things that clinch the proof and can help someone give closure to their loved ones passing.
        I thank my guides and helpers so much for the work they do in helping others heal..
        Blessings to you also.. ~Sue x

      • I had been praying to Spirit for years to do more healing work. As I did my intuitive readings, their relatives began to show up. It continued to evolve, and eventually I had an experience where I could not help but bear witness to the healing that had taken place by passing on a message from the other side. I surrendered at that point, and have never looked back. I am young in the larger settings, but am gaining ground quickly (finding as many opportunities to work as possible). I have a new appreciation for, and understanding of, the power of this work to bring healing to both sides of the veil. I am so grateful to my guides and helpers for leading me into this work. ~JM

      • I am always Humbled with how Spirit works with us, and how we are guided to be where we are and touch those who need healing. I am still always amazed at how it all fits together and yet I shouldn’t be. I used to do a lot of Hands on Healing, and healing also with crystals. Now that has become less for the time being, while I find also I am reaching out not only during my Spiritual services but by a word here or there too, Just like you. I know that many now are awakening to themselves and to those energies which for many now are becoming stronger; as we ALL see the Light.
        Your work is important as we open up those veils – and Minds – to Life after Life…
        ~Sue x

      • As is the work of all who Serve. I acknowledge your tremendous contribution to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Mother as well. thank you, Sue. ~JulieMarie

  2. All topics are spiritual JulieMarie, we are spiritual beings trying to be human…..and the more we share our insights and get closer to each other albeit not physically the more we grow. Thank you so much for your sharing. Take care.
    Love Sandie

  3. Love the idea, love the post. Looking forward to sharing “coffee” whenever possible!

    And being halfway through the two-day drive from MD-MO, I can attest to the power of the road. 🙂

    Namaste —

    • Oh, my ramblin friend! Thank you for the feedback. I am so loving writing them. Today is a regular day, but there will be morning coffee tomorrow. You be safe out there on the road. I’ll be headed out early tomorrow morning myself.

  4. It’s wonderful when this kind of awareness becomes second nature, isn’t it? I look forward to more of your coffee-time posts, Julie Marie. By the way, I sent you an email earlier today, hope you still use that address.
    ~ Paul

    • Thank you for the input, Paul. I enjoy these short bursts of inspiration, and will probably do more just because I had so much fun with this first one. Will run over to that address and check out the email.

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