The Foundation – Part III(Balance In All Things)

The Principles

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Soon after I had begun to integrate the first principle, right around the time I felt really comfortable living my life guided by it, the teaching continued. There are other stories I may share about how I have integrated the principles into my life, but for now I will focus on how I received the principles themselves.


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If I thought living my life being as conscious as I could be in every moment of my intention was a difficult task, that pales in comparison to the tremendous effort required to live a life that is in balance. To be completely honest with you, it is this principle that is my greatest challenge.  I am still, over two decades later, working earnestly to bring balance to certain areas of my life while maintaining balance in others.

Applying this principle to my relationships has improved my ability to interact in a balanced way with others.  Over the years, it has become easier for me to recognize when a relationship is out of balance.  This allows me to make changes sooner rather than later.

The more you work with this principle, the less dramatic the swings between extremes will be, for you will soon be able to discern rather quickly when you are beginning to go out of balance.  You can then make different choices, or take action earlier on than you might have in the past.

This principle does not apply only to your relationships with others.  It also applies to your relationships with your self.  Where in your life are you out of balance?


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Do you have a balanced relationship with food?  Do you make time for Spirit in your life?  Is your workplace your most important relationship?  Do you honor your body’s need for exercise?  How entranced are you by the television?  Or perhaps there is a mythical world somewhere in cyberspace that enthralls you, that consumes inordinate amounts of your time and attention.

Perhaps it is time to take an honest look at your life and where you choose to place your attention.  For myself, over the past few years, I have begun to wean myself of an addiction – or perhaps it was just a habit – of turning on the television as soon as I woke up in the morning so I would not have to listen to the silence.

I began by moving the television to a part of the house where I would have to go out of my way to engage with it.  Although it was difficult at first, I soon got used to it.  For a few months, the television was replaced with the radio.  Now, for most of the time, there is only the silence.

In October of 2010, the principle of balance was brought home to me in a very  physical way.  I fell and broke my left foot.  It was the first, and hopefully the last, bone I’ll break.  I thought I would be in a cast for a while, and on crutches for a few months.

English: Photo of Balance Rock

English: Photo of Balance Rock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I broke one of the two bones in the body that takes the longest time to heal.  I broke the foot Halloween weekend (trick or treat!).  I was still in the cast at Christmas.  The daily struggle to maneuver around the house, up and down stairs to do laundry, and in and out of the car so I could go in and out of the store to buy my food which I then had to figure out a way to get out of the car and into the house while praying I didn’t slip and fall on the ice was a powerful lesson in how important it is to be able to balance one’s self and one’s life.

It is a gift to be able to walk in a balanced way. It is an art, a fine art, to be able to live in a balanced way.

It took all of 2011 and almost half of 2012 for me to be able to regain the ability to walk in balance physically.  Of one thing you can be sure: I will never take that ability for granted ever again.

One of the repercussions of being unable to move properly was that my body changed dramatically in a direction I had been working very hard in 2010 to change.  I am only now beginning to restore physical balance to the body through proper eating and exercise.  Slowly but surely, it is my intention to restore to my body a healthy level of physical fitness and functional capability.

What is the moral of this story?  When one area of your life goes way out of balance, that is not the only area that will be affected.  There are often unforeseen consequences that may present themselves as a result of there being a lack of balance in all things.

As we approach the end of this year and all that it represents, this may be a good time to take a look at your life and identify where you may best put some effort to bring more balance into your world.  You can begin by identifying an area, clearly stating an intention to bring balance to that area, and then taking the action necessary each and every day to bring yourself into alignment with your stated intention.

This is the teaching of the Second Principle.

My life is my message. ~ Ghandhi

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7 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part III(Balance In All Things)

  1. Julie Marie,
    I cried when I read this.
    I’m at this time in a walking boot. After 3 weeks, my toes still turn black and my foot turns colors .Because this accident …is not an accident, where Karma is concerned,,,,,it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that I have some issue that needs to be resolved on top of the healing and I honestly don’t know how you did it. Getting to the Dr’s in the 1st place, then taking care of home and self. My heart goes out to those that go thru anything that takes every bit of effort to just get into the bathroom. And then you have to figure out and understand the “why’s”

    • Oh, Sher, believe me, I do understand. Count your blessings, girl. You have a sweetie to push you around and help out. I had to get through it in a different way. Keep the prayer in your heart about having the understanding around your foot. It only took me TWO YEARS to: 1) recover enough to start getting myself in physical order again and 2) to have the insight as to the ‘why’ of the broken foot in the first place. Been there, done that. Have true compassion for your situation. And cryin’ ain’t such a bad thing, anyway. So let ’em rip, girl. Just be kind to yourself, and don’t beat yourself up so much over this.

  2. My own life once upon a time became so out of balance, as I let emotional turbulance in .. it upset my own balance.. and I became ill, First with a nervous breakdown, which I set about healing, but the residue of that was then the physical symtoms set in which took several more years to develope.. Until I could hardly walk…
    Once I understood the imbalance I had created within my own self.. I set about putting correct that balance.. and even today I slip back subconsciously .. as I catch myself with certain thought forms, and then chase them away! 🙂
    If we could all be understand as you have put in your well written article here.. We need to aligne ourselves and focus upon our ‘intent’..
    If we are floundering around in a sea of uncertain and turbulant thoughts our lives too will be uncertain and chaotic for that is what we are thinking and creating..
    Thank you for your thoughts JM.. loved reading them.. ~Sue x

    • Oh, you are most welcome, Sue. I am honored that you would take the time to read all this stuff that is pouring out of me. You are a pretty busy lady in your neighborhood, as well. Much appreciation to you for taking the time here. When I get back to home base, am going to make some time to pay some of my neighbors a visit. You are on my list, so when I come knocking, please have some of that delicious ginger cake ready, and a spot of tea?

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