Morning Coffee – We Are Co-Creators with Spirit


When I awakened this morning, I found myself thinking about a series of conversations I’ve had with people lately.  They’ve all seem to center around what’s happening in the world now, and the prevailing question seems to be what can I do to prepare?

My answer is always the same.  Don’t ask me.  Go inside, get quiet, center yourself, and ask your Spirit what it is you need to do to prepare.

If each of us individually focuses our energy on lifting our consciousness from a place of fear and moving it to a place where we are acting in faith, I believe that this is the most effective and efficient way to change the trajectory of what is to come if we do nothing.

The Spirit Of The Morning

We are spirit animated form, after all.  It is through our awareness, our consciousness, that Spirit finds a way to express in this world.  The more clear and focused the lens is, the less distortion there will be.  In other words, continue to do the work to clear the fear and to express the higher frequencies of compassion and gratitude.

We are spirit animated form.  Our physical body is the vehicle through which spirit expresses into this dimension.  What is created here is a result of that energy being expressed through our form.

We choose what our future will be.  It is not something that will unfold without our active participation.  It is not something that will happen to us.  It is something that we are, through our collective experience, creating for ourselves in each and every moment, with each thought we have and each choice we make.

Focus your intention on what it is you would see in the world.  Be that.  Take action in order to facilitate the changes needed to bring it about.  And remind yourself daily that you are the instrument through which the creative energy flows.  What is it you would see manifest in this world?

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11 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – We Are Co-Creators with Spirit

  1. “In other words, continue to do the work to clear the fear and to express the higher frequencies of compassion and gratitude.” Yes – love this – sharing! Thank you, Julie Marie. 🙂

  2. So loved my morning Coffee break with your thoughts JM. Your own thoughts echo mine… Go within… and just Be……….. for what will BE will BE anyways..
    Love and Blessings ~Sue xx

    • What a lovely way to start my day. Over a cup of coffee and with some conversation. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Blessings to you this day, as well. JM

      • I am always behind by about 300 emails every week, and like to visit but miss many posts along the way, so when I drop by I like to take my time and read through several postings at once..
        I see you have been busy, so I may need another Cup if you please.. But I will have a Tea and I can provide some Ginger Cake I baked this morning if you’re interested ! LOL,,
        And its great to be in good Company! too xxxx Sue

      • I know that feeling, especially when I’m out on the road (like right now). And tea is perfectly ok with me. No milk. A little honey, perhaps. And some Ginger cake. Just made my mouth water. Really.

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