The Foundation – Part IV(Microcosm/Macrocosm)

You Are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm

"Macrocosm and microcosm", engraving...

The rest of this principle is: if you can understand the workings of your physical body, you can comprehend as well how all of Creation works.  This principle is actually rather complex, and contains layers that may be too intricate to detail here, so I shall just stick to the basics.

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Probably one of the most important insights I’ve had applying this principle to the seed thoughts my unseen teachers would give me is this one:

Each one of our chakras, or Energy Centers, is a microcosm of an entire dimension of existence.  For example, we are currently experiencing third dimensional existence.

And what is it the third chakra is all about, energetically?  Power. We live in a world that currently appears to be all about power and control.  I am using the widely accepted definition of power here, not the definition that I understand describes true power.  I am in alignment with David Hawkins’ approach as he set forth in his magnificent book Power vs. Force. (I would highly recommend this book to any of you who are on the expansion of consciousness track, all you seekers focused on attaining and maintaining the consciousness level commonly described as ” awareness”. It has been an invaluable resource for me, and has greatly expanded my understanding of what my individual impact on the evolution of consciousness on this planet can actually be, simply by working on myself.)

Power, properly defined, is a state of being, a level of awareness.  It is “force” that most people are describing when they use the word “power”.

Force is all about manipulation and control.  It is about one individual or organization seeking to orchestrate how another individual or organization will act in this world.  Force is, at its foundation, all about the imposition of one person’s will upon the will of another, thereby limiting that person’s free expression.

Seems to me this is a pretty accurate description of what’s happening on this planet at this time.  The microcosm of the energy of the third chakra is being expressed globally.

English: Anahata chakra in green color

I would also give you this to ponder: this planet called Earth; if you take that which is last, the “h”, and put it first, you get “heart”.  The heart chakra represents fourth dimensional existence, and is also the point of integration according to my teachers.  I’ll expand on this a bit more when I discuss another one of the principles.

For now, I will say this: the more you are able to orient your consciousness in your heart chakra, and function from that place effectively, the more stable your energy field will be and you will be able to remain more in alignment with the current transition we are moving through.

It is through the energy of the heart that we shall collectively lift ourselves up from the density in which we currently find ourselves mired, and move into our next level of expression which is the fifth dimension (represented by your throat chakra).

It is also through the application of this particular principle that I came to the understanding some 22 years ago that there are more than seven chakras.  We live in a base 12 universe.  There are 12 tones in a chromatic scale, not just the do-re-mi seven we learned in school.  When I first came to this awareness, no one was talking about those other chakras.

Now it’s common knowledge, which was a good validation for this process of working from the inside out that my teachers told me would lead to my self-realization.  They were absolutely, as always, correct.

It’s taken me seven months to muster up the courage to try to explain these early teachings.  Now that I’ve started, I’m going to have to finish.  I may lose some of you along the way, but hopefully some of you will travel this entire journey with me.

I have definitely been walking the road less traveled, but it has been a most satisfying journey.

With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things. ~ William Wordsworth

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11 thoughts on “The Foundation – Part IV(Microcosm/Macrocosm)

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  2. Hi Julie Marie,

    That is a very good book, I second your recommendation.

    Following my own awakening, I was surprised by the enormous amount of heart energy that I started experiencing. I had expected ‘enlightenment’ to be an entirely mental experience, but the realization of oneness was very much an experience of love and compassion that arose spontaneously (The power of love instead of the force of thought, perhaps!). At first it was rather overwhelming because it was so unexpected and new to me.

    Thanks for having the courage to post this, Julie Marie; I really liked it. Isn’t it wonderful that knowing who we really are gives us confidence to speak freely, even knowing that we may lose some people along the way? That’s been my experience, but as you say, “it has been a most satisfying journey.”

    Looking forward to Part V.

    ~ Paul

    • Paul ~ Thank you so much for continuing to visit here. I really enjoy the interactions. I am on the road now, so only barely tending to the postings and comments, then a light snack and bed. Isn’t it funny, how things often turn out so differently to how we picture them? And AMEN to your comment, (gave me goosies, AND made me well up! so it must be Truth, absolutely) “the Power of LOVE instead of the FORCE of thought, perhaps!”. Paul, you might consider a writing on that little gem you tossed out here. If you don’t I will! But it came to/through you, so I think it’s YOUR project…And the journey is becoming MORE satisfying by the day, as I move into more of who I really AM, in Truth…Part V now up.:-) ~Julie Marie

      • It would make a good post, wouldn’t it? I’ll see what I can do with it in the next week or so. Loved Part V; I honestly can’t see why any of your readers would be upset by these posts, they’re so in tune with where you are coming from.

  3. Me too, I am also glad you plucked up the courage to post this most informative post.. We agreed to be here in these exciting times of changes and challenges and its great to see how many are voicing their thoughts and all of us are adding our bits and pieces to make the jigsaw fit..
    Love it when we see a ‘Plan’ coming together.. 🙂 and an excellent Post, you didnt loose me at all..
    love and Light ~Sue xx

    • Oh, Sue, thank you so much for your continuing support. What I have learned, and am continuing to grow in understanding about, is that it’s time for all of us to throw our ‘pieces’ out on the table. Doesn’t do any good to hang onto them, now does it? SO glad you were able to follow where I went. Abundant Light shining back to you. JM

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