Morning Coffee-What Is Going On With My Body?

What is Going On With My Body?

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If you have ever asked yourself this question, it’s possible you could be experiencing some of the physical changes that often come with a change in your frequency.  This process is commonly known as “Awakening”.

I cannot claim to have done any extensive research in this area, I can only speak from my experiences.  Here are some of the more common, sometimes recurring, things I’ve experienced as I’ve moved through this process.

Before I go any further, I feel it necessary to state the following:  None of what I say here is to be construed as a substitute for competent medical care.  If you ever were to experience anything that is out of the ordinary or unusual happening to or in your body,  I strongly recommend you seek immediate medical attention.  I am only sharing my personal experience here, and I do not intend for it to be considered universally applicable to anyone other than myself. You are the only one qualified to make any decisions concerning your health and well-being.

The list I’m about to provide is by no means comprehensive, and not all of these things occurred at the same time.  One of the first things I experienced was the heat. The heat was so intense it ran in a wide strip up my back, and around, red circles appeared were I later found out the main chakras (energy centers) are located.  My chest neck and face, and I believe my scalp, would turn bright red and be hot to the touch.  Sometimes the top of my head felt like it would just blow off.

I still have these surges of energy from time to time, but nowhere near the intensity or the duration as in the beginning.  It seems that every time I move into another level of frequency band there is a recurrence of the same things I experienced early on, only they come with less intensity and don’t last as long.

I lost my taste for alcohol almost immediately after this process began.  Freeing myself from cigarettes took a couple of years, but I believe it was because it was such a strong addiction.  I knew that smoking, like drinking, has a negative impact on my body’s ability to hold light.  What that means it is I can’t vibrate as quickly as a smoker or a drinker as I can when I abstained.  There is no judgment here.  We all have our own paths, our own ways of experiencing life here on earth.

Some of the other things that I’ve experienced have been periods of needing more sleep, or less sleep, rapid changes in my weight, both up and down, changes in the food I eat, and sometimes even flu-like symptoms. There is comfort in knowing when others are experiencing the same or similar things, so one of the best things you can do is to check in with other people you know who are on the same path as you and are at about the same place as you on that path.

The bottom line here is, each one of us is unique.  Our bodies will adjust to the energies whatever way they need to.  For our part, we can support this by recognizing the need as it arises and taking the appropriate action.

And I have visited Health Care professionals when I’ve experienced some of these things, because I wanted to make sure there was nothing serious happening.

Coffee cup’s empty. Time to go.  Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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9 thoughts on “Morning Coffee-What Is Going On With My Body?

  1. One other thing also accompanied my awakening – a craving for sugar, which I satisfied by eating lots of chocolate (which I hadn’t touched for over twenty years), while at the same time I was losing weight.

    • Well, now, here’s where the male and the female body may differ in their response to a stimulus: I ALSO acquired an intense craving for all things sugary, and leaned HARD towards the consumption of chocolate to satisfy my craving. I, however, did NOT lose weight. It has only been in the last few months-after a decade plus of, ok, I’ll say it: struggle, that I feel I am free of that craving. I have not had the urge to grab a chocolate bar while standing in the grocery checkout, and more importantly, have not had the DESIRE to do so, either. When they woke me up 22+ years ago, one of the things I ‘heard’-one of my first ‘transmissions’ – was: ‘You will be thin again.’ I thought that was weird, because at the time, I wasn’t FAT. (Fresh out of the military). That changed over time, the “not fat” thing. Got to the point I lumbered when I walked, and I hated it. Worked hard, took it off, broke my foot, put it back on. Am now in the process of dropping this density yet again, hopefully never to experience it again. Time will tell. This time is different, though, because the craving thing has been lifted from me. My point here being, I am not the only female I encounter with this challenge. And the males don’t seem to have it. Just an observation. ~JulieMarie

    • See? We are not so ‘different’ as we move through this process, after all, are we? About the only thing that varies, my perception here, is the timing of things, or how they are grouped together. And in your case, you never smoked, so that wasn’t on your “list.” ~JulieMarie

  2. Yes I can relate to all the above, and for about 6mths I lived on around 4 hrs sleep a night now Im crashing out in the middle of the day as tiredness overtakes…
    No one will be the exact same, but many will notice a trend to their power surges or energy dips..
    I also have what I call my ‘Down-loads’ I have a high pitch noise in my ears ALL the time.. for the past 18 mths, this isnt tinnitus, And the Downloads when they come are like the old binary code noises that those old Atari games use to make.. ( you may be far too young to remember ) 🙂
    But my hearing goes silent when the noise stops then the download kicks in for several seconds..
    Speaking to others around the globe Im not on my own with this sensation..
    So yes what is going on??
    Enlightenment! in a very enlightening post.. Thank you for sharing xx ~Sue

    • Your reply is the primary reason I decided to write a bit about it. I’m through that tiredness during the day phase – at least for now, thankfully – and am actually sleeping (mostly) through the night for now as well. I will admit to being a little freaked out when my hearing goes silent like you describe. And it does only last for seconds. And yes, I DO remember the “old Atari games”, I’m coming up on my second Saturn return. Glad this was a useful ‘cup’. Blessings~JulieMarie

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